Side sim: A More Routine Stop in Medical (TAG Medical)

Posted Feb. 1, 2023, 1:53 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade KT-QT (Chief Medical Officer) (Nathan Derricutt)

Posted by Ensign Aasrel Izei (Scientist) in Side sim: A More Routine Stop in Medical (TAG Medical)
Aasrel headed straight from his meeting with the CSO, to Medical. He was not excited to be there. He’d spent far too much time in sickbay recently. He wasn’t nervous. It would be fast, and he already knew there would be nothing of concern on his scans.

What he dreaded was conversation or questions about his implants or previous surgeries. He didn’t want to talk about it. Aasrel would rather move forward, without looking back, and never speak of it again. That would be ideal to him.

He had no specific appointment, so upon entering the medical bay, he spoke briefly with a nurse to let them know he was there, and then sat and waited until someone had time to see him.

~ Ensign Izei, Science

As Izei waited the nurse that had spoke to him came over to KT. She informed the doctor of her new patient and after a short whispered conversation, KT came over to him. “Hello Ensign. I’m Lieutenant KT-QT” she said kindly offering a hand shake.

“If you’d like to follow me we’ll get you eval started” she said her tone warm and kind. As they walked over to a bio bed KT grabbed a tri-corder “So how are you finding the ship so far?” she asked once Izei had sat down and she had started scanning him.

Lieut KT-QT (CMO)

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