Main Sim - Arrival at Eridion

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Posted by Lieutenant Maria Beckett (Chief of Security) in Main Sim - Arrival at Eridion

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The trip was calm, smooth. The USS Memorial emerged from warp close to Eridion. There was no immediate sign of… anything. The planet and its lone moon were both silent, drifting through space quietly. The small structure of the former Starfleet base was in the northern hemisphere, under what looked like a snowstorm hurricane. The distress signal had stopped, but the base was still there…


As they arrived at Eridion, the Lieutenant began to pick up with her scanning, fingers dancing over the tactical systems. First, scanning local space around the moons, and then on the surface, looking for thermal signatures that might indicate any sort of power supply or active technology. And then looking for tachyon or exotic particles, anything that might indicate a cloaked ship or other facility. Just in case this was an ambush.

Lt Beckett, CoS

There was no sign of cloaked ships or facilities, but beneath the surface was a faint thermal and power signature. Though somewhat hard to detect through the weather, it was definitely present.


Maria frowned at the readings. While Tralla had yet to request any information, feeling it was better to be proactive, the lieutenant. “Captain, local space seems clear. I’m not picking up anything in our vicinity unless it’s hiding behind a celestial body. No heat coronas in space, no tachyon emissions. Nothing cloaked that I can pick up. However, there’s something throwing off heat down on the planet.” She tapped a few buttons, bringing up a map of the planet and the marked coordinates of the base, comparing them to the location of the thermal signature on her screen, but not the main viewer yet.

“Sensors are having a bit of trouble getting better resolution with the ongoing storm. The weather looks pretty rough.”

Lt Beckett, CoS

“Can we beam through it into the facility?” she asked looking closely at the map her antenna twisting to show that she was clearly attempting to strategize a plan of action again the itch of wanting to lead the team herself took hold she might just use this as a chance to test whether or not her XO was going to be a stickler about regulations concerning captains going on Away missions “XO” she whispered leaning in his direction “What would you say if I was to want to lead this away mission?” she asked just so the two of them could hear


It would be possible to beam through, though not directly to the subterranean heat signature, they would be able to get to the base, which was near enough.


“It looks like transporters should get us close. At least to the base proper. From there we’d have to continue on foot. If you would like I can send Lieutenant Adama on a reconnaissance flight with a wingman before we beam down,” she offered. It would be a good opportunity break the fighters out of mothballs and let them chew up some atmo. And they could have one on hand for Close Air Support. The Memorial could punch through atmosphere with her weapons easily enough, hit with surgical precision., but sometimes, having a visible presence did a lot to break hostile morale. And boost friendly morale.

Lt Beckett, CoS

she turned “Good idea Beckett make it so let’s get our new fighters their first workout,” she said smiling at her security chief


“Alright. Will see to it. Will launch shortly,” she said.

=^=Beckett to Adama and fighter group, report to squad room immediately.=^= With that, she turned to Tralla. “Captain, with your permission I have a sortie briefing to give and then I’ll be back at post.” Making a smart turn she headed for the lifts and dispapeared from the bridge, for the moment, while another from security took over the tactical station.

Lt Beckett, CoS

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