Pre-Sim: Sickbay - Massana Boarding Physical

Posted March 24, 2022, 3:31 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Jack A. Grey (Chief Medical Officer) (Hjortur Ingi)

Posted by Commander Dantius Massana (XO) in Pre-Sim: Sickbay - Massana Boarding Physical

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Jack A. Grey (Chief Medical Officer) in Pre-Sim: Sickbay - Massana Boarding Physical

Posted by Commander Dantius Massana (XO) in Pre-Sim: Sickbay - Massana Boarding Physical
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Having just come aboard, Dantius was ready to be cleared for duty. He had served Starfleet for nearly two decades at this point, but this was his first posting as an XO. He was an imposing man with dark skin and close-cut hair. He wore his beard full, with two beaded strands protruding below his mouth. Although he was Haitian, and therefore the beading was not technically part of the cultural exception for uniforms, nobody had questioned the choice once he started wearing it as a Chief of Security on the USS Runaway. He had learned the technique from a fellow crew member, and prided himself on the fact that he had learned the skill. It did mean more frequent visits to the ship’s barber in order to keep his beard maintained, but nobody could mistake Commander Massana for another man of his stature and coloration.

As he entered Sickbay, Dantius looked around. He decided to simply announce himself.

“Commander Dantius Massana, reporting for my boarding physical.”

  • Commander Massana, XO

Several of the attending officers looked around at the bearded first officer but no one moved. A moment later a tall man in a long white coat approached Massana, he was only a few centimeters shorter than Dantius but had a less formidable build, athletic but lither. He stopped a meter in front of the first officer and examined him carefully before nodding to himself “I am doctor Grey, please take a seat” He spoke formally and rather stiffly, he indicated a nearby biobed.

Dr. Grey - CMO

“Very well, doctor,” Commander Massana said, placing himself atop the biobed indicated.

Every physician in Starfleet had a different approach to these procedures, as far as he could tell. Some had a preferred location for patients to stand, others had a chair specifically set aside, and, as seemed to be the more common custom as of late, many preferred to use a biobed as an evaluation platform.

“I believe that your are the Chief Medical Officer aboard, according to the crew roster,” Dantius said, attempting to make slightly more personal conversation. “I anticipate that we shall be working together relatively often.”

  • Commander Massana, XO

Jack only seemed to be half-listening as he grabbed the medical tricorder from his waist and opened it, then removed the scan-wand from its holster. He tapped the device a few times starting the scan cycle then finally looked up at the Commander, a polite smile on his face that did not reach his eyes “I am and I suppose we will, sir” He began to wave the wand slowly around Dantius’ body “Anything worthy of mentioning that wouldn’t already be in your medical files?” He asked.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Massana thought for a second before saying, “I believe that my records are thorough, or at least they were when I left the USS Lancer to come here.”

  • Commander Massana, XO

Jack looked down at his scanner data nodding slowly “I understand, and would there be anything you’d like to discuss with your doctor?” He asked in a neutral tone.

Dr. Grey - CMO

“As you may have seen, I require annual injections to maintain my visual clarity,” the Commander replied. “Are you or a member of your crew qualified in optometry checks, or will I need to see a specialist off-ship or schedule one to come here prior to my next scheduled medication?”

  • Commander Massana, XO

Jack closed the scanner then moved close to the first officer’s face, probably too close “I’m not right now but it’ll only take a few weeks to get my qualifications, when is your next injection supposed to take place?” He asked as he stared deep into Massana’s eyes with a look of concentration.

Dr. Grey - cMO

Dantius suppressed a smirk. This happened whenever he spoke with a physician regarding his vision. They always acted like they could determine the cause of his condition if they just looked hard enough. However, that was the nature of doctors - they wanted to know if they could know the problem just by looking at it.

“Doctor, it is a neurological condition, not a physically visible deformity,” Commander Massana stated. “As to your question, I am due in three months. This transfer was not exactly inconvenient, but I imagine that it would be beneficial to the rest of the crew as well as me if you do gain those qualifications.”

  • Commander Massana, XO

After a moment of staring, despite the Commanders words, Jack leaned back and nodded as if confirming something to himself or making a decision. “Then I will make sure to get those qualifications” He seemed extremely sure of himself in that regard “I see nothing worth noting in your current scans, unless you have any questions or further additions you are free to leave Commander” He said placing his hands behind his back.

Dr. Grey - CMO

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