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Posted Sept. 16, 2021, 6:45 p.m. by Lieutenant Maria Beckett (Chief of Security) (Sam Haynes)

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15 minutes after departing the station, the assorted senior staff gathered in the briefing room.


Tralla was the first to arrive and she waited with her notes on the mission so that she could bring her senior staff up to speed on the situation


A few moments after Tralla entered, the dark-haired COS followed with a large mug of something in hand. It had a lid but the smell that came from it was that of coffee. THe other was occupied with another PaDD. Settling down on the wide side of the conference table, she left a chair between herself and the head. For the moment, she focused on reading the reports and updates for the last of the loading, stowing, and such. Getting the fighters inspected was next on the agenda, unless something new came out of this briefing.

Lt Beckett, CoS

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