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It was three days later on their seeming milk run assignment to the Vuzavue system on the edge of Federation space. The distant border scientific outpost on a region known as The Little Bald Spot, due to the area lacking any stellar residue or other normally encountered things was for all intents the hind end of the small colony types often forgotten or rarely noticed compared to bigger ones. The 900 or so colonists mostly made up of Tellarites, Humans, Denobulans and some Cardassian Refugees plus a smaller population of other Federation races was finally reached. As the Memorial dropped out of warp just beyond the system’s edge scans easily picked up more details of the system.

The main solar body was an O type star (OOC: more info here in for ooc reference, ), the blue hue cascaded over much of the system. Three main solar bodies for planets were picked up, one was a small planetoid not much bigger then the Sol system’s Pluto, and an equally as such a dead body closest to the main sun, the 2nd within the habitable area for life was Vuzavue II where the colony was located, and naturally was class M, with two moons, one was a tiny gas giant where the planet’s small scientific outpost and small single dock yard was located, and the other was an even tinier ‘moon’ in name only more like a small 2km wide asteroid made entirely of nickel and copper composites. Finally, the outer most and third planet was a slightly larger gas giant type, hued with a silver-red mix pattern and sized a bit smaller then Uranus was in the Sol system, 18 tiny asteroid ‘moons’ made mostly of iron, nickel, calcium, and granite deposits were picked up.

Tactically speaking, the science outpost was known to have minimal defenses, in this case 6 Cutlass class fighters Mark II on station for local defense, with the station carrying a Type-6 shield array and 8 Type-5 phaser banks. Housing 50 people in total it was mainly manned by a small contingent of local Starfleet officers, and the colony science staff when in use for off planet experiments. The colony itself was slightly better off with 8 Liberty class runabouts, 8 Armdillo shuttles, 10 Workbees, a Type-8 Shielding system and 10 Type-5 planetary phaser banks. Power for the colony was provided by 12 geo-thermal, 8 solar batteries, and 4 underground fusion generators.

Beyond all this nothing amiss seemed to be picked up, and indeed a few of the milling about inner system craft noted probably doing simple work or such seemed to pick them up as local planetary comms soon were hailing from the Vuzavue science outpost in orbit. One Commander McGillans was on the line.

Wendell was at the science station. He had been running the standard preliminary approach sensor sweeps as they approached the outpost. Which he at least found these scans far more interesting then the empty space that they had been travelling through, if not all that remarkable.

“Open a channel” she ordered and as soon as the channel was open she said =^=”Vuzavue science outpost…This is Captain Zoarhi of the Federation Starship Memorial we are here to deliever supplies and offer our assistance however we can to help out around here”=^= she said simply her attenna twitching eagerly

A moment later the screen switched to the comm channel, a Starfleet Commander ranked human man came up. He was in his late 50s or maybe early 60s. A pair of deep scars on his left side of face ran from the forehead down to his lower left shoulder blade. The wound looked like it had been done by some kind of pair of blades or claws sometime in the past. =/\= Greetings Captain Zoarhi, glad to see Command didn’t forget about our request for supply shipments. Feel free to begin beaming the cargo over to our cargo bays when you are ready. =/\= He said, something that the Memorial’s NE’s could easily do over the next half hour or so (OOC: aka dont worry bout rping it for sake of the sim..)

=/\= I can not speak for the colony probably on any offers of aide, you will have to talk to its Govenor, a man by the name of Achy Arnold. I should warn you he is a bit....temperamental and likes to shout a lot but if you can weather through that he is fairly nice once he calms down then. I am sure though that he might have some odd job or two if you press him hard enough for offering. As for us, if you have a spare security or tactical team that could come over and help us realign our phaser and shield emitters it would go a long way to saving my own crew from doing it so we can focus on a few critical experiments their talents would be better suited for..=/\= he said.

It could also be useful for Tralla to inquire with the Commander on any recent activity in the region given the last intel from reports of any trouble were 4 years old. So one could assume nothing bad was happening, but better safe then sorry.

Jozan entered the bridge at that moment as went over to his station. There wasn’t much going on in engineering at the moment so he had decided to come to the bridge, leaving Chief Stark in charge.

=^=”Understood Commander, I will send over my Chief Tactical Officer and someone to assist, as soon as we are in range for transport.”=^= She said, making a waving gesture to the off-screen Saren letting him know to go prepare, and to take one of the Security officers with him. =^=”Commander, It might be helpful to know about the general activity of this general area since the latest reports we were able to drag up were 4 years old. So what has been going on lately?”=^= she asked sitting there in her chair, and waiting for the commander’s reply. He might notice the piercing stare of her cybernetic eyes and the insanely bright vibrant emerald green that they were. Her antenna was now showing her curiosity, one perked upward while the other was bent inward. Meanwhile, she also gave a slight nod to the helm officer, letting them know to move them into position to the science station so that they could begin operations.

=/\= Well it’s known as The Little Bald Spot for a reason, there’s just nothing out here, which is nice for experiments requiring precise non-interference. But makes it hard to gather resources for refueling if say something goes wrong with your Deterium supplies, and need refueling. About 4 years ago as you said we had some Orions beating around the brush out here, but after a pair of cruisers came in for a bit they got arrested in some boarding actions. Since then its been pretty quiet. Occasionally we’ll send out our runabouts to do some scouting around, but its always the same nothing but empty space outside the system. Though our last run did pick up a quite large rogue comet heading this way! Simulations show its in no danger of hitting us or the colony, but when it comes closer into the system in another day or so, I’m sure the egg heads will be jumping at the bit to get up close scans and what have you. Beyond then mostly being left to ourselves the past 4 years with Starfleet and the Federation stretched thin we’ve mostly gotten an independent streak to us here. That said it’s good to see the flag still waving out here too now that you arrived..=/\= He said.

Tera was interested in the goings on of the last four years also, so she listened with interest and noted the Captain’s body language for future reference.

OOC: Were you studying Tralla’s language movement or the scienece station’s ones? Please clarify thanks!

OOC: Now that you mention it, both.


Jozan looked at the readouts on his station, then turned his attention to the conversation at hand.

Read outs of the Memorial’s status showed green across the board, same for the surrounding area as outlined above.

GM CockRoach

Hmm four years since the last contact, Wendell thought silently to himself. He started to make a list of things that the colony might like to get.The latest news. Updated technical information and holodeck entertainment programs came to mind. Maybe luxury items, like a few cases of nice brandy?

Lt Cmdr Wendell Vaughn

TShura stood near Wendell cataloging all the spatial bodies in the region, it was an interesting configuration and the extra asteroids near the third planet would certainly give the colony extra minerals and materials for a long time. While she tapped her console to direct the scans she listened with a half an ear to the Captain’s and Colony Commander’s conversation. She hoped that there would be a call to send down more of the crew, she would love to have a chance to see the colony. It was certainly a versatile colony race wise and it would be interesting to see how all these species got a long together.

TShura Sci

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