Side Sim-An Invite for a new Junior officer

Posted Jan. 28, 2023, 11:05 p.m. by Captain Tralla Sh'Zoarhi (Captain) (Kirt Gartner)

Posted by Ensign Aasrel Izei (Scientist) in Side Sim-An Invite for a new Junior officer

Posted by Captain Tralla Sh’Zoarhi (Captain) in Side Sim-An Invite for a new Junior officer

Posted by Ensign Aasrel Izei (Scientist) in Side Sim-An Invite for a new Junior officer
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It was sometime after his standard reporting in check-ups and such Ensign Aasrel was in his quarters when the comms chirped however a computerized voice rang out from them “Ensign Izei This is Maizie the Ships Entity AI You have been invited to join the captain for a Spot of Lunch in the Captains Private observation area on Deck 1” the voice said projecting from the holoprojectors in the ceiling came a small orb that featured an audio waveform that represented the AI units mouth hovering above the center of the room


It was the day after his initial arrival. He’d rushed through his initial check-ins. A bunch of talking he didn’t want to do, really. He was back in his quarters at the time. His bed was made and ready, the small work area in his quarters neat and organized. Otherwise, the room was barren. Not a single personal affect in sight.

The walls were blank. Empty space remained empty. His uniforms and the two casual outfits he currently owned hung neatly in the closet. The bag he’d used to transport them, a plain black backpack that looked like it could be some sort of standard issue, sat on the shelf above the hanging clothes.

Aasrel had not expected an invite from the Captain, certainly not on his first full day aboard the ship. Curious, and just a tad nervous, he stood, changed into a uniform, and freshened up. There was not much time before lunch, so he headed out of his quarters.

He was not familiar with this ship’s layout. It was vastly different from the Intrepid. It was quite different than the Lexington as well, though that surprised Aasrel. They were both battleships, after all. They weren’t the same type of battleship, though, as far as Aasrel was aware. Still, it wasn’t an overly confusing ship, and it was not hard to find his way to the right place.

Unsure of the expected etiquette, he stopped outside the doors to the Captain’s private observation deck and rang the chime.

~ Ensign Izei, Science

a Voice called out “Come” and the door slid open sitting at the table was an Andorian woman her hair was shoulder length and styled in something a Punk rock fan might have her eyes were such a vibrate and bright green it was obvious they were also Cybernetic replacements her right hand showed the same signs of having encountered the borg her Antenna showed multiple scars this captain has seen a lot “Hello there Ensign I am Captain Tralla Zoarhi I Thought this might be a good way to talk to you Please help yourself to the Replicator” she said giving him a soft smile and motioning to the replicator there was a Human Dish set before her with baked Chicken Baked corn Cornbread and Homefries


Aasrel stepped into the deck, glancing at the Captain. She was… not exactly what he expected. Not in a bad way, just different. It did not take long for him to notice the scars, his were similar. Along his head, across his body, near his eye, which was a more natural looking replacement. Along his right arm was one of his own remaining implants, extending down his hand.

He detested reminders of his implants, of what he looked like. It was clear to him the Captain had once suffered a similar fate. There was no worse hell, in Aasrel’s opinion. Looking at her was a painful reminder he did not want. It was too recent for him, and he’d come here in order to escape it. His right fist clenched.

This is your Captain. Show some respect. Composing himself, Aasrel looked back up at her, focusing on her face but not her eyes. He offered a respectful smile. “Thank you, Captain. May I ask what the purpose of this invitation might be?” It was unusual for a junior officer like himself to take lunch with the Captain. He was on his best behavior.

Aasrel ordered a traditional Betazoid dish, something iconic and professional, but something comforting to him. He ordered a drink to go with it, some type of Betazoid juice. He took a seat at the table, focusing mostly on his food.

~ Ensign Izei, Science

Tralla Sighed getting up from her seat she turned to the window and looked out into space “Ensign I know that you probably don’t want to think about the horrors you have gone through but as you can see I also had a rough encounter with the Greatest foe the Federation has ever faced While I read your Service history I wanted to hear about in your own words I also wanted you to know that if you do want to talk about it with me I am here and willing to talk over anything with you I feel those of us who have faced and called even briefly to the collective should stick together and support each other” she added lifting her hand flexing it and looking at what remained of her assimilation


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