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Posted Dec. 3, 2021, 2:17 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Danora Allance (Chief Engineer/Artificial Intelligence Expert) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Danora Allance (Chief Engineer/Artificial Intelligence Expert) in Pre sim - Welcome home surprise (tag XO)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Danora Allance (Chief Engineer/Artificial Intelligence Expert) in Pre sim - Welcome home surprise (tag XO)

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Danora had been planning this a little while. After the award ceremony the night before, she knew she had to do something for JT. True, he hadn’t been the one to promote her. But he was the new XO and she knew what that cost him. She also knew that wherever he had been for the last several months had also cost him. But she couldn’t help with that until he was ready, or able, to speak about it.

She finished the programming and stepped into the holodeck. The scene was perfect.

Turning back to the console, she tapped out a quick message to the man as she smiled. She’d already learned through casual conversation earlier that afternoon that he wasn’t gonna be busy after his shift tonight. The message went to his console in his quarters.


Change into something comfortable and meet me in holodeck one


Straightening her own shirt, a simple blue silken sleeveless top hanging out loose over a pair of soft doe brown form fitting slacks, she checked her reflection and exhaled. They hadn’t spent any time alone since his return. And she wasn’t sure how he’d accept this with their new positions. So things could go a few different ways, this evening. Her stomach was in knots with the possibilities as she paced the room and waited.

Lt Danora Allance
CE/AI Spec

JT was sitting at his console going over the umpteenth pile of reports for the day Wish I had known there would be this much paper work.. Might have declined the position he thought to himself when his console beeped. Reading the message he raised an eyebrow Intriguing he thought before typing out a message of his own:

On my way…10 minutes

10 minutes later JT approached the engineer. he had taken a quick sonic shower and found a pair of black slacks and a button down shirt

approaching her from behind he announced himself “What devious plan have you come up with for us now?” he asked with a smile


She had kept her back to the holodeck door as it whooshed open then closed. She had expected him to say hi long before he right at her back. His sudden nearness startled her. A slight jump, and a quick turn followed by a smile were his return greeting. “Well… I know you’re just back and probably not even settled in.” She raised her hands in defense of her next words. “And I know whatever ordeal you went through was pretty taxing. But I gathered, from the state of the poor ship you returned in, that defense and escape were your primary goals. Along with survival, of course. Soooo…” She grinned and stepped around him to let up the program.

Suddenly they were standing in space. A newly charted nebula not but a few light years from their current position. She had planned it so they were standing on a smallish meteor in the middle of space. “So I thought maybe you’d like to take control of your situation for a bit.” As he glanced around, all but the view straight ahead would become an immense hangar bay with various fighters in it. All of them, curiously, ones he was cleared to pilot. The forward view remained that of open space as he now looked out the bay doors where force fields separated them from the vast vacuum of space.

Biting her lip, Danora watched for his reaction. She knew he loved flying and probably wouldn’t get a chance very often. And this seems a far better plan than mere simulator time.

After a second, she prompted, “Well.. What do you think?” Realizing it could be difficult for him to take the pilot seat again after barely making it back to the ship in one piece, she added, “If you aren’t ready, I can change it to just a space scene from a terra dome.” The last sentence thrown out of her mouth so quickly in case an apology needed to be added for misreading him.


JTs eyes opened wide. Most of these ships he had only flown for the certification and never gotten to put them through their paces. One caught his eye though. He hadn’t technically qualified on it yet so far as actual flight time. he knew the specs and certified on paper, but not in practice even though his record isn’t clear on that.

“This is fantastic!” he said grabbing her hand and guiding her towards the ship. The ship itself was an unusual design. Nicknamed the “jellyfish” due to its design and similarity to the Earth creature, the Vulcan name for the design was virtually unpronounceable even to his Vulcan tongue. This was supposedly the most agile ship ever designed but since only one was ever built and tragically lost on its first mission where a famed Vulcan was also lost, no one had been able to put it through his paces, and JT hadn’t brought himself to finally flying it.

“Always wanted to actually fly this one” he said with a smile on his face.


Dani laughed as he practically dragged her towards the one obscure craft she had found in her searching. “It’s still a sim, JT. Remember that. But I saw you had flown her in a few sim programs in the academy. So I couldn’t resist.”

She slid in behind the pilot seat and watched him get settled in. “I know you won’t get to fly much, so I wanted you to remember that there are still ways to enjoy it.” Glancing up towards the ceiling, she smiled and spoke a bit louder. “Ok, AIMa (1). We’re running simulation Dani-Vulcan-Explore.”

“Ok, hun,” she patted his shoulder once he was settled. “She’s all yours. Getting clearance to launch will start the program.” She laughed and bit her lip, again, hoping this had been a good idea.

(1) pronounced “A-may” it’s Dani’s nickname for theManny AI. Currently she’s the only one that uses that name, and only in personal conversations with the ship identity.

((tag to put back on board))

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