We do have to eat, 1900 hours

Posted March 18, 2021, 9:48 p.m. by Ensign Jordar (Security Officer) (Brian Richards)

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He had a nice laugh. She wasn’t sure if she was surprised by that or not. She gave him a good once over, and Karina let out a soft laugh. “Too bad you’ve only got one pip.” It was too bad she was still on shift for 2 more hours too. “Then I offer my apology and promise to watch where I’m going. And to keep an eye out for you.” She stepped to the right side of the corridor with a grin. “Just make sure to watch out for the little people from way up there.”
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

Jordar’s grin was clear and he said, “Well Commander I did have a couple for a while but there are plenty of folks that don’t appreciate a good candid conversation such as yourself. Rest assured, If I see you coming I’ll do my best to meld into the bulkhead for you. How does dinner sound tonight?” Jordar was not one for beating around the bush and he was certainly getting along with this Carin “Name is Jordar, glad to have met you.”

Jordar, Sec

“Nothing I appreciate more than candor. I think you’ll find Memorial to suit you. Plenty of Tellarites and Andorians on board. In fact the captain is Andorian and they do live to be harshly blunt.” Hmmm dinner. It would be nice to have conversation over a meal with someone who wasn’t going to mince words because of rank and position. “Dinner is a little cliche, but I do have to eat. I’ll see you at the lounge at 1900, Jodar.” And with that Marine was down the corridor and around a bend.
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

The Zaldan smiled and continued to walk, refraining from his reports till he arrived at his quarters. Romance or Dating was a near foreign concept to the Zaldan, seeing it much the same as courtesy, a set of phony social behaviors designed to cover true feelings. This wasn’t strictly by human standards a ‘date’ but it was going to be nice to have some time with another person who understands the joy of blunt conversation. At 1850 Jordar arrived in the lounge and sat at a table adjacent to a rather grumpy looking Tellarite. Although how you tell if one is grumpy is beyond the writer.

Jordar, Sec

Karina had been off duty, officially, almost an hour. She wouldn’t necessarily call this a date, not Cairn standards anyway. Dating wasn’t really necessary when in a matter of moments you knew if the relationship would work. There were never ‘bad breakups’ on Vair. Everything was known so no secrets, no what ifs, you knew. But she also didn’t want anyone to accuse her of using her position on ship to influence others friendship. So with that in mind she changed out of her uniform and into mocha colored slacks, a peach blouse and took her hair out of the bun. As tight as she had to keep it to stop it from falling, she was happy to appease the headache it caused. She headed towards the lounge.

The grumpy Tellarite looked over at Jodar, recognizing a Zaldan when he saw one, and huffed, or more like snorted and grunted at the same time, “You’re blocking my view. You’re all the same. Tall, wide and think the rest of us should accommodate your large stature.” Even by Tellarite standards this man was short.
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

Jordar was clasping a glass of awabancha when he heard the gruff diminutive man and turned to listen. This was going to be entertaining to say the least. “Oh I’m blocking your view? Of what exactly? This table? I’m surprised you can even see over your own glass let alone the exterior windows of the ship.” Jordar quipped back before taking a sip and continuing, “I’m tall, wide, and do indeed think you should be accommodating. If it’s such a problem go scurry off to the windows so you can see more than the bulkheads.”

Jordar, Sec

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