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Posted by Captain Tralla Sh’Zoarhi (Captain) in Side sim - CO’s Office - KT-QT reports aboard

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade KT-QT (Doctor) in Side sim - CO’s Office - KT-QT reports aboard

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade KT-QT (Doctor) in Side sim - CO’s Office - KT-QT reports aboard
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It was funny the places one found themselves when fate played her game. One moment you where serving on a ship heading to your home world, surrounded by fellow synthetics the next you were walking the halls of a federation star ship surrounded by organics. She was used t it now having served on the Viking. Officers went about there business, the engines hummed and all was bathed in the electric light of the ships lights.

To say KT-QT was surprised by the situation she found herself in would be an understatement she didn’t expect to receive a commission or get promoted to Lieutenant Junior grad. Part of her wondered if her promotion was more a political one than others. But despite that she was excited at the idea of all the new things she would be able to learn and what the future may hold. And one of the first steps into that future lay before her. Pressing the chime to the captains office. she waited to be let in as she double checked her uniform.

Lieut j.g KT-QT (Doctor)

“Come!” came the voice from inside

the door wooshed open and KT would see an Andorian woman standing at her desk looking at the computer screen she was talking to another person over subspace apparently and by the sound of the voice this someone was very young “We have been learning a lot in School mommy…Me and Mia are having a lot of fun!” the voice said

“Thats good darling Listen I’m sorry but I have to go I promise I will call again really soon you be a good girl and i will call you on your birthday” she said

the rest of the office was decorated with some paintings and model ships anchient weapons and other nick nacks were on one wall behind the desk one of these weapons was a curved serated blade finally there was also a piece of what looked like leg armor that if KT knew about them could identify as being borg armor

“Ok Taltal I love you mommy!” the voice said then the call ended and the Andorian woman turned and offered her right hand for a hand shake her eyes were prostetic cyber eyes and were the most briliant shade of green her right hand however was covered in the telltale signs of borg implants including the assimilation tubes This captain had a run in with the borg and it had not ended well

“I am Captain Zoarhi welcome to the USS Memorial” she said to the new officer


KT looked around the room processing all the little details. She was surprised to see anything borg. Her people had never encountered them but form what she had learnt form other, they where nothing to trifle with. She crossed the room swiftly and took the offered hand. KTs hand was warm and soft, it felt like real skin and even had the subtle variation in the skin that all organic life had. In fact looking at KT it was impossible to tell she was synthetic at all.

“Lieutenant Junior grade KT-QT of the Alliance, formally a crew member of the USS Viking” she said respectfully. While seeing the cybernetics that The captain had surprised KT. there was no look of fear or of judging. Her face was clam and soft. After a few seconds KT handed Tralla a box. “My people believe in giving a gift when meeting a new person.” she said warmly. Inside the box was a beautiful blue crystal it hummed ever so slightly and caught the light, sending a dazzling array f light through the inside of the crystal.

Lieut j.g. Kt-QT (Medical)

<BUMP> for CO

Tralla shook the hand and then offered KT a seat but was taken aback when the gift was offered she opened it of course and found the crystal interesting “Well this is a lovely gift!” she said taking it over to a Pedestal by her replicator and placing it in a place of honor “Would you like something to drink?” she asked kindly


KT shook her head “No Thank you. I do not require the consumption of liquid or food.” She said politely “It is one of things organics experience that my people wish we could. But it is simply impossible.” she added it was clear by her tone that she was genuine in her comments.

Lieut j.g KT-QT (Docto)

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