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=^=Enger to Security, possible intruder onboard. It is unclear if it is hostile or not. It’s gotten into the duct work in the form of vapor, but it is morphogenic which means it can change shape. It was in the shuttle bay. There is no telling where it is now.=^=
Lt Cmdr Enger, XO

Bump for any security folks- GM

Zero was in the security office when the call came in. He hit the small red bottom by his computer the set off the alarm =^= Intruder alert. Security lock down level 3 bio Fields are in place. All security personnel report to does need it rally points at once. =^=

Zero switched his computer to internal sensors and set them to tack vapor.

( ^_^ let’s have fun)

Jordar heard the summons and made his way to the designated area. “This had better not be a drill…” He muttered as he arrived.

Jordar, Sec

As the Officers got to there designated Areas the main screen that had a few extra phasers in it had the COS face on it

“10 min ago the XO sent out an intruder alert call we are unsure if it is hostile or not lvl 3 bio Fields are up and will not drop into I say so the last place it was seen was the shuttle bay we have seal the deck off in a 2 deck radius surrounding shuttle bay. The unknown was seen as a vapor and may be Abel to shape shift. I have sent you all tricorder program to scan for any unknown vapor”

Lt. Zero (COS)

“Copy.” Ensign Brekag said and started scanning the sector Lt. Zero sent him to.
Ensign Brekag, security

OOC: People keep mentioning “designated areas”, but I as the GM don’t know where that is, so I can’t give you more info (if there’s any to be had). Where are you each of you on the ship? That will determine what results I give you. :) ~Linds

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