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15 minutes after departing the station, the assorted senior staff gathered in the briefing room.


Tralla was the first to arrive and she waited with her notes on the mission so that she could bring her senior staff up to speed on the situation


A few moments after Tralla entered, the dark-haired COS followed with a large mug of something in hand. It had a lid but the smell that came from it was that of coffee. THe other was occupied with another PaDD. Settling down on the wide side of the conference table, she left a chair between herself and the head. For the moment, she focused on reading the reports and updates for the last of the loading, stowing, and such. Getting the fighters inspected was next on the agenda, unless something new came out of this briefing.

Lt Beckett, CoS

Right on the heels of the Security Chief the tall Blond medical Chief followed, he also had a PaDD in one hand and a metallic cup of something warm, a dark Tea. He sat down in his usual chair, placing the cup down, tapping a few times on his PaDD before dropping it into his white coat pocket.

Dr. Grey - CMO

JT entered next coffee in one hand PADD in the other loaded with the specs of the new fighters that had arrived. He had been tryign to get a spare moment to study up on them so he could get his qualifications out of the way.


she smiled as her senior staff started filtering in she would wait for the others to come in sipping at her own drink which was a human soda called Pepsi “Just waiting on the last two to join us” she said smiling at the rest of them sitting there


BJ entered. He had to get used to this again. He was back in a leadership position again. He took a seat and waited.


“Good just our Chief engineer is missing,” she said “Well let’s get started I will bring her up to speed afterward,” the captain said as she began pushing some buttons on the table and bringing up the distress signal “This distress signal was sent by Eridion base which has been abandoned for over 70 years so we have been assigned to investigate most of the details about the base and what happened their are classified beyond even my paygrade so we are very much going in blind and this is also one of those should we fail be prepared for Command to lay all the blame on us” she finished leaving it open for her crew to provide their questions


Danora slipped in just as the CO began speaking. She didn’t miss anything, but realized she was going to have to be quicker than on time now that she was the new Chief Engineer. She slid quietly into the chair nearest the door and listened. Distress signals and lack of information made for bad bedfellows. Already she wasn’t looking forward to what was coming. Without thinking, Danora spoke up. “Can we at least get the public records for the place? I mean, weapon system capabilities, interface abilities, etc? I’m thinking we need to know if auto defenses will try and shoot us down, and whether or not we can access the computers without actually being there.”

Sadly, she had a few things to learn about being a department head. Like not blurting out your mind when someone else was in charge of the party.

Lt Danora Allance
Chief Engineer

JT thought about the Engineers question a bit then asked one of his own that tied in “Are there any public records? This place has been super secret squirrel level classified for decades. I heard the Tal-shiar is jealous of how tight lipped the information is.”


She gave her XO a strange look “Yes…well As our Elustrious XO has just stated the Base has been so tight-lipped there is no such thing as public information pertaining to this base we are really going in completely blind” she said “Our task is to go in see what sent the signal even if its just a glitch in the 70-year-old computers or if someone is causing trouble I want us all to be on full alert and sharp there really is no way to plan for this But Thats why I have the best crew lets be ready for anything Tralla said smiling “Lieutenant Beckett How is getting the Fighter wing set up?” she asked


Jack listened to the briefing with a very calm expression. He didn’t particularly like the idea of not knowing what they were being sent to do but he had no questions as of yet, this seemed to be more of a Security threat than anything he’d need to work out. In his thoughts he was already preparing what they might need from his Medical department.

Dr. Grey - CMO

To clarify, publicly available is- the location, average climate (inhospitably cold and snowy), and that a request was submitted to Starfleet to put a warning buoy out so people avoid the area. That request was denied as there was “no reason to travel there to begin with.”


“They’re squared away. A little short on personnel at the moment. Got enough for at least a one or two ship reconnaissance sortie between myself and Lieutenant Farren. Get in get out without being detected, or at least being small and fast enough to not get shot at. If the base is seventy years old, shouldn’t be too hard. Unless it’s been kept up to date, whatever defenses should be antiquated. Or lower grade civilian gear.” Idly she stared at the map. “Is this just ‘Eridion’ or is this Gamma Eridion, ma’am?”

She hated going in blind. At least in a situation like this. What one didn’t know, could still kill them. In fact, it was usually what you didn’t know about that did you in. “Also, I can try to reach out to some friends and see if they have anything relevant.” They weren’t everyone’s favorite, but Section 31, the intelligence branch of Starfleet did get results. And with her background in intel? Yeah, she still had plenty of favors and friends to call on.

Lt Beckett, CoS

Maize spoke up through the speakers in the room “The corrodents we are heading to do not match the Gamma Eridion system Lieutenant Beckett I assume this is a different Eridion system” the AI informed the group simply

“If you want to try as long as you don’t get into trouble with higher ups for sticking your nose where it does not belong I want us to enter the system under yellow alert I want our shields up and weapons able to be brought up on a hair-trigger” she said before turning to Allance “How are you settling into Engineering Lieutanant Allance?” she asked looking to take this moment to check on her crew


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