Main Sim - Vuzavue Away Team - Meeting the Govenor

Posted Sept. 28, 2018, 2:55 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Tera Casey (Counselor) (Catt Bennett)

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Tera Casey (Counselor) in Main Sim - Vuzavue Away Team - Meeting the Govenor

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”..Well then I’ll let you two see yourselves out, unless you got anything else for me?” he asked, obviously trying to wrap things up.

Tera decided she didn’t want to leave just yet so she took a chance not knowing what the Commander had in mind.

“Actually Governor, I’d like to sit and talk with you for a while. Having such an interesting job must have it’s effects on you also. You’d be doing me a great service by helping me understand just what it takes to run a place like this.” she explained attempting to be flattering.

There was a faint sigh picked up by the Govenor at the CNS’s request.

Jade looked at the Counselor and half smiled And that’s why I brought you along. Jade thought to herself “Yes I to would like to hear about your job. I know how to run a ship but i can imagine a colony would be a whole different kettle of fish.” She said respectfully.

”..Very well, take your seat then counselor and ask your questions. Not like I have bigger things to do then some nutso exam..” he said with a slight dismissive tone.

Tera bit her lip and looked around intentionally.

“You mean there’s a better place to sit than this? Oh let’s see!” she said bouncing to her feet. She was attempting to show him the ridiculousness of the situation.

Jade had to stop herself from laughing. She guessed Tera was being like this on purpose and it amused her to no end.

After a moment the governor replied once Tera had taken her seat where ever she was going “Well now that you’re seated what questions do you got?” he said

GM CockRoach

Jade looked at the governor then looked Tera, she wandered where this would go,

Cmdr Jones (XO)

Tera smiled and began taking notes.

“Well I realize you may find this a bit boring at the beginning but give me just a little background on you. I need to know what type of person can do this job in this isolated area of space.” Tera said looking up at him with anticipation. She had to look up at him, the whole seating arrangement made certain of that. But was it meant to accentuate his perceived power or literally downplay that of the individual on the other side of the desk?

“Isnt that sort of thing in my file?” he said with a stubborn tone

Then sighing he relented, “I grew up on Rigel 2, my father was a contractor for several Federation civilian colonization agencies and once he retired I took over, managing many start up inner colonies for many years, then this opportunity opened up so I took it as a chance for something more on the frontier....that was…” he paused as if considering his words, “…more free and full of opportunity and new markets..” he explained. “so using some contacts with the scientific arenas we setup shop here given its remoteness and the absence of stellar dust and what not its ripe for study and experiments for those so inclined. And for me any new patents made I earn 10% Federation credits on..” he explained.

GM CockRoach

Tera thought all of this over. She wanted to lob a sharp barb at him, get him to stop being so arrogant or short sighted but, perhaps, there was nothing underneath. She decided to take a different tack for the moment.

“Ah yes, patents and credits. That must be what affords you such a varied and lavish art collection. I see a few things here I’ve only read about in museums.” she said calmly.

Anyone who knew her well enough would know that Tera was being generous and patient and she tried to get someone to open up just a little bit.

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