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=^=Enger to Zoarhi. Something came out of that sphere and is now in the duct work of the ship. I have initiated environmental contaminant protocols.=^=
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

=^=Enger to Captain. Whatever it is that got into our duct work appears to be morphogenic. It could look like anything. Lt Sinclair, and I agree, suggested it might be a changeling, and potentially hostile. I have taken the ship to red alert until this entity is contained. Security has been alerted.=^=
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

Tralla’s antenna Stood straight on end showing her anxiety rise that was the last thing she wanted to hear =^=”Attention All hands begin Changling Security Measures all crew are to be in pairs no crew members are to be alone All crew armed and Phasers set to stun on widest beam settings”=^= she ordered she turned her attention to the Comm Call from her new XO after standing up =^=”Commander Enger I want that thing Found and contained how did it get through our containment protocols I thought I ordered full containment!”=^= she asked clearly not happy about the situation


=^=It turned to vapor and simply floated through the forcefield, Captain.=^=
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

Tralla moved over to the small hidden weapons locker on the bridge and opened it for the officers and crew on the bridge =^=”Commander I want this thing off my ship As Soon As Possible do I make myself clear!”=^= she added sternly before redirecting her orders =^=”Lieutenant Sinclair I want you and your engineering teams to begin working on a way to stop this thing from getting through our forcefields”=^= she ordered as she strapped her own phaser to her belt a Security NE moved close partnering up with the captain as she moved back to her seat =^=”Lieutenant Zero I want you’re Security Teams to sweep this ship from stem to stern than when you finish do it again until this thing is found and captured”=^=


JT got up and grabbed a phaser and a though occurred to him as he was checking the phaser’s settings

“Captain,” he started “I seem to recall hearing that during the Dominion war there was a device that could keep a changeling from shapeshifting… I think it was a quantum stasis field. What if we flooded the ship in a similar type of field to stop it from being able to change form?”


“Captain, shall I attempt to see if I can sense or communicate with the being telepathically?” Simon asked curiously, still seated calmly in his seat since he had not been specifically ordered to do anything yet.

-Counselor Simon Arbogist

Try it Counselor but be careful if the thing seems like it means harm I want you to break contact is that understood…JT I don’t know how you heard about that however I am not sure we could pull that off but if you think you can Get with Lieutenant Sinclair and work it out” she ordered

Karina tapped her combadge, =^=Enger to Sh’Zoarhi. Captain we are going to change the temperature everywhere on the ship except the shuttle bay. Try and lure the creature back here so we can get it back in the sphere.=^=
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

=^=”Understood…Though are we making it colder across the ship or hotter?”=^= The Andorian captain asked if it was colder she of course would not be bothered however it was hotter she was going to be in for a rough time she managed with the standard temprature the ship was kept at even though it was quite warm


Karina nodded and tapped her combadge again, =^=Captain we will be lowering the temperature 10 degrees every where but the shuttle bay. We want to shock it’s system. I also suggest that we put a command lock on the computer and environmental controls so that if this thing is able it can’t reverse the process.=^=

“Computer lower ship wide temperature 10 degrees. Lock out environmental controls to command access only. Authorization Enger Alpha 9 Omega.”
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

=^=”Understood commander I was wondering because if it was going the otherway I was going to request you and I trade places due to the standard temperature of the ship is at the upper end of what I feel comfortable in but since we are cooling the ship I will be fine”=^= she said as she returned to her seat


The temperature on the ship began to drop until it reached the ten degrees Celsius lower.

~Mischief Maker


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