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Tera had stepped onto the bridge just in time to see the Captain retreating into the ready room so she took her accustomed spot and waited.

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A Bajoran woman with the double collar pips, one solid, one hollow, marking her as a Lieutenant, junior grade, exited the turbolift just after the counselor. She cut along the back side of the bridge, passing tactical and around to the helm station. Quick and quiet she sent the relief NE off to other duties.

Jade turned to the counsel and smiled “It’s a good thing you turned up when you did. it looks like the fun s about to start” Jade said warmly. She was interested to see what was happening a priority one message was a serious business. She tapped her com badge=^= XO to engineering begin to warm up the warp core. I won;t to be ready to jump as soon as we get our orders.=^= she ordered.

Cmdr Jones (XO)

Tera gave a little smile and a thumbs up. She could use some excitement, shore leave had been a complete bust. Every place she had wanted to climb had been too far away or rained out. Her brother Eddy, and his wives, hadn’t made it in the see her and the date with LtCdr Smith never happened.

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It was then that the ENTITY AI spoke up, “As the Captain is busy with the briefing, I was told to inform the crew that we are moving to red alert. Co-ordinates have been entered into the helm, and we are to embark as soon as possible. The Captain should be able explain in more detail after her briefing.”

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Jade nodded “Right helm lay in a course for the coordinates, science as soon as we are in range begin scanning the area, tactical take us up to yellow alert ” she ordered. not long after she was given yes Ma’ams across the bridge.

Lieutenant Farren pulled up the coordinates on her display, and referenced their current position as the point of origin. “Aye, changing course,” she replied. A moment later she began bringing the ship about. Stars wheeled about the ship as it rotated and tilted. Adama found herself missing the feeling of pulling a couple gees. The inertial dampers were working quite well. That and a battlecruiser didn’t have the pinpoint maneuverability of a fighter, nor it’s unrestrained energy. But the Memorial moved with a kind of authority she could certainly appreciate. On her heads-up display, the projected course tretched out, and the ship’s actual course came in line with it. , and a minor adjustment with the ship’s computer confirmed they were identical. “Course laid in,” she intoned.

“Very well helm go to warp 7.” Jade said waiting a few seconds “Go” she ordered, then thew Memorial jumped top warp.

Jade looked at Tera “Counselor, i don’t know what we’re heading into. I want you to join the briefing, get your thoughts on what ever it is we are doing.” she said kindly.

Cmdr Jones (XO)

OCC Well I am going to change some orders

IC: Tralla’s Voice came over the intercomm =^=”Attention all Senior Staff Report to the briefing room in Five Minutes Helm set course for the Coordinates I am feeding to your console now Maximum Warp!”=^= a moment later The Andorian captain herself came rushing out and heading for the Briefing room


She’d not been given a speed up until that point. With a small smile she began to prep for making the transition to warp at that speed. The CO cut in over the internal communications relay. “Aye, course and speed laid in,” she intoned. “And here… we.. go.” As she finished with the words, her fingers danced across the console. A moment later warp plasma surged through the nacelles, shifting tremendous energy into the ship’s warp bubble, propelling them ahead like a bullet fired from a gun. The Andorian captain rushed from her Ready Room and made a beeline for the Briefing Room, causing the former fighter pilot to swivel in her seat a bit, then glanced to the Conn/Ops officer. “Well this sounds serious.”

A half second later, she straightened up and began pulling up the nav data on the new region of space they were headed to. Everything that Starfleet knew about what was there. Stars, planets, dust, anomalies, as well as other ships in the area.

Lt j.g. Farren “Gypsy” Adama

OCC Fixing Sams Typo Sam your character would also know that in 5 she has to go to the briefing just FYI


Tera could sense the changing mood on the bridge as she passed by the Nav console on her way to the briefing.

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