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Posted by Gamemaster Mischief Maker (Gamemaster) in Sickbay 2- Main Sim
It moved as swiftly as it could, savouring each measure of distance away from the shell that had kept is contained for so long. The environment had shifted though and there was a palpable tension as it moved along. After so long it felt good to take a form again. Freeing! And now that it had tasted that freedom again, it vowed never to allow itself to lose that freedom ever again.

Coming out at a particular place that seemed quiet, it took another form, one that it had seen briefly when it had fled. But it opted for a different size and age just in case these beings were like the others.

In Sickbay 2, a small Human boy (probably around six or seven years in age) appeared. Seeing that there were others around, the boy darted to a biobed and crouched down to the base.

~Mischief Maker

Jack had been admonishing a junior Nurse for mislabeling a test sample they had been working on when he noticed the child running towards a biobed. He stopped mid-sentence to look at the young boy with a curious expression before he moved towards him. His first reaction had been to yell at the child but he quickly suppressed that instinct, he was no longer a science officer and doctors were expected to treat children, not as the nuisance they were but as… well something that wasn’t annoying him. He squatted near the child “Hello, can I help you child?” he asked, he did his best to put up a friendly tone and manner.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Though the mop of dark hair peeked out slightly, it quickly hid again.

But after a moment, the child slowly looked out from behind the biobed base, deep brown eyes gazing at Grey uncertainly. The child said nothing so far, but his expression was filled with a mix of fear and curiosity.

~Mischief Maker

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