Side Simm - Checking in With the Chief

Posted Oct. 17, 2021, 10:34 p.m. by Ensign Aidan Harmon (Security officer) (Steve Johnson)

Posted by Lieutenant Maria Beckett (Chief of Security) in Side Simm - Checking in With the Chief

Posted by Ensign Aidan Harmon (Security officer) in Side Simm - Checking in With the Chief

Posted by Lieutenant Maria Beckett (Chief of Security) in Side Simm - Checking in With the Chief
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“Permission to come aboard?” Aidan asked as the transporter finished materializing him on the Memorial.

“Permission granted. Sir, welcome aboard the Memorial,” the tech said from behind his station. It still was hard for Aidan to wrap his mind around that he would rate a sir these days. He had enlisted in Starfleet as soon as he had gotten out of high school. He was not one for studying, and had wanted to see the galaxy for a bit. Before he knew it, one of the Chief’s had convinced him to apply for OCS, and here he was, a newly minted Ensign.

“They have you berthed in Junior Officer quarters on deck 9 sir, and…”

“Lt Beckett I’m sure is waiting for my arrival. Thank you Chief. Carry on.” With a nod Aidan hefted his duffel and walked out of the transporter room to make a quick stop at his quarters.

Stopping outside of the security office, Aidan tugged at his uniform making sure it was straight. He might not be as young as the other fresh faced ensigns on the ship, but it was still important to present oneself appropriately to make a good first impression.

Everything in place, he rang the chime. Hopefully the Lieutenant was in.

Ens Harmon - Sec

The chime shivered through the air, drawing her attention from the PaDD in hand. “It’s open,” she called out, and stood, adjusting her uniform and smoothing it down. She wasn’t expecting anyone at that particular moment, though she’d seen the notification of personnel arriving or returning from leave, including one of the security ensigns.

Lt Beckett, COS

Stepping through the door, Aidan stopped just inside. “Ensign Harmon reporting for duty Ma’am.”

Ens Harmon - Sec

The lieutenant gestured for him to approach casually. “Come on in.” She offered the Ensign her hand for a shake if he wished. Contact greetings weren’t used a lot in Starfleet, with so many species involved. But for humans it was a tradition that went back millennia. And in some ways she supposed she was a bit old fashioned. If he turned it down, no hard feelings. “Can I get you something,” she gestured to the office replicator. Her own drink, now empty, was already in hand, which she inserted and recycled back into energy storage, then quickly replicated another tea.

Lt Beckett, CoS

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Stepping forward, Aidan took Becketts offered hand and shook it, “Thank you Ma’am, but I’m fine.” Taking a half step back, he relaxed slightly, but waited to see what the Lieutenant was going to say next.

Ens Harmon - Sec

She had a firm grip, fast shake. None of that limp fish grip crap. At his declination she gave a small nod, then replicated herself another tea. Sitting back down she gestured toward a couple of chairs standing guard in front of her desk. “Thank you for responding so quickly.” Sure, it was his job to respond in a timely manner, but it could still be appreciated. “Your file’s rather thin, so I wanted to get to know my security personnel a bit more, if you don’t mind.” That much was true, she was making it a point to meet her people, get to know them besides what was just in the files. Part of it was training, part natural curiosity.

Lt Beckett, CoS

“Well I did try to stay out of trouble Lieutenant. Though they probably sent you my abbreviated file,” Aidan said taking the opportunity to sit down in the offered chair. “What is it that you would like to know?”

Ens Harmon - Sec

She nodded in agreement. “It’s very abbreviated,” she said with a nod. “You were Enlisted first. Been in about as long as I have, worked your way up the ranks. What made you enlist?” It was a fairly simple question. Everybody had their reasons, some were common, some could be quite surprising. whatever he had to say, she looked forward to hearing.

Lt Beckett, CoS

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“That would be Command for you, only sending what they think is needed. But I joined up as an opportunity to get away from home. Grew up on an out of the way mining outpost. I saw what the mine did to my family, my parents and my older brother, and I knew I didn’t want that life. The administrator of our outpost was a Starfleet engineer back in a previous life, so he helped me fill out all of the enlistment paperwork, and get all of the necessary testing out of the way. Took a bit before they could arrange transport for me to boot, but in the end it was worth the wait.”

Ens Harmon - Sec

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