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As Mark returned to the probe, he crouched down again to study the object’s mechanisms. He concentrated his tricorder scans on the inner sphere, and how it was connected to the rest of the mechnaism, hoping to get some clues about the creature from that. Overhearing the conversation between the XO and Janzen, Mark made it a point to scan the temperature of the inner sphere and see if there was anything resembling a temperature control.

Mark also wanted to see if he could solve the origins of the sphere, but he would leave that for those working on the recording.

-Lt. (j.g.) Mark Sinclair, CE

That was a valid question. From what BJ knew it didn’t really matter which direction the temperature went. “As far as I know; either direction is good. They need a stable temperature to keep their form. Which ever direction you choose; I’ll leave to you.”


Karina nodded and tapped her combadge again, =^=Captain we will be lowering the temperature 10 degrees every where but the shuttle bay. We want to shock it’s system. I also suggest that we put a command lock on the computer and environmental controls so that if this thing is able it can’t reverse the process.=^=

“Computer lower ship wide temperature 10 degrees. Lock out environmental controls to command access only. Authorization Enger Alpha 9 Omega.”
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

“I’m assuming that while in the sphere, it was dormant,” Wendell said. “It was only aroused after we took it aboard to study the probe. And I don’t think that whoever sent that probe sent the creature with it.”


With so many folks in the bay, Danora didn’t make for the weapons right away. She moved back up to the probe as others backed off to get their phasers and was already hooking up the probe to the computer terminal on the wall. The segregation of the system meant anything downloaded wouldn’t infect or cross into the ship’s computers. The down side was the ship wouldn’t be able to access it, either. But right now, with the Captain bellowing wanting it gone, she wanted as much information from it as she could get before it once more became a trap for the entity and went back into space.

As she heard the discussions behind her, it dawned on her that the cold of space must have kept it dormant till it thawed out in the bay and get loose at the first opportunity. It also occurred to her it may not be hostile but scared out of its mind. Either way, she was more focused on the sphere than anything else happening around her.

AI Spec/Eng

The temp change took place across the ship, except for the shuttlebay.

The connection to the isolated computer that Danora set up was successful, though it had taken some tweaking. Now both Sinclair and Danora could start to examine things more closely. First of interest was the age of the sphere itself. The original scans had placed it around 800 years old, but possibly more interesting is that the sphere’s systems seemed designed to maintain the inner sphere and the shielding on the outer sphere. It was protective.- designed to keep things in.

The technology was sophisticated, and indicated it came from a warp-capable society but it was probably a little less developed than the Federation currently.

~Mischief Maker

Protective covering… The idea came to Danora as she read the information that skittered around the monitor. She moved back and forth between the console and the sphere as bits and pieces of information came to her. Not sure if anyone was even listening, she spoke up enough to let others hear, but not to anyone in particular. “I think this was meant to hold that thing. The outer shell is protective in nature. I think this may have been a discovery craft for the thing that got out. I’m guessing it spooked when we stuck ourselves inside its ship and tried to finagle things around.” She finally turned to see who had been paying attention as she smiled and shrugged. “Like a giant hand suddenly thrusting itself into the Memorial. I think we’d scramble to get out of the way as well.”

AI Spec

Karina, her Intel and security background showing itself. “It’s a mini ship or containment? Any indication that there were controls for environment, piloting, sensors inside the second sphere? Where that entity could access the controls, or were they all out of reach? If not I think it’s a better bet it was a prison. If I was imprisoned in that thing, and criminal, I would run first chance I got too. If it is an exploration vessel I don’t care how big the hand, I’m not abandoning my ship to hide amongst aliens. And if it is an exploration vessel why would it not be sending out a message or attempt to communicate? I want to know how that thing works and how they got this thing inside.” Karina’s first responsibility was to the safety of the ship and crew. She couldn’t afford to make assumptions.
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

While Danora was going back and forth between the sphere and console, Mark had literally shifted on to his back, with his head part way inside the probe to get a better look of the interior, positioning himself so his right hand could bring in his tricorder as well, and with his left hand shining a flashlight from outside toward the inside.. “I don’t see anything that resembles any obvious controls,” Mark said aloud for the others to hear. “But I’ll be frank, nothing here is that familiar. And how a morphogenic being would interact with solid technology isn’t exactly Starfleet 101… I’m going to take some scans so we can get a closer look.”

With that, Mark began scanning the interior of both spheres so that the computer could render a holographic image later.

-Lt. (j.g.) Mark Sinclair, CE

She had asked a series of good questions. “Who says it can’t be both commander. You don’t just imprison criminals. Could this be an exile? It would explain why it ran. If I was exiled and someone opened it; I’d get out of town.”


Enger nodded, “Also a good point Cmdr. And we have seen time and again that often crimminals aren’t really criminals. They are people or beings that threaten the status quo. They have done nothing wrong, they are just different. This entity could be simply be another of those scenarios and needs a place to call home. But until we know for sure,” and she was now speaking to everyone, “let’s remember this could go either way, so remember first contact protocol but keep some healthy skepticism as well.” She looked up scanning the duct work and vents around the shuttle bay. In here they were comfortable, but the rest of the ship was going to start feeling the effects of the temperature drop soon. She watched for any sign that the ‘vapor’ was returning.
Enger, XO

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