The Heart Beat of a Ship (Tag CE)

Posted April 12, 2021, 2:23 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Karina Enger (Executive Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Karina Enger (Executive Officer) in The Heart Beat of a Ship (Tag CE)
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Karina had visited the soul of the ship as Lt Zero deemed his department. She couldn’t disagree with him and thought the term rather apt. But now continuing her exploration of the ship, Karina found herself staring at the heart of Memorial: the warp drive. She had always enjoyed watching the light show a warp drive provided, and the sound, that was felt more than heard. Karina had a working knowledge of warp theory of course but it was not her area of expertise. That was why she was here, to meet the Memorial’s expert and his crew. She nodded to some of the crew as she passed, stopping to take interest in their projects and assignment. Stopping once to help a young, appearing to be just out of the academy, ensign who dropped his sonic driver. Karina picked it up handing it to the overly nervous ensign and spent several minutes speaking with him, and even, ‘getting her hands dirty.’ It had been her experience that younger officers were more than excellent at their job but nerves tended to make them appear clumsy.

After several minutes she moved off, stopping to gaze on the warp drive.
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

Mark’s office - which had a large view of the warp core - saw the recent arrival. He came out from the office, taking a quick glance at the master display to the left of his office, and then approached Enger.

“Commander, this is a surprise,” he said. He noticed some dirt on his hand from the plasma chamber he had been repairing in his office, and absent-mindedly wiped his hand against his uniform pants leg. “What brings you to Engineering?”

-Lt. (j.g.) Mark Sinclair, CE

Enger turned away from the light show and held out her hand. “Getting to know the ship, Lt., and get used to the feel of the warp drive. Each one is unique, it…feels different on each ship. On my last ship I could tell when it was opperating to standard and when it was off, but I would have no idea why.” She grins ruefully, “I am no engineer, but the work intrigues me. And I was hoping, to at least, meet you before things go crazy.”
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

“Well, welcome” Mark replied, shaking Enger’s hand. “Hopefully it doesn’t get too crazy in Engineering. This is the last place you want something unexpected to happen.”

“No truer words, Lt. And along those lines, other than staying out of your hair, what can I do to ensure you can keep the unexpected at bay?”

Mark waived his hand across the busy engineering bay, before look up at the warp core. “I think I’ve managed to get to know this warp core well. It’s a beast, though - even when we’re not at warp, you can literally feel the potential energy in there. Memorial carries a lot of mass, and it takes a powerful reactor to keep everything running on the ship - let alone create a strong enough warp bubble to move the ship at high speeds.”

-Lt. (j.g.) Mark Sinclair, CE

Karina turned back to the warp drive. “It is impressive. I would love to see it as we go into warp sometime. So tell me Lt what secrets do you have for keeping this beast happy?”
Lt Cmd Enger, XO


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