Posted Nov. 30, 2018, 2:21 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Tera Casey (Counselor) (Catt Bennett)

Posted by Commander Jade Jones (FIrst Officer) in Bridge

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Tera Casey (Counselor) in Bridge
Tera had stepped onto the bridge just in time to see the Captain retreating into the ready room so she took her accustomed spot and waited.

  • Tera, CNS

Jade turned to the counsel and smiled “It’s a good thing you turned up when you did. it looks like the fun s about to start” Jade said warmly. She was interested to see what was happening a priority one message was a serious business. She tapped her com badge=^= XO to engineering begin to warm up the warp core. I won;t to be ready to jump as soon as we get our orders.=^= she ordered.

Cmdr Jones (XO)

Tera gave a little smile and a thumbs up. She could use some excitement, shore leave had been a complete bust. Every place she had wanted to climb had been too far away or rained out. Her brother Eddy, and his wives, hadn’t made it in the see her and the date with LtCdr Smith never happened.

  • Tera, CNS

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