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=^= Got it. Thanks for the update. I can get a full engineering team on that sphere once you are all ready there. =^=

Mark looked over at Brianna. “Ensign, keep monitoring the situation in the shuttle bay, and let me know if you pick up anything unusual.”

-Lt. (j.g.) Mark Sinclair, CE

Mark frowned. He still had not heard anything back from the Shuttle Bay, which seemed odd. Sighing, he tapped his communicator again. =^= Engineering to Shuttle Bay. Just confirming whether assistance is required for the probe. =^=

Meanwhile, Mark went over to the Ensign Brianna’s station to see if she had picked up anything unusual while monitoring the situation in shuttle bay. (OOC: With Tyra’s absence, I want to see if I can advance the sim in Engineering with respect to the orders I gave Tyra’s character…)

-Lt. (j.g.) Mark Sinclair, CE

Seeing there was still no response, Mark assumed everyone was too busy and they did not need Engineering’s assistance. Shrugging his shoulders, Mark began to his usual run through of Engineering to make sure the ship was in good shape - especially given the unknown situation they were in (unknown in more ways than one - Mark still didn’t quite know what the rest of the crew was up to).

As usual, Mark started with the most critical ship system, and headed to the warp reactor controls to make sure everything was operating properly.

-Lt. (j.g.) Mark Sinclair, CE

OOC: Sorry Dan....RL stinks right now

IC: Brianna looked at Mark “Nothing out of the ordinary yet sir.” She said as she continued to monitor the shuttle bay.


Mark realized he was pacing and stopped himself. He was tired of being out of the loop as Chief Engineer, and he hated relying on computers and diagnostics at the best of time.

Without warning, he turned towards his office to grab his personal engineering kit. “Ensign Brianna, I’m going to head to the Shuttle Bay to get some answers. You are in charge of engineering until I return. Let me know if anything changes.”

Without waiting for a response, Mark put his kit’s strap over his right shoulder and headed out of Engineering like a person on a mission.

-Lt. (j.g.) Mark Sinclair

“Aye, Lt. I’ll keep on eye on things and if something comes up I’ll let you know.” She said as she turned her attention back to the monitors and made sure that everything was functioning as close to normal as possible.


(OOC: Tyra, I’m going to assume the Captain’s alert and the Red Alert reached Engineering by now :) )

=^= Sinclair to Engineering. Track the jeffries tubes and environmental systems, and track the ship systems for anything out of ordinary. Let me know if anything comes up out of the ordinary. =^=

-Lt. (j.g.) Mark Sinclair, CE (cross-post)

=^=Yes sir.=^= Brianna responded and turned her attention to scans of the jeffries tubes and the environmental systems. She kept a close eye on anything that might not be right.


While the ship was red alert and Briana was tracking the systems, she could see that the being had moved upwards through the ship rather quickly. The lockdown of the ventilation system had made it easier to track movement through the system but the bing didn’t seem to require physical interaction for their motion. Then again, such was normal with a morphogenic being.

But Briana could see that there was activity in Sickbay 2 on Deck 13.

~Mischief Maker


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