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Posted Sept. 24, 2021, 5:13 p.m. by Lieutenant Maria Beckett (Chief of Security) (Sam Haynes)

Posted by Ensign Rika Nishizumi (Doctor) in Checkup (Side-sim) - ATTN: Medical

Posted by Lieutenant Maria Beckett (Chief of Security) in Checkup (Side-sim) - ATTN: Medical

Posted by Ensign Rika Nishizumi (Doctor) in Checkup (Side-sim) - ATTN: Medical
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With the Memorial docked at starbase and set for crew rotation, refueling, and so on, Lieutenant Beckett knew the next stop on her itinerary was Sickbay. Granted, she’d been on Starbase 243 for a while, and every post ration she’d been checked out. Still, regulations were regulations, and meant to catch any outbreaks, pandemics, as much as they were meant to catch the early onset of any diseases or health conditions. An ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure.
Stopping at a lift junction she pressed the call button and immediately a set of doors slid open. =^=Deck Thirteen Sickbay.=^= The doors closed with her inside and dropped. It was closest to her office and the armory, with a shorter travel time. Not that it mattered so much with so much crew on liberty or leave. The place was practically a ghost town.

The lift came to a halt and dropped her out just next to the secondary sickbay. Making the short jaunt to the doors, she marched her way in and cast her gaze about, and began venturing deeper. “Anybody home,” she called out.

Lt Beckett, CSO

As Becket called out a familiar face came round the corner. “Lieutenant. we meet again,” Rika said with a smile. “And this time i didn’t crash into you. That’s an improvement,” she said laughing softly

“Are you here for your physical,” she asked.

Ensign Nishizumi (Doctor)

Maria took a deep breath then held it as she nodded. “Ay-firm. I’m here for the usual pokes and prods. Hopefully I didn’t pick up any bugs on the Starbase. I didn’t exactly transport over so I haven’t been through the scrubbers in a while.” Idly she pushed up her sleeves, then gestured around at the medbay. “Where do ya want me, doc?”

Lt Beckett, COS

Rika nodded “On bipo bed one please” she said gesturing to the nearest bio-bed. As they walked over she grabbed a tri-corder and started scanning Beckett when she had sat down

“Have you felt any symptoms of illness since your last eval? Hot flushes, temperature, soar throat anything like that?” she asked

Ensign Nishizumi (Doctor)

“Not to my knowledge. Other than a momentary flash of ‘ick’ once or twice. I’m sure you know what I mean. Or maybe not, you’re a lot younger than I am.” She flashed Rika a momentary smile. “But no. No sore throat. Maybe a mild fever, but that seemed stress-induced. Get to tired, stressed, over-worked.. get off shift, feel like garbage. Chilled, but hot to the touch. No other symptoms. Go to bed and crash early, then get up the next morning, everything’s fine. That kind of thing.” She thought for a moment, her hands resting in her lap as she swung her legs back and forth. Despite being in her mid thirties, it was a momentarily youthful and unconscious thing. “I’ve had some bumps and bruises. My right wrist has been hurting some after some combat training. Nothing too bad.”

A quick scan with a medical tricorder would reveal normal vitals, but show clusters of hematomas (bruises) over her body, and a number of micro-fractures. Most were tiny, but a few were hairline. In addition to this were several hot spots of inflammation, especially around the hairline fractures. The right wrist was hot and angry, and there was a fracture there but she didn’t seem to feel it. A boxer’s fracture. Crazy painful in the right circumstance. All run-of-the-mill for a professional warrior, but certainly needed treatment to be in tip-top shape before things popped off and got crazy.

Lt Beckett, COS

Lt Beckett, COS

Rika listened carefully to the COS, once she had finished talking Rika checked her findings “You have a few bruisers and some micro fractures. Your right wrist is fracture and inflamed. I’ll have to treat that first then the other fractures.” She said as she stepped away and brought over a tray of equipment “could you please hold out your Right wrist for me” Rika asked. Once the COS had done that she started repairing the fracture.

“I was surprised I got such good results. Usually these intelligence uniforms interfere with the scans,” she said absent mindedly as she worked. “You must have a high pain tolerance if you didn’t feel this fracture. That can be a good and a bad thing,” she added.

Ensign Nishizumi (Doctor)

Maria rolled up her sleeve and held her arm out so Rika could tend to it. The thing about a boxer’s fracture was that it was never felt right away. But in a few days? Her wrist would be the size of a grapefruit and pretty angry if it wasn’t caught now. A quick lift of her arm from just under the wrist would reveal how bad off it was. The good doctor seemed to skip that.

When Rika told her about the wrist fracture she blanched. “Great. I didn’t have my wrist wrapped right. I bet it cracked when I hit NL Williams in the jaw. We were sparring, training, and I got an open shot and threw a big right. Hit like a truck.” Truth was, she had been in full out randori, up against three others during that scenario, facing multiple attackers. She wasn’t surprised at the litany of injuries the good doc had found. In truth she was kind of accustomed to a certain level of discomfort at this point.

Rika nodded. “We can all get carried away in a sparring match. I get carried away myself sometimes. But then when you’re sparing and your opponent is as good as you or better the blood does get up an both sides can forget its just sparing,” she said as she worked.

At the mention of the intelligence uniform, one eyebrow shot up. They were designed to be indistinguishable from most fleet uniforms at least in this mode, for visual inspection. She supposed the tricorder was picking up the difference in materials. That the Ensign knew what she was looking at was equally impressive. Sort of. Rika knew a little of her background after talking in the halls. “Well, it’s not exactly running for stealth right now. Good catch though,” she said, approval laced through her voice.

“The technology was devolved by star fleet intelligence, but the initial idea and plans where designed by the Nishizumi Corporation. We own the patent for it, despite star fleet intelligence tying to muscle the patent over to them,” she said simply. Rika always found it funny intelligence killed her parents but then they came crawling to her grandfathers company when they needed new tech. No wonder her Grandfather made intelligence pay way more then usual.

“And I suppose I do have a high pain tolerance. Growing up on a freighter means hard work. No real doctor means you treat stuff as best you can and suck it up. Four years of Academy training in security and tactics, along with all the other Academy shenanigans?” She shook her head, then grimaced as her wrist began to itch deeep inside with a mild ache as the bones shifted and began to knit and fuse back together. “And then the bombing at Outpost 42 left me with a concussion, and other bumps and bruises. Then getting smoke inhalation at the same time. And on and on it goes. More training, more rough-and-tumble situations.” She shrugged. “Keeps a girl on her toes, I suppose. Maybe ya get used to it a bit after so long.”

Lt Beckett, COS

“I’ve come to expect it when I’m treating security officers and marines. If you wanted to look for people who get battered the most during their service, then you look no further then those two departments. On the front line of a military organization like Starfleet is a job I can’t help but respect. Being the first ones in and the last ones standing can’t be easy,” she said as she worked away.

Ensign Nishizumi (Doctor)

Shaking her head, the Lieutenant smiled wistfully for a moment. “No, not really. If we’re doing our jobs properly, everything is boring. Long hours of boredom interspersed by moments of sheer terror and panic. We run toward the danger, not away from it. Same for the D.C.O.’s and medics.” Her gaze had turned distant for a few moments, looking inward on the past. Coming back from her reverie, she flashed the young doctor an appreciative smile. “It can’t be easy taking care of the stubborn, belligerent security and marine types. But we notice, and appreciate you and your work. We depend on each other. You probably don’t hear it enough, but thank you. Even if we’re just gonna get wrecked again, eventually. And you’ll have to patch us up, again. We put ourselves on the line and in harms way for good reason though.”

After a moment she fell silent, the smile slowly fading as she reflected and let Rika do her work. The tissues were mending rapidly, and the bruises were fading away before their eyes. Maria fought the urge to scratch as it itched, but it was a very intense, sharp itch that was somehow easier to handle than a mild annoyance.

Lt Beckett, COS

Rika smiled “Thank you. I always find it interesting how similar in some ways the roles of security and medical are. We both help those that need it, we both make life and death choices. If we do our job properly then, like you said, there are long periods of boredom. We both keep other safe and take oaths of safe guarding,” she said thoughtfully as she finished the mend on the COS

“That should feel better,” she added after a short pause

Ensign Nishizumi (Doctor)

Maria took a few moments to make a fist. The itching had vanished, replaced with a deep ache for a few moments. Small bits of growing pains, but even that vanished. Now it felt fine. Reaching out she pronated and supinated her wrist and forearm, then grimaced. “Muscles are a little tight but that’s probably from guarding.” Carefully she applied some pressure from her left hand, creating some torsion and lifting forces, but everything seemed fine, and functioning normally.

“Better,” she said with a nod, flexing her fist a little, then stretching some more.

“And you’re right. Both trained in different fields, but guardians in our own right. Except you fight things that are too small to see, and often far scarier. But I suppose I do too. Greed, corruption, hostility, ignorance.” The lieutenant shrugged one shoulder. “I would say the things you go up against can’t be fought with a phaser, but I suppose it’s still true for me as well. Not when you get down to the root causes. But in the end, that’s for the neuroscience people.” She gave Rika a warm, almost philosophical smile, then sighed, her expression dropping as she slouched.

Lt Beckett, COS

“If I must I will fight things bigger then normal. I know we say we will do no harm, but sometimes you can’t always resolve a situation without harming someone. Even if its just wounded pride.” Rika said simply.

“Eh, I think that particular oath doesn’t cover pride. And sometimes you have to do harm to do greater good. A phaser blast isn’t really good for anybody’s health. But if it stops someone from getting killed? I’d take that, if I were in your shoes and had to shoot someone. That’s kinda how we look at it anyway,” she said. “We’re stopping the threat. That’s it.”

“If I have to kill someone to save my crew i will. But I prefer not to, I guess that’s why I focused on my Krav Maga, I’d much rather disarm and incapacitate, then wound to badly” Rika said simply. Of course that was only a half truth Rika had no issue with being merciless, it came with her future role. Dealing with a problem permanently was a far better result, no matter how the threat was neutralised

She the walked away for a sec bringing a hypo back with her. She picked up a padd and read the file over “Just to confirm do you have any allergies to any medication?” she asked looking at the COS.

Ensign Nishizumi (Doctor)


The Lieutenant shrugged. “None so far as I know of or have encountered.”

Lt Beckett, CoS

“That’s good” she said as she injected Beckett “This should help with the inflammation.” she said simply “Could you lie back for me. I want to do a more through scan, you have some small, almost minuet fractures I just want to no where exactly they are so I can treat them” she said comfortingly.

Ensign Nishizumi (Doctor)

Maria nodded and slid back on the bed and stretched out laying supine. Idly she let her hands rest on her belly. “Krav Maga, huh? Might have to do some cross training with you sometime. I trained in taekwondo and kickboxing before and during the Academy. Then over the last few years studied Kali for several years. I keep sharp all around.” She flashed Rika a quick smile. Krav Maga was pretty brutal in it’s own right. Hard to say which discipline was better between it and Kali, but combining skills made both better, more effective.

Lt Beckett, CoS

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