pre-sim: Projecting the Image of Mental Stability (Tag CNS)

Posted April 18, 2021, 9:55 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Karina Enger (Executive Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

Having completed her medical evaluation, Karina made her way down the corridor towards the office of the ship’s counselor. She was interested to see if there was an actual department or if Lt Arbogist worked alone. It depended on the ship, and just not size, but the type of assignments the ship was given. She found the office easily enough. Karina did not always understand, right away, clichés. Often having to analyze the literal and move to the abstract. Her years of service with Star Fleet and being around members of the Federation because of her father’s work she didn’t have that problem much anymore. Every once in awhile though one would surprise her. ‘Who counsels the counselor’ was one such axiom that she pondered a lot. After hearing the deepest and most horrible and then the most petty as well, Karina often marveled at the mental fortitude of those who served as ship’s counselors. She pressed the chime on the office and waited.
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

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