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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Jack A. Grey (Chief Medical Officer) in Side sim - Tak and Family Medical Check-in

Posted by Ensign Tak (Scientist) in Side sim - Tak and Family Medical Check-in
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Tak disliked dragging the pups about. Kota and Paku were mostly well-behaved children, but often were stubborn when expected to go somewhere or do anything specific. And today they had to go to the Sickbay for their arrival Check-ins. Especially important for them, to make sure their healthy state was known by the local doctors. Tak held onto Paku and Kota by the hands as they stepped into Medical and began asking around for someone who could check them in.

Tak and offspring

A tall human in a white robe approached the family as they entered. He stood almost two feet over the diminutive Pipini. He gave the officer an appraising look, his face an emotionless mask. His expression seemed to change slightly as he looked at the two children, lips thinning for a moment before returning to his original expression “Ensign Tak I presume” He asked, his voice calm and calculating.

Dr. Grey - CMO

“That would be me,” Tak replied, looking up at the man. They didn’t usually feel super short around others but this human was very tall. “And my children, Paku and Kota. I hope you were informed ahead of time of our arrival and our more… unique medical needs?” she asked. “We are here to establish a medical baseline in your system, and also for the typical health status check-in.”

Paku looked up at Dr. Grey and made a funny face when he wasn’t looking.

Tak, Sci

Jack inclined his head and moved to a nearby biobed. He hit a few commands on the console and the bed lowered closer to the floor allowing the minute Officer easier access, he then brought forth a step for the children “I was indeed informed of your needs. I’ve never served with a Galdori, I believe that is the general term?” He interrupted himself turning his head in a questioning manner before immediately continuing “I did read up on your species but I will need to ask you some general medical questions about yourself and the caring of your” He looked directly at Paku as if he had seen the child frown at him “Young”

Dr. Grey - CMO

“That is the term if Earthling is what you prefer to be called. We are Pipini,” Tak explained with a soft smile. Tak was so small as to have issues accessing things - the Pipini existed as the average of Galdori species. At four and a half feet, she was short, but not diminutive.

Jack cocked his head “I have no preference but it is applicable, multi-species planets are rare and I’m not familiar with your culture, I was not certain if your preference was for the broader cultural name or species name nor which was appropriate” He said in a rather formal almost professorial tone.

Tak smiled in response. “All the people of Galdor will respond to the first but the species name is usually the preference.”

Jack inclined his head in understanding.

Of course, they were still grateful for the step that was provided for Paku and Kota. “I will answer any questions that I can, although I don’t have the medical education to answer most of the more detailed ones. Most medications that function for humans will function for us, anything that doesn’t should have been listed in the medical files that were forwarded to your office?”

Paku stuck out his tongue. It was a very cute blep.

Tak and Family

Jack raised an eyebrow at the child “It’s only general questions as to specific treatments for you or your children not in-depth medical advice. Questions a patient or a patient’s parent might be best to answer” He grabbed the medical tricorder from his pocket and removed the wand and began the general medical scan of Tak “Are there any specific requirements needed for your children?”

Dr Grey - CMO

Tak considered the question. “Paku has a condition similar to diabetes, it’s a common childhood affliction if we leave the sea too young. We call it Land Sickness. They will grow out of it,” the young child put a hand on Tak’s shoulder, looking up at his parent.

“Im’re, The’ta,” he spoke.

“Ah, I’m sorry, Paku. I didn’t realize you’d decided.” Tak looked down at their child with tenderness clear in their expression, then turned back to the Doctor. “He will grow out of it, but he requires a small supply of insulin in case of emergency, at least for the next few years. It is quite difficult to manage the diet of a child, so that may be necessary. I am uncertain if your replicators are able to produce insulin, so I may have to visit occasionally to pick up a supply?”

“Kota is nearly old enough for her next round of childhood vaccines, so I expect we will be coming back in a few months for that.”

Kota looked at the doctor with a curious expression on her face, and grinned when he glanced her way. She was missing two or three of her baby teeth.

The scan showed Tak to be a healthy example of their species.

Tak and Family

Jack moved the wand to the older of the children “I prefer to manufacture my own medicine if supplies aren’t available, but if necessary we can replicate extra medical supplies provided they aren’t too complex. He glanced over both children and raised an eyebrow at Kota’s grin before returning his attention to his scanner “Whatever you require we will either have or make”

Dr. Grey - CMO

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