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Adrian took a deep breath as he prepared himself for his day off he was dressed in typical swimwear paired with some slip-on shoes and a tank top, this was Adrian’s favorite way to look when swimming. In his case, he was going to have some fun on the holodeck, he was planning a pleasant beach party that peach-themed, even his tank top and swimming trunks matched in color, this didn’t bug Adrian one bit. After grabbing his hat and shades, Adrian deemed himself ready. He left his quarters and made his way to the holodeck, this took him a few minutes because he wasn’t exactly in a hurry. Upon arrival, he entered the holodeck preparing his layout with some changes to accommodate for his theme. Once he was satisfied with the outcome he grinned and pressed his comm badge =^= Hello my fellow crewmates this is Ensign Titus speaking, I am currently in the holodeck I have decided to throw a lovely beach party anyone is welcomed! Also, the theme is based on the fruit peaches. So do keep that in mind. Again anyone is welcomed to join!=^=

Ensign Adrian Titus-Doctor

Zero was enjoying his day off also when you heard the COM badge beep with the invite he smiled so we tapped his COM badge =^= This is Lt. Zero I am on my way but I’m not wearing no peach =^=

he was in some civilian clothes that were very comfortable so he just went as he was.

Lt. Zero (COS)

Karina was busy unpacked in her quarters. She hadn’t had time with all the goings on. She was even using the replicator for uniforms. She really needed to get, at least, her clothes. Her uniforms and clothes went into the closet because she didn’t like looking rumpled. Buuuttt....everything else, well it had a place, but Karina was a ‘pile person.’ So things had a place and they were clean, but not tidy. She heard the announcement and smiled. It would be a very good way to meet the crew and get to know them. Although the societal differences between other races were a study in patience at times, she enjoyed learning about others, and silently hoped there would be no more calls to break up non-existent fights. She donned a coppered brown one piece and a peach colored floral mesh long kimono coverup. =^=En Titus this is an excellent idea. I look forward to it.=^=

Several minutes later, Karina stepped into the holodeck and looked around to see what exactly a ‘peach’ themed beach party looked like.
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

Adrian smiled he was already relaxing in the sand with the most pleasant smile on his face, the beach around was rather large the ocean was a beautiful light blue color contrasting against the peach color of everything scattered around. When Adrian heard bodies enter he sat up, lifting his shades from his face, and smiled “Hey! Glad to see some faces! I apologize if my peach theme is a bit much, but there’s plenty to do, there’s surfing, there’s volleyball, and so much more make yourself comfortable and have some fun!” He said as he stood up.

Ensign Adrian Titus-Doctor

The Captain was not far behind Commander Enger she was wearing a Peach-colored Bikini bringing in a Freshly replicated Peach Pie “Hello Commander here to enjoy this random party our Medical Ensign is putting on?” she asked kindly


Karina turned to to Tralla. “I am, Captain, and I am glad to see you are as well. I thought this would be an excellent way to meet the crew in a less formal setting. Not only do we all work together, but we must live together as well.” Karina looked around, “I think I’m going to get one of those interesting looking drinks with the fruit on the side of the glass and find somewhere to feel the heat of the sun.”
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

Rika was the next to arrive, she wore a black bikini and had a sarong wrapped around her waist the sarong was blue with a peach in the bottom left corner. She looked round and saw that the room wasn’t full yet. Using this to her advantage she made her way to the bar to order a nice cold drink. She wasn’t brilliant in social situations so she figured she’d let people come to her. She didn’t want intrude on someone else’s conversation.

Ensgin Nishizumi (Doctor)

Adrian smiled, he was happy that people had shown a interest in his holodeck idea. He smiled seeing another person show up taking notice of the fact that she didn’t say hello or anything so he kindly excused himself from the captain and the lieutenant before walking over to Rika, resting his arms in the bar and looked at her “Hi. I’m Adrian, you didn’t have to show up I just did this to have fun with others enjoying a day off. If you feel uncomfortable, then your more then welcome to leave at any time.” He said to Rika quietly

Ensign Adrian Titus- Doctor
Rika smiled at Adrian “I’m Rika Nishizumi” she said in greeting “It’s not that. I didn’t want to interrupt your conversation. That would have been rude” Rika said truthfully “Besides do you think I would have got dressed up like this” she said gesturing to her black bikini and Blue Sarong “If I didn’t want to be here” she said playfully.

Karina walked over ordering some strange fruity drink, glad it was sans synthehol and alcohol. She really wasn’t the type, though she could handle it alright. She nodded to Rika. “Nishizumi, how are you doing today?” Karina had found Rika to be very personable and professional at her check in. They were both off duty and so Karina made the effort to keep everyone from stiffening up with formality by using just names. It didn’t bother her the use of first names but she didn’t know the crew overly well yet so stuck to last names rather than first. For the moment.

Rika smiled “I’m good. How have you been Ma’am?” Rika asked. She liked the XO she seemed down to earth and that was always good. She also liked the fact she was open bout everything. She much preferred that to someone who was passive aggressive or didn’t say what they felt.

Ensign Nishizumi (Doctor)

Tralla walked over placing the Pie on the table with everything else “Hello Ensign Titus and Ensign Nishizumi How are the two of you doing today” she asked smiling

Adrian turned looking at his captain and smiled “I am doing well captain. Thank you for showing up to join me in this”

Ensign Adrian Titus-Doctor

“I’m good thank you Ma’am. Looking forward to this party” she said happily.

Ensign Nishizumi (Medical)

BJ had followed not far behind his wife; the captain. He was clad in a t-shirt and shorts. He wasn’t nearly as daring as his wife. She had to wear that. Not that he would complain about that much. He rather enjoyed seeing her sway to and fro in front of him. He came up behind Tralla. “I like peach.”he whispered. “Hi.”


Karina smirked slightly seeing the CO’s husband walk up. It was good for them to get to be a couple and not just officers in more than in private. She raised her drink to the group. “I have to say Titus, this is wonderful, and a wonderful idea. I think I’m going to go check out the water.” Karina, discarded the sandals she’d been wearing and walked down toward the water, sipping at whatever the concoction was that she’d been served. Whatever it was, it was very good. The peach kimono-esk coverup flowed around her as she strode ankle deep into the water and began to wander along the coast line. Karina could swim but she wasn’t exactly skilled at it. Mostly she could stay afloat if needed.
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

Jordar entered wearing a casual if not somewhat out of place blazer and slacks with sandals and no shirt. Adorned on his head was a straw hat and a pair of sunglasses on his eyes, not that he needed them as protection from the UV emitted by the star, however it was going to be in his best interest to look as good as he could because he was riding on a high note. It was a matter of that damn woman who keeps running into, there was a growing fondness and he knew that she would be here. Not that he was specifically going to try to make a scene but between their interactions in the hallway and dinner he was going to be happy to see her.

He waltzed up to the bar and ordered an iced tea with lemon, two ice cubes, a few shaved pieces of coconut, and a tiny umbrella, and he was damn sure he was going to get his tiny umbrella! Thankfully the rather tall and imposing security officer didn’t have to ask twice, rather demand he supposed, his drink order before it was given to him and he spotted the XO. She was down by the water’s edge and Jordar strode up, kicking off his own sandals as well before approaching and gently ‘bumping’ into her, something the two did off and on as a joke and would usually have a few well placed insults or jabs thrown in with laughter abound. “You know even for a holodeck this is a nice looking beach and that outfit looks great on you. Really makes your butt look good Karina.” Jordar said bluntly, as he took another sip before saying, “How about you join me for a swim?” He said with a light little smile.

Jordar, Sec

Karina got jostled from someone behind her and luckily she had good balance, despite the sand and water. However this being a holodeck she probably couldn’t trip if she wanted to. But she didn’t need to turn around - Jodar. That man was constantly bumping into her and blaming her when he did on purpose. And just like the other times she laughed, her eyes dancing a bit, “Even with all this room around, you can’t seem to keep your hulking bulk from running into me.” She slowed half a step as he came up beside her. “Nice to know how to get your attention.” She smiled at the compliment, oh it was brash, but she didn’t mind. She gave him a once over…the outfit was a bit…bizarre. She did like the effect the shirtless jacket had on his physique. “You could do to loose the sunglasses, I don’t like the way they hide your eyes.” She sipped at her drink, she really needed to find out what it was. “A swim? Tempting, but I never learned, not really.”

And next would be heard a giant splash and a temporarily missing XO, until she reappeared from under the water.
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

Zero found himself a nice area with good shade and a good breeze. With his old school book titled to kill a mockingbird. As he finally turn the last page and he closed the book. “That was a good read what will I read next.

Lt. Zero (COS)

Ensign Brekag, stepped into the holodeck. The Ferengi was wearing shorts and t-shirt. He looked around. “So this is what a human ‘peach’ party is. This will be interesting. I can see why they say back home beaches are a great place for profit.” he thought to himself.
Ensign Brekag, security

Zero saw brekag and smiled “this is going to be fun” he said to himself. He walked over to the ensign and stated to yell “Ensign Brekag what are you doing your supposed to be on duty and that is not Your Starfleet issued Uniform l. what do you have to say for yourself” then he smiled “just pulling you leg man. Go and enjoy your self”

(happy April Fools’ Day)

Lt. Zero (COS)

BJ overheard the conversation. He would have done the same thing as recently promoted department head. He had been a good officer; but didn’t mind pulling a prank. There was one thing missing: music. BJ could help out with that. But, that would mean getting the band back together. Of course, most of them were on other ships. So that would be difficult.


“I was confused there for a minute, I was not on the roster for right now.” Ensign Brekag responded. “But, thank you sir, I hope that I have a good time here, and meet some of the crew I haven’t had a chance to yet.” Ensign Brekag continued
Ensign Brekag, security

Rika watched he interaction and smiled it was nice to see DHs that didn’t mind messing about with there JOs. But for Rika Ensign Brekag was interesting, she remembered what her grandfather told her. there is always a deal to be made with a ferengi. She wondered if he would recognise her. It was well known in the business community that she was the heir to her Grandfather’s company the Nishizumi company, one of the largest import export companies in the quadrant.

As she watched the interaction Rika tried to figure out how she could talk to Brekag alone. Without appearing rude to the others. An informal meeting was always a good start to a business agreement.

Ensign Nishizumi (Doctor)

Karina made her way out of the surf laughing. Well she could say she knew how to swim better now, that was certain. Her coverup had managed to get washed up on shore but was nothing but a ball of tangled material and water. She picked it up shaking it out but gave it up for a lost cause. But her drink was gone. And it had been really good too. She glanced at Jodar. “You, sir, owe me a drink. You made me lose mine.” She was sure that would get some indignant response and she was looking forward to it.

Once back at the, drink stand, or whatever it was, she ordered another one, and nodded to Zero and Brekag, but not interrupting and conversations that may have started in their absence.
Enger, XO

Adrian had snaked away from the crowd he wanted to get a better look at everyone, when he got to a point where he could see everyone, he was thoroughly pleased with himself. this was the reaction he wanted. He wanted everyone to enjoy themselves, which made Adrian happy. Adrian watched for another moment before deciding he needed something to drink, so he made his way to the bar helping himself in making a peachy cocktail that any child would enjoy.

Ensign Adrian Titus- Doctor

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