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Posted Oct. 10, 2021, 4:39 p.m. by Ensign Tak (Scientist) (Riley W)

Posted by Commander BJ Janzen (Chief Science Officer) in Side Sim - Tak Reporting for Duty (Tag CSO)

Posted by Ensign Tak (Scientist) in Side Sim - Tak Reporting for Duty (Tag CSO)

Posted by Commander BJ Janzen (Chief Science Officer) in Side Sim - Tak Reporting for Duty (Tag CSO)
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Tak made sure their fur was sufficiently dry before she left their quarters, instructing the children to remain in the living area and not to go into the sleeping area without her there. She walked along the corridor, her tail dragging along the floor as they did so.

The Science officer found her way to the Science Labs and began to ask around for their DH. “Where can they be found? I am here to report for duty.”

Tak, Scientist

BJ wanted to give a sarcastic answer to the officer. Would it be up to regulation; no. Would it be fun; yes it would. “You’d be looking for me. Your report for duty is noted. Follow me to my office for a quick brief about yourself.”


Tak’s whiskers fluttered a little as they considered the human. He was interesting, that was certain. They followed as instructed, reaching around to grab their tail and hold the end up to their waist and thus keep it out of others’ ways. They had some experience with tail-less beings not considering tails in their walking paths and treading on the soft tissue. It wasn’t pleasant. Once within the CSO’s office, Tak glanced around for any sign of a chair they could sit on, but alas - all the obvious chairs had backs.

Tak, Science Officer

He saw her hesitation. “Is there an issue ensign? I can make an adjustment if you need me to”


“It is fine, I can stand,” they smiled awkwardly. “Your… furniture is not built for me. I hear they had to work extensively on my fighter to adjust it to my needs, I appreciate that. Although I suppose that isn’t your department…”

  • Ens Tak

That not how it should be. “Not my department; yes. I have friends in higher places if I need to. If you want to sit I’ll get some furniture brought in. You’re part of my people. I take care of my people. But, if you’re content to stand I’m good with that.”


“Chairs in general are a bit of a newer concept for me,” Tak said sheepishly, reaching up to rub the fur on the back of her neck. “Sitting isn’t really necessary when you’re swimming all the time.”

Ens. Tak

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