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The Memorial, a combat ship, was meant to rush into danger. That meant her combat-oriented personnel needed to be as sharp as possible. Keeping that edge was paramount. It was one thing to be able to hit a target with a phaser. It was another to do it rapidly, engaging multiple threats, while having to maneuver. And even more so doing it under high stress. And working with a team was paramount. The idea of a one-man army was not feasible in most situations. War is a team sport.

So it was that she’d scheduled some training time for the range for all security personnel, and sent out reminders and invites for those that wished to re-qualify with their weapons, or brush up and build some new skills.

She wasn’t sure how many would show up, but her security offers were required to be there.

The range was set up with a table with a few clusters of phasers and types, type I’s, II’s, and III’s. She already wore a belt rig with a type II on her hip, along with other security and tactical gear. Picking up a Type III compression rifle she checked it over, then shifted over to the firing line. Taking the rifle in hand, she reached to her belt with her left, hitting a button on a small boxy little device, then resumed her low-ready.


The lieutenant snapped the weapon to her shoulder then triggered her first shot, then lowered her weapon. Checking the device she noted the time on it read 1.3 seconds. Not quite as good as she wanted. She triggered it again. Another loud beep. Shoulder-fire. 1.23. Beep! Shoulder-fire 1.08. Beep! .95 seconds.

For the next minute she focused on getting to around 90% of her max speed and establishing baseline. Then transitioning to shouldering, then firing on one target, then a second, focusing more on snapping the transition than precision, at first. Each pass was meant to be faster until she was riding the edge again.

With a little time passing she felt warmed up enough. The first shooters for today should be arriving soon.

Lt Beckett, COS

“Lieutenant,” Aidan said as he approached. He had arrived a few minutes ago, but waited until she had finished, as was appropriate on a live fire range. He didn’t have much kit on him, being new to the ship he was still getting a hang of the ropes here. That and a lot of the gear he had requisitioned hadn’t arrived quite yet.

Ens. Harmon - Sec

With Harmon approaching she turned and gave him a curt nod in greeting. “Ensign Harmon. Good, you’re early. Which means you’re on time.” That was a mark in his favor. Her other main Ensign had yet to arrive. “Let’s get you kitted up. Grab a belt rig and a type II and a rifle. Any idea on Ensign Brekag’s E.T.A.?” she was eager to get things moving, or at least get her main shooters warmed up. If nobody else showed up, this would be a drill day. If more did, she would be relying on them to help with instruction. Aidan had been in for ten years. Almost as long as she had. He’d be reliable for sure.

Lt Beckett, CoS

“Unfortunately I do not Lieutenant. I’m still waiting for most of my kit to be issued from the Quartermaster, so I came directly here without stopping at my locker, so I have not seen Ensign Brekag.” Picking up a utility belt off of the supply table, he quickly ran his hand over the belt, doing a quick check of the belt itself, and what was in already loaded on it. With everything checking out, he slid it around his waist and cinched it tight.

Picking up a type II phaser, he did a quick before sliding it into it’s place. Grabbing a rifle, he quickly pulled the energy cell before sliding it back into place. Completing the rest of his checks, he nodded to himself, before lowering the rifle so it was pointed towards the floor.

“So what is the plan today Lieutenant?”

Ens Harmon - Sec

She watched the Ensign work with a weather eye. He was quick and economical. The faintest hint of a smile tugged at her lips for the briefest moment. “Well.” She finished with a small sigh. “I expect we’re going to see some action. I know Brekag has been around the block at least once, and you’ve been in for a decade. We’ve got enough phaser rifles to arm a third of the crew. Enough hand phasers to arm everybody. We all qualified in the Academy or in boot. But some haven’t touched a weapon since then. I want to make sure everybody can still shoot, if they have to. That they have the basic skills. Skills are perishable. That includes basic weapon safety too.”

“I expect more from you and the rest of the security and tactical ops personnel. This is what we do. If we get more than five showing up, you’ll help me herd kittens, and get people checked out. If it’s just a small group, we’ll check them out quickly, and if they want, start running them through more advanced drills. Work on draw and shoot, target transitions and weapon handling, shooting quickly and accurately with distance changes. We’ll work into shooting, moving, communicating. Individually and in teams. Battle Drill Six or room clearing. Anybody that wants intermediate to advanced training for this stuff, whether repelling boarders, or operating on an Away Team Mission. We can discuss tactics and scenarios too. I really expect it mostly be security people for the advanced stuff, and maybe the senior officers.”

“Ideally, this will be some fun stuff. But we do want to take it seriously. Fun keeps people motivated, but a serious tone keeps people focused. We will probably be doing a lot more drills for our section. But if we have to… everyone fights, noone quits.”

Lt Beckett, CoS

Aidan held in a chuckle as Beckett finished. He wondered if she knew the rest of that quote.

“Sounds simple enough Lieutenant. Take them through the basics, and from there we can get into the more interesting drills,” he answered with a nod. “It’s been a little bit since I’ve run through boarding drills, it’s not something they typically run through at OCS.”

Ens Harmon - Sec

She caught the twinkle in Harmon’s eye and let a faint smile crack her own bearing for a split second. She didn’t plan on shooting any of her crewmates, but she did know the other half of that quote. Very old story. The book was better than the movie and made much more sense. “You got it, Harmon. As for boarding and battle drills six, that’s why I wanna put at least our security section through it’s paces. Knock off the rust and make sure we’re ready.”

Ensign Brekag ending his tour of duty on the ship arrived at the range. He was a little out of breath from speed walking through the ship to get there. He stood by the weapons on the table, and waited for the orders from Lt. Beckett.
Ensign Brekag

Turning to regard the Ferengi she inclined her chin a little. “Ensign,” she said by way of greeting. “Get geared up. Now is as good a time as any to brief the two of you.” She shifted to where she could more easily see the two of them. “We’re heading a planet called Eridion. Starfleet had a base there for a while, then seventy years ago we pulled out. It’s supposed to be a ghost town. Off the beaten path. The planet is inhospitable but not hostile to life. Place is a frozen ball. Nobody is supposed to be there. So why is Starfleet getting a distress call from the place? We’re being sent to check it out.” Her gaze back and forth between them as she spoke. “Thing is, that’s pretty much all the intel we have so far. Makes me a little paranoid. Especially since a warning beacon to keep trespassers away from the place was requested, but Command turned it down since it was so remote nobody should be there anyway. For a place we had a base on? We should have piles of data.”

“It’s likely we’re going to be on the ground down there at some point. Need to be ready.” After a moment’s consideration she sighed. “It looks like it might be just us. Soooo.” She drew the word out as she bent down and reached under the table, pulling out another case. Opening it up revealed several WTR-600 rigs. “We were supposed to have these on the last tour, according to the cee-oh. They got lost in the mail but we got a shiny new crate of them just before departure. Most crew wont have these toys, but figure now is a good tiem to break them out for mission prep. Get familiarized again with them. If you boys haven’t used them before.” As she spoke, she grabbed the closest one and went to adding the unit to her belt and then putting the head portion into place.

At the same time, she wondered if Brekag would be able to wear one with his lobes. But there was likely a configuration that would work for the Ferengi. But also Ferengi hearing might give him a tactical advantage in other ways.

Lt Becket, CoS

Ensign Brekag grabbed one and attached the unit to his belt. He took the head piece and stared at it. “I wonder how many latinums this could sell for.” He thought as he attempted to place it on his head, over his Ferengi ears. It didn’t fit really well, but it worked enough for him to use the weapon efficiently.
Ensign Brekag, security

Aidan let out a low whistle, as he carefully reached out and picked up one of the units. “I’ve heard about these, and seen them used once. But they were always considered to fancy to give to the non-comms.”

After attaching the power cell to his belt, he slipped on the heads unit and adjusted it so it sat comfortably on his head. “If I remember correctly, these are voice controlled… Activate thermal overlay.”

As the tricorder showed him a thermal overlay of the room they were in, Aidan couldn’t help but grinning. “I always knew that the officers were hiding the good toys.”

Ens Harmon - Sec

“Now that they’ve been around a while, they’re getting easier to procure. Officers do get a lot of fun toys though,” she mused. “These are really fun when you get a composite overlay going. Thermal, motion detection, and light amplification for low light. If it moves these things can see it. If it’s warm or cold, or gives off infrared… it’ll show up. Can overlay all kinds of data. I want to upgrade these, and even tie them in with phaser rifle targeting systems, and friend/foe/neutral designations too.” She shrugged. “I minored in particle physics in the Academy, but I found I really loved fiddling with and improving gear where I could. Probably goes back to having to jury rig all kinds of stuff when I was younger.” She gave a quick shrug. “But for training, still best to do it the hard way. Never know when the fancy tools will fail. Gotta have the fundamentals razor sharp.”

Letting her rifle dangle in front of her via a sling, she gestured for the two ensigns to head over to the firing line. “So for now, we’ll keep it on manual am. Pick your lane. Keep it on low ready for now. We’ll work on high ready after. At the beep, you’ll fire one shot then return to ready. We’re warming up, and practicing getting on target. When yous tart falling outside the A-zone, we’ll bring it back and then work back up. Understood?”

Lt Beckett, CoS

“Understood Lieutenant,” Aidan said as he stepped up to one of the open lanes. Taking the opportunity to do one last check of his rifle, he adjusted his feet and body so he was in a comfortable low ready position.


Ens Harmon - Sec

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