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Adama lay under the the number two Cutlass-class interceptor, head and shoulders buried inside. “Alright try it now,” she called out loud. A second later a few pieces of gear lit up, and a couple of servos clicked, actuating, but then simply hummed in annoyance. “Off!” The equipment died again.

Next to her NC/C Edison grumbled. “well, you were right. The feed mechanism is hanging up.” He shook his head with a sigh.

“Of course I’m right. We depend on this stuff to do our job and to make sure people don’t get killed. How long–“
=^=Beckett to Adama and fighter group, report to squad room immediately.=^=

=^=Affirm=^= She said with a sigh. “I wish…” She trailed off, cleaning her hands up.

NC/C nodded. “Somewhere else, you feel hampered.” Reaching out he fist-bumped her shoulder. “Go on. Don’t keep the boss lady waiting.”

Grumbling, the only real fighter jock aboard shrimped out from under the fighter. “How fast can you fix her>”
“We’ll have her combat worthy by the time you’re ready to break for vacuum.”

“Good,” she said with a nod, then shifted to her feet. Glancing down at herself brought out a grimace. She wasn’t exactly presentable, and she didn’t want to be this dirty going into her flight bag. Grumbling she made for the lockers and quickly stepped into the sonic shower, then back out, tossed on a clean set of gear including flight suit and headed for the squad room. It wasn’t very big, with only a handful of chairs and with enough desk space for each to be able to make notes, or rest a cup of coffee on comfortably. There was a lectern/podium with a large display behind it that practically covered the wall. Overall it was just a meeting space for the squadron and it’s people for briefings a rally point for people to gather.

The junior lieutenant took a seat near the front after turning on the display. For the moment it showed flight status for the various fighters and singleships, along with various navigational data.

Lt j.g. Farren Adama, Pilot

Lt. j.g. Farren, Pilot

A few moments after Farren stepped into the squad room, she was followed in by one of the newest pilots. Ensign Tak had signed on at the most recent stop-over to the station, and the process of adapting one of the vessels for her use had been a headache and a half. Mostly due to their large tail, which made the basic seating structure of the fighter inoperable. They’d done it though.

Tak looked around quietly, considering her options before coming over and rotating the seat adjacent to Farren’s seat so that it was sideways before sitting down. They were a little short, although not shorter than one might imagine a shorter human to naturally be. The real difference was the covering of soft brown fur all over their body, as well as the aforementioned thick tail that was obviously adapted for aquatic locomotion.

Ens. Tak, Sci/Pilot

It was only a minute later that Aidan came jogging into the squad room. Nodding to Tak and Adama, he slid into a seat in the second row. As the display came up, he pulled a PaDD out of his pocket for any notes he wanted to take.

Ens Harmon - Sec/Pilot

From the other end of the room a door swished open admitting a woman of average height with inky black hair pulled into a tight bun and piercing blue eyes and a firm set to her jaw, lieutenant pips on her collar. Ensign Harmon would recognize his Chief of course. Tak, she’d not had a chance to meet with yet. And Adama. Well… Adama.

The lieutenant, junior grade, next to Tak snapped to her feet, standing at attention.

Before she could get that far, the security chief waved her off. “We’re in a hurry no time for formalities.” Reaching over she keyed up the display. A planet popped into view, along with a display of the Memorial. “We’re in parking orbit over the planet Eridion. We’re on an investigation run, so we’re sending a reconnaissance sortie down.” A blinking dot appeared on the surface of the planet, which then was tagged with a label for the abandoned base and the view drew in quickly, then showed the approximate location of a heat source, suggesting some kind of micro-climate or power source. “Atmospheric disturbances are playing hell with the sensor systems. We can transport down to the base proper. But nobody’s been here for seventy years. Or at least nobody is supposed to be here.”

“In short, we’re dispatching two fighters to cut down through the atmosphere. Once you are on-station, you will conduct an aerial reccy over both of these areas, and then orbit on station to provide combat aerospace patrol for the ground team once they are inserted. That likely includes me. If you shoot me, I will haunt you for the rest of your lives. I want guns overhead, not on my head.”

She paused for a moment. “Gypsy, I’m sending you as flight lead for this as you’re our best pilot. Pick your wing for the sortie. I’ll be on the Bridge for the time being. Any questions?”

Lt Beckett, CoS

“Yeah, I got one question,” Farren said, crossing her arms. “How do I get out of this chicken-$#!t outfit,” she joked. In truth the idea of getting to get out into a fighter again was nothing but bliss. Though she would have preferred to be on a legitimate carrier, with y’know… full squadrons. Or on a base.

Glancing over at Tak and Harmon. “I don’t have time for a deathmatch or rock paper scissors.” Reaching out she held up a coin. “Heads, I take Harmon. Tails I take Tak.” Sticking it over her thumb, she sent it spinning in the air, caught it, slapped it down. Tails. One more time, she repeated it. Tails. “Well shoot. Looks like it’s gonna be ‘Tails.’ You’re with me. Better luck next time ‘Heads’.”

With that she turned and took off at a jog for the hangar.

Lt Farren “Gypsy” Adama, Pilot/Flight Lead

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