Main Sim Briefing Room-Meeting about Rescue mission

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Tralla was in the Briefing room and was getting ready for the meeting hoping her XO would come in first so that she could go over the initial points of what was going on she had a glass of Pepsi in front of her and she was going over the USS Titan’s Roster


OCC GM if you could fill in some details of the crew members for me that would be awesome

It was Tera that came in first.

Glancing at the Captain she realized she was still learning to read Andorian body language.

Nodding, she went to the replicator then took a seat.

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Jade was next to arrive she looked at Tera and nodded. she then took a seat next to Tralla and leaned over “So whats the action?” she asked in a whispered tone. “Trying to keep the conversation quiet for now.

Cmdr Jones (XO)

BJ walked slowly behind. He was here as second officer. He was actually curious on what was on the table for the ship. He was actually kinda bored. BJ took a seat near the two command staff. “You know I hate sitting this far up.”


“We will talk about this more later BJ for now We are being sent on a rescue mission The USS Titan ran into trouble on her shakedown” she said with a Sigh


That peaked his interest. The Titan, as BJ understood, was the same as the Memorial. That was very disturbing. “Do we know what kind of trouble. That’s one vague statement.”


Zubreana entered the briefing room and listened to the exchange between officers before taking her seat next to the second officer.
“Does Starfleet even know what kind of trouble the Titan got into?”

Azon, COS

Wendell entered. He was dressed in his blue lab coat. “Sorry I’m late,” he apologized as he took a seat at the table. “I was right in the middle of the key phase of a delicate experiment.”


Tera sat near the opposite end of the table and tried to put what may have been family discord out of her mind.

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