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The following message was left on all consoles.

‘Party on holodeck one beginning 1700 hours. Catch up with old friends or make new ones. Come one come all. Dress casual.’

Tera stood in the empty holodeck fine tuning the program and finally finishing moments before guests would hopefully arrive.

It was an indoor/outdoor restaraunt with a small stage and band that knew many genres of music. She walked out from behind the bar to survey the spaces. It oculd have been on Earth or have a dozen Class M planets but, over all, Tera was pleased with the effect.

Walking down the long buffet she made a few changes to the menu and decided to call it good before her OCD took over.

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At 1700 hours, Jozan arrived. He was dressed rather odd. Like someone took parts of both Andorian and human culture and combined them into clothing. He wore a modern Andorian shirt and a pair of blue jeans. It made for an interesting sight when one adds his human/vulcan physiology.

He took a look around the room. He smiled when he saw the arrangements. He saw the counselor and approached her.

“Very nice place you have here.” He commented, “Someplace you know well?” he asked pleasantly with a smile.


Tera stepped away from the end of the buffet, smiled, and extended a hand to Jozan. She had dressed casually in a curve hugging white skirt and dark floral crop top.

Jozan shook her hand.

“No, but maybe I will after this. Most of the programs I run on the holodeck are places I’d like to climb if we ever visit them, but this was a favorite of my sisters and she’s good at this kind of thing.”

  • Tera

“You are a climber then?” He asked her, “I did some ice climbing when I lived on Andoria. Got a particular style you like?”


“Not really. Although I like to use as little equipment as possible. Just me and the rocks, or the sand, or the ice. Sometimes I’ll use climbing claws or whatever the terrain requires, but I really prefer not to.” Tera explained.

  • Tera

Jozan nodded in approval. “Free climbing is always enjoyable for me anyway. Something about being in charge of your own destiny.” He smiled and looked around at all the food. “Maybe we should go climbing at some point together, partner up.”


Wendell had got the message. He donned his civilian clothes, a pair of black slacks with matching black shoes. And a dark red long sleeved button shirt. And then he went to the holodeck.


Tera nodded and smiled and began to move down the buffet.

“Well I might have to make it a group event. Sutalo from Security might be interested as well.”

Pausing, she smiled and waved at Wendel. Hopefully the place would fill up soon.

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