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Jack had stayed behind the group in standard formation, keeping to the rear in case there was an emergency. He entered the room with the others and scanned the room both visually and with his medical tricorder.

Dr. Grey - CMO

With the rest of the away team piling into the room she clicked on her weapon’s white light, widening the beam. The extra lumens would help, then chewed her lower lip for a second. “Lights? Illumination?” It seemed some of the systems were still working, so lights should still be working. If they could get those up it would help.

Nudging her WTR-600, she set it to switch scan modes, giving her an identification overlay, showing what it could determine was in each of the crates in her line of sight, pointing to each one with a small line if it was too tiny, with a word or list overlay. Or if the object was larger, it highlighted the outline and listed it’s contents.

It even showed the various panel and consoles and their purposes as well, highlighting the light on the one that was active.

Lt Beckett, COS

((Sam, please provide ident where possible according to what is bolded. <3 ))

The crates were a mix of everything. Ration packs, power cells, the basics needed to run a base. The consoles served in general suggested that this was a communications and sensors building. Though most of the consoles were in low power mode. The primary communications console was active and performing one function. Blocking an outgoing communication.


((Awesome, thank you. ^_^))

Frowning when the lights didn’t come on to voice command, Maria fumbled around for where there should have been emergency hand lights, and popped one out. Immediately she clicked it on, spilling more pure white light into the area. Twisting a portion of it, the light went from a cone beam to spilling light in all directions like a lantern, giving them more light to see and work by.

“Seems there’s a fusion reactor still operational or this is off of batteries,” she remarked. “I’ll see if I can get the ODN relays to do anything more than burp at us,” she said. While their chief engineer was on hand, Maria had grown up on a family owned and operated freighter. She was used to pitching in and fixing stuff, and crawling around in the innards and maintenance access points of just about anything. If she hadn’t gone into security and later intelligence work, she would have been a bang-on engineer, and she kept up on her certifications as well. Especially if she might need them as a cover, or to keep her sharp on how best to sabotage an enemy’s equipment.

The technology here was not so far back as to be duotronic, but certainly wasn’t up to present standards. The family freighter had been older, so this was somewhere in the middle and, like most Starfleet designs, easy to work on.


((Anybody is welcome to get lights/power back up or at least semi-operational before the LT does. I believe Harmon has a background in operations/engineering as well, doesn’t he?))

Lt Beckett, CoS

Dani frowned as she wiped her arm across the top of the console to clear the dust. “Sir,” she called over her shoulder to the XO. “This console seems to be jamming an outgoing transmission. I’m gonna see if I can play it. May help make sense of what happened here.”

Setting her light down to shine across the surface of the console, she started glancing around and pulling up various systems to see if they would work…


If she could, she was gonna see what the computer would play of the outgoing message. If she couldn’t manage it, then she would see about the AI on the Memorial tapping in to help.

CE/AI Spec

Watching the CE start tinkering with the communications console, Aidan figured it was up to the rest of them to get the lights back on instead, as that was apparently not a priority for the Lieutenant. Seeing Beckett digging into an open ODN access point, Aidan moved over towards her. As he did, he safetied his riffle and slung it across his back.

“I think there is an easier way Lieutenant. There is obviously an issue with the control net as the emergency lighting should at least still be running in here. I suggest we bypass the ODN network completely, and tie the lights directly into the power grid. We won’t have much control over them, but it should get us lights without having to figure out what is corrupting the controls.

“I should be able to bypass the controls over by the main entrance, if you wanted to help Lieutenant. Or we could always divide and conquer to see who might be able to get the lights on the fastest.”

Ens Harmon - Sec

The CE’s inspection would yield little new information. Flipping one switch did light up a different panel, faded with age. On the screen were the words “SOS. The king is lost. SOS.”

Ensign Harmon, poking around the main entrance would find a loose panel, behind which hid wires. Some of them looked purposely disconnected.


Jack stepped into the room and examined it, he turned sharply at the nearby light source and cocked his head, walking towards the CE “The king is lost” He read “Interesting SOS”

Dr. Grey - CMO

The words, scrolled across the screen, made Dani frown. “XO, Sir… we have an SOS that was typed in at the end, or near enough, to the last entries. It stated “The King is Lost” then repeats the SOS.” She glanced towards JT and frowned. “Should we see if the AI has any knowledge of the King referenced here?” She wasn’t sure the ship records would help, but they weren’t sure here.

Glancing back down at the console while awaiting his response, she tried to get more of the logs to come up. She did glance sideways a moment to the others working on the lights. It dawned on her, then, she probably should have checked that first.

AI Spec

That was not something that would be referenced. “Who’s the King referring to. That’s not traditional federation lingo.”


Dani shook her head, still thinking. “Not a lingo thing. I’m guessing a nickname or a Code Name. I have sent the files to the Memorial and I am hoping AIMe (1) will be able to figure out the context. But that fact that something ‘fell’ and the base is now abandoned does not bode well.” She hoped in the files that AIMe, and now she, herself, were going through, one of them would figure out where THE KING would have been mentioned.

CE/AI Spec
(((1) AIMe is Dani’s name for the AI on the Memorial… AI Me… lol))

Maria stood glancing back at the others. “You might be right. Typically the phrase would be ‘The King is dead.’ answered with ‘Long Live the King.’ at least hitorically and in much of Earth literary works.” She shrugged. “Could be a reference to chess. Or even ‘The Once and Future King.’” She turned her attention back to Harmon. “”Trace the line before you fiddle with it. Last thing we need is to blow out the lights or have electro-plasma coursing through your body and frying you like a bug or lighting up liek a match.”

As she spoke she’d put her back to the wall where she could watch both entry points and also have instant access to cover by dropping down once more. It was about as an good a spot as any. somebody had to maintain security.

Lt Beckett, COS

“Already working on it Lieutenant. Though someone else has been messing in here. If I had to make a guess, a couple of these wires were purposefully disconnected, not just left over from the building of this structure.”

Pulling his hands back from gently moving the wires around to see in the wall better, he switched the view on the head display for his WTR so he could hopefully see through the wall to trace the wiring up to the lights.

Jack raised an eyebrow at the Security Chief “Using cultural standards to identify a subject based on a single piece of evidence is a stretch” He didn’t sound admonishing, more of a warning tone not to jump to conclusions “Can we accesss the terminal and see any metadata of who left the message, where and when?” He asked the Engineering chief.

Dr. Grey - CMO

The metadata of the message didn’t have a who, but it had a where and a when. At that terminal, 33 days earlier. The AI would return no reference to a King on this planet or that particular phrase in history or literature.


A voice came over the Comms “Lieutenant Allance I have told you before The name i have chosen for myself is Maizie” the AI called once again reminding the chief engineer that Maizie did have a choice


Maria stifled a grin behind one hand, then nodded to Doctor Grey. “Fair enough, doctor,” she said while focusing on the chief engineer for a moment. Mazie sure told her. Back to the wall, she began to bounce lightly on the balls of her feet, much like she did sparring or training tae kwon do and jeet kun do. it was a manifestation of nervous energy and a need to move. They were siting ducks there in an unknown situation. They didn’t have enough people on hand to really lock the place down. There was no way to harden up their defenses for the area either. Her fingers ached to dig into the computer systems. What was taking so damn long?

=^=Lieutenant Becket to Recon. Anything going on out there?=^=

Lt Beckett, COS

Jack’s eyes narrowed at Beckett’s gesture but he simply inclined his head.

Moments later a female voice came back, crackling with a thin layer of static, but easily understood. =All quiet so far, bosslady.=^= After a few moments the pilot added a quiet, =^=If I see something, I’ll say something, Chief.=^= The tone was reassuring, but even then Maria could tell the Bajoran pilot was feeling much the same. Moments later the building shuddered a little as a pair of fighters flew Nape Of the Earth overhead, practically hugging the deck for the benefit of anything out there that had unfriendly ideas.

Lt j.g. Farren, Adama - Recon Lead

Dani smiled as the computer came back at her with the chiding. =^=As you wish, Maizie.=^= She went back to tapping on the console to see if she could come up with any additional entries prior to that one that might help. Yes, the AI had gone over what she sent… But maybe…

“I’m guessing if Maizie didn’t find anything in the computers, we won’t either. Best we can hope for are personal PaDDs that may be locked from computer link up. But whatever it is, the log is from about 33 days ago.” Which didn’t make sense if this place was supposed to be abandoned a lot longer than that.

CE/AI Spec

“You only sent some data back to Maizie. What are the protocols for connecting Maizie to an external system Ma’am?” Aidan said looking up at the ceiling tracing one wire. “Might help speed up the process of figuring out why the generators are not getting more power to the structure.”

Ens Harmon - Sec

Jack turned to the Security officer and nodded appreciatively, using the tools at hand, especially an AI.

Dr. Grey - CMO

From visual inspection, tracing the wires along their paths, it seemed like where the wires had been cut, if the connection was reestablished, it would go a long way toward putting the building in working order. Two cut wires lead to the power supply, another lead to a transmitter placed outside.

By bridging the gap with a tricorder, Maizie could connect directly with the computer planetside.

BJ wasn’t fully convinced that connecting the AI was a good idea. He had a little experience with connecting computers. And the potential outcome. “You sure that’s a good idea. Might be good to create a temporary firewall.”


A voice crackled over Lieutenant Becket’s comlink. =^=Gypsy to Beckett, possible contact… this grid. Marking for your HUDs now.=^= A waypoint/marker in the overlay appeared with an audible ping in her ear, giving them a point of reference in the three dimensional battlespace.

Lt j.g. Farren - Recon Lead

Great. She swung her gaze around until she saw the direction. And through the HUD she could also spot the hovering Cutlass as a diamond with information attached to it. “Possible contact,” she called out to the rest of the team, pushing off the wall. Turning toward them she frowned. They were low on personnel as it was. The team was more important than a wild goose chase.

The tricorders weren’t picking up any life signs. =^=Message received. Stay on overwatch, keep an eye out. For now it may just be the storm messing with your eyeballs.=^= She hoped that was the case anyway.

Lt Beckett, COS

=^=Ay-firm. Mark I eyeball may be faulty, aye.=^= The reply was a little dry, and perhaps the Bajoran wasn’t exactly happy with being told her vision was messed up, but in this weather who could say.

Lt j.g. Farren, Recon Lead

Through the windows of the hut they were in, Beckett could see lights moving. Still no life signs were indicated on any tricorder.


It was at that moment that a comm call came through to the team =^=”Bridge to away team be advised we are moving out of orbit to run some drills on a Meteor cloud just beyond Eridion’s moon we will be 10 minutes out on Support”=^= The captain’s voice came through clear and strong


Dani had nodded at the announcement of possible contact. But the added terrible of the ship moving away to the debris cloud had her a bit vexed. She quickly typed out on here PaDD to Maize to see if she could connect now and still have access as they moved away. “Come on, girl… Tell me you can do both jobs.” She murmured encouragement under her breath. If she could maintain a steady connection to the ship, then they could utilize her at the same time the ship was dealing with the cloud.

Out loud, she responded to BJ. Maize had her own firewalls when connecting to foreign tech. She has a system separate from the ship so nothing can jump into it read off the ship’s systems of its carrying a virus. Biggest problem will be seeing if we can maintain use of her as the ship pulls from orbit.” The last bit was said with a bit of a prayer as she waited to see if the connection would hold.

CE/AI Spec

As long as the ship remained within communications range, Maizie could connect between the planet and ship.

As if by rote Jack began another life sign scan to supplement the previous scans and check out the pilots’ report. He did so absently as he observed the Engineering Chief curiously, as one would a strange animal.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Dr Grey did not observe any nearby life signs, consistent with the other readings.


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