And another 'home'... (medical checkin)

Posted Feb. 1, 2023, 1:41 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade KT-QT (Chief Medical Officer) (Nathan Derricutt)

Posted by Lieutenant Kadence Argona (Counselor) in And another ‘home’… (medical checkin)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade KT-QT (Chief Medical Officer) in And another ‘home’… (medical checkin)

Posted by Lieutenant Kadence Argona (Counselor) in And another ‘home’… (medical checkin)
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She looked in the mirror and sighed. The bags under her eyes were prominent enough she didn’t even bother with makeup. She preferred the makeup be saved for her ‘other’ job. She tried to keep them separate and putting makeup on would blur those lines. At least, in her mind it would. Instead, she merely shook her head and double checked herself in the mirror once more before shrugging and heading into the hallway.

As the new CNS on the Wolverine it wouldn’t be odd for her to ‘lose sleep’ at night caring for the well being of the ship’s crew. So the bags were easy enough to dismiss. What she wouldn’t be able to dismiss is the bruising on her ribs. She had learned, a long time ago, to act like nothing was wrong. But with the CO and the Doc having access to who and what she was, these things wouldn’t be easily hidden. Smiling at those she passed in the hall, Kady moved towards Medical with a purpose. The purpose being to get finished as quick as she could so she could get her XO check in done and face the CO. Those were the worst for folks like her. Being Black Ops, still active, and having to hide it was something she loathed. She understood the why… she just didn’t like it.

Stepping into Medical her nearly white-blue eyes glanced around seeking the rank of the Chief Medical officer. Everyone else thinks she bruised the ribs in a vacation accident. No one but her handler knew it was because her last mark had fought back and caught her off guard. Something she’d never allow to happen again. She didn’t have Reilly to back her up, anymore. She was on her own once more.

She preferred it that way.

… or so she kept telling herself.

Lt Kadance “Kadydid” Argona
CNS… and that’s it… I swear

As Kadance looked around sickbay a tall athletic looking woman walked up to her smiling. Her dark green mottled face and yellow eyes framed by her long black hair, which cascaded down form the soft ridges of her forehead. She loomed Kadance up and own and then turned to an nurse working at a station. “Sarah I think the samples in lab three should be ready for collection now. Could you grab them while I help our new councillor” she asked her tone kind wan warm. It wouldn’t take much for Kadance to realise that KT was giving them the room.

“Sure.” the nurse said before she left.

“Right. Welcome to the Memorial. I’m KT-QT the chief medical officer I take it you’re here for you evaluation.” she said her tone still kind and warm.

Lieut KT-QT (CMO)

The smooth dismissal of the nurse wasn’t lost on Kady. “Yes, ma’am. Kadance Argona. The new Counselor.” Her smile was bright in return. “I hope this isn’t an inconvenient time.” She stepped more fully into the room.


KT shook her head “Not at all” she said kindly “Please take a seat over on that bed and we’ll get things started” she added indicating to a vacant bed. As Kady got herself comfortable KT grabbed herself a tri-corder and walked over to her.

“Have you received nay injuries or been given any new mediation since your last evaluation?” she asked, of course KT knew the answer but it was still something she had to ask.

Lieut KT-QT (CMO)

Kady slid onto the given bed and shook her head. “No, I’ve cut back on the pain injections as well. Down to about once a week if I push and overdue it. Should be off them completely in next week or so.” She shifted uncomfortably and smiled. This was where things went one of two ways. Either the Doc understood her other job and questioned her to learn about it and was all right… or they hated Ops and this is where she got a tongue lashing and knew that she’d be given hell every time she came in from now on.


KT nodded “Yes I imagine running black ops missions would be straining” She said simply. KT did not judge she only analysed, and as a result she could tell Kady was bracing for something.

“Relax. Every faction has black ops, even my people do. They do a vital job. It’s just funny that the federation preaches peace and love, then has a whole division dedicated to killing, maiming, removing and sabotaging of various things” She said simply

“I’ll be honest with you I don’t really care. The only time I’ll care is if you endanger my people or the people on this ship.” KT said after a short pause, before continuing her scans.

“So do you want to tell me how you got those bruises?” she asked.

Lieut KT-QT (CMO)

Kady smiled and nodded. “I admit, I never in a million galaxies would have said it. But I think a doc who cares more for her shipmates than my ‘clandestine activities’. My last … encounter fought back more than I anticipated.” She arched to the left and right, wincing a bit more on her left side crunch. A hand moving to rub her bottom two left ribs. “He has… had… really strong right handed grip.” The edge in her voice, if KT listened, would hint at the hate in herself for her lack of preparedness.


KT nodded and grabbed her equipment. The equipment was not federation standard it was from her home world. “My People developed technology that the federation could only dream of. This should fix those ribs with no need for follow up” She said as she turned on one of the items, it was long a slender with a black and silver Finnish. Hovering it over Kady’s ribs they would begin to heal.

“It is often those we assume to be the least dangerous, either because the seem to be neutralised or are the least likely. Become the ones that cause the most damage.” she said simply as he worked, however there was a hint of knowing in her voice. Like she had experienced something similar in her lifetime, but then again in 300 years I suppose a lot of things would happen.

Lieut KT-QT (CMO)

Kady smiled knowingly, her arm moving out of the way now and then as the Lieutenant healed her ribs. “And I’m betting neither of us miscalculate that again. I mean, I won’t.” She covered up the slip with a smile figuring the woman would know it wasn’t accidental. “I guess I got stationed on the right ship. Though I’m hoping, from here out, I learn about your technology through teaching and not show and tell.”

She laughed lightly trying not to move too much.


KT nodded and smiled “I am more than happy to teach as long as there are people willing to listen and learn.” she said as she worked “But isn’t there that old saying better now or never. So while I’m fixing this is there anything particular you want to know about my people. After all i find if you can distract someone they are far easier to deal with and they don’t necessarily think about what’s happening.” she added after a short pause.

Lieut KT-QT (CMO)

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