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JT entered the transporter room and handed a PADD to the transporter chief containing the coordinates to beam the away team down to. Stepping onto the transporter pad he awaited the remainder of his team to arrive.


The Lieutenant was moments behind and went to strapping on a type II phaser to her duty belt, in addition to checking for the knife she usually carried and her backup pocket phaser she’d concealed on her.

Exactly 5 minutes after the comm had come in, Aidan stepped into the transporter room. After leaving the squad room he had headed straight for the armory, figuring it was only a matter of time before they got the call to head down to the surface. Already decked out in his own gear, Aidan carried a second set of cold weather gear in his arms, with the Lieutenant’s riffle slung on his off shoulder. He quickly handed the heavy outerwear over, before pulling the WTR out of his pocket for her, finishing off the gear with the rifle and a power cell.

Once Ensign Harmon arrived, she went to putting on the heavy outerwear, wearable tricorder, shifting it into a tactical configuration she liked, and then checked over the phaser rifle he’d brought. Once she was satisfied, and had linked the WTR to the rifle’s targeting assist, she stepped up on the pad. “At least we know the layout,” she murmured to the Ensign as they got ready to go.

Lt Becket, COS

“Thank goodness for practice Lieutenant,” he replied as he stepped up onto the pad himself. Moving to the opposite side of the pad to give better cover of the team as they transported down, Aidan started one last quick check of his own gear while they waited.

Ens Harmon - Sec

Jack arrived next, he wore the medical cold weather uniform and across his shoulder hung a medical kit. He stopped a few steps from the transporter pad and looked over the Away team, calculating eyes scanning them in order of rank. He finally nodded as if confirming something to himself then stepped up and took his place to the rear. He did one final check of his equipment as they waited.

Dr. Grey - CMO

The transporter chief tapped at his console. He seemed on edge. “That storm is creating a lot of interference. I’ll keep a lock on you as much as I can, but I’ll make sure the pilots have your position as well. Just in case.”


Entering the turbolift herself, she stopped at her quarters quickly for her own cold weather gear. She also requested a cold weather hooded jacket from the replicator in the XO’s size before hightailing it to the transporter room with her away bag hanging from her shoulder.

She arrived on the heels of the Doc and smiles seeing JT. Shaking her head, she bit her lip to keep from laughing as she handed him the cold weather jacket. The gloves and face covering tucked into the pocket. “Thought you may have forgotten,” she whispered and took the remaining place on the pad as she slipped her phaser out of her bag and attached it to her hip.

CE/AI Spec

BJ followed in right after her. He was used to a variety of the weather on the planet. It would be cold. But, it would be bearable. BJ was decked out in the standard winter gear. He brought his standard science kit bag. “We ready to go.”


When they were all assembled on the pad, they got a reassuring smile from the transporter chief. “Godspeed folks.” They were whisked away in a blue shimmer, and the next thing they saw was snow. As they became solid and felt their environment, they became distinctly aware that the cold itself might be fine, but the whipping winds would be the worst part. In the distance, they could see squat structures on a concrete plaza. There was so far no sign of life or anything of the like.


Maria immediately took a knee and activated her wearable tricorder, creating a composite overlay over her vision, a mixture of thermal optic and motion detection. Her rifle swung about and fit into the shoulder pocket snugly. Seeing no signs of immediate hostility she stayed put. Nothing she saw stood out. Nothign cae to her ears over hte howling wind. The only thing she could smell was snow and ice. So far so good on S.L.L.S.

Shifting back to standing she pulled up her hood, thankful for the fuzzy lining. “Shall we knock,” she asked the XO, almost having to shout in the blistering whiteout conditions.

Lt Becket, CoS

As the team materialized on the surface, Aidan quickly swept over his side of the party. He couldn’t see anything, and the heads up display for his own wearable tricorder was not showing any life signs in their vicinity.

“All clear Lieutenant,” he said relaxing slightly. Until they decided on what they were going to do, it was best to just keep his head on a swivel, and hope nothing came jumping out at them.

Ens Harmon - Sec

As the wind slammed into Dani, she bit her lip to keep from crying out in surprise. Such things were a good way to become a target. “What the!!” she managed to grit between her teeth as she tightened the string on her hood to keep it from blowing off her head. Taking her own scan of the area, she tried to see how far forward she could read and took a step in front of the XO not thinking. This put her about two paces in front of the group towards the building. Squinting to see her findings she growled as she wiped more snow from the reader.

CE/AI Spec
(definitely not security minded)

When Jack materialized he hissed slightly at the sudden change in temperature. He closed his eyes for a moment to adjust himself. The biting cold was a familiar feeling. He immediately grabbed his tricorder and started a general life sign search but said nothing.

Dr. Grey- CMO

Everything said this particular leg of the mission should be safe. Should be clear. There shouldn’t be any contacts. It was supposed to be an investigation and possible rescue mission. It felt like walking into an ambush, at least to her mind. Bait. A great trap. They’d taken precautions though. They were doing everything as right as they could, under the circumstances.

Overhead a pair of Cutlass-class fighters cut across the sky, not too far above the snowy, glacial ground. Air support was reassuring, at least. “Harmon, take point and left. I got front and right,” she said standing up. Ensign Brekag would have been nice to have on hand, but it was good to have him on the ship in case something came from the far side of this miserable frozen rock. “Let’s move like we have a purpose,” she told him, though as she cast her gaze about it was a suggestion for the rest as well. Commander Janzen and Lieutenant Commander Robinson were the only ones on site to out rank her, which made the chain of command a little wonky with the CMO outranking the XO. But the XO was technically in charge unless some medical emergency precluded that. But for the moment neither had offered a course of action, so… anticipating the needs of the mission she began to move the rest out.

Trudging through the white hell, the compound thankfully wasn’t too far away. So far, so good. So far they’d eaten up half the distance. It was already getting hard to feel her face. Christ, now I remember when I prefer being on a ship. Environmental controls kept things at a comfortable level. This was NOT comfortable by any means, even with the cold weather gear. The wind raked icy knives against her the whole way.

Lt Beckett, COS

As they got closer and the plaza came into focus, it seemed to be still and quiet. There was one light on in the far building.


With the two security officers up front the group closed in. Seeing a light on ahead, Maria murmured, “We’ll leave a light on for ya.” It was under her breath but the air still fogged in the arctic air. Going through the middle of the plaza was the quickest, in terms of actual time of travel. But the plaza mad a great killbox. That was No Man’s Land. Best to skirt the edges, or even go around the outside. Compromise was best. Hugging the corner of one building, she set her WTR to multi-spectrum analysis. Looking for heat, movement, electromagnetic activity, other lifesigns. Anything it could spot through the wall of the structures.

=^=Away Team to Memorial. We’ve reached the compound. No signs of opposition. One of the buildings is lit up in the interior. There’s a light of some kind on in there. More details to follow when we have them. Moving in now. Can you cycle us any override codes for the base, so we don’t have to blast or cut our way in?=^=

“Harm, take right side. I’ll take left,” she murmured. “I’ll cover while you get into position. … Go.” She was sending him to punch out across the plaza, where he could take cover and move along the far building. She’d stay on the close one, allowing them to set up crossfires and cover angles the other one couldn’t . More than that, she was actually taking the more exposed side.

“Let us get ahead twenty meters then follow. Stay close to cover,” she advised the others. Once Ensign Harmon was in place, she gave him a nod and began advancing, keeping an eye on windows, doors, and the roofs, moving careful but quick.

Lt Beckett, CoS

((The XO is out with the Coof and stuff. Kirt asked me to take over the ground operations for the time being. So! Let’s get this shindig moving, shall we?))

Danora listened as requests for overriding doors an systems was sent out. She was close enough to the front of the group to keep a scan going ahead of them. But she was back far enough to duck if something happened.

“Maybe we should try one of the outlying buildings first. If we can access a computer terminal, it could give us a better idea of what we’ll find in the only lit up building in the compound.” She didn’t like the idea of lighting herself up in an unknown situation. Staying in the shadows and learning what they could was, in her mind, a far safer alternative. But then again, she wasn’t the security escort. Maybe she was just scared.

CE/AI Spec
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