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Tralla had gotten off the call and was waiting for the word that the fighters had launched to set up the CAP around the station and the Away team had beamed over Once those were done she would have the ship lay in an intercept course to head off the Cardiassian ship if there was to be fighting she would want to keep it away from the station and minimize collateral damage


“Sensors Have anything yet?” she asked as she paced about


Lt Hardcase checked his readouts again and nodded to himself. “Captain, we’re reading a Keldon class Cardassian vessel and several smaller Cardassian fighters accompanying it approaching at warp 5.” He replied, clenching his jaw in anticipation.

Mother Hen (GM)

“Red Alert!” she called “Move us between the Keldon and Kabrel 2 Order the CAP to fall into Delta 5 formation!” she ordered

Delta 5 formation had the fighters join a formation with the Memorial two fighters on either side of the saucer providing overwatch for the rest of the ships “Hail the Incoming Keldon,” she added

Farren, on a separate channel, called it out. “You heard ‘em. Maple, Green, on right flank. Stay with your wingman.” The quartet of fighters, switched out of their orbit pattern, coming around to form up into pairs ahead of the Memorial then cutting speed to drift back into place. The additional Cardassian fighters was unexpected. From what Farren knew, there hadn’t been too many in the Dominion War, though the Jem’hadar had used lighter craft in that sort of role. It seemed the Cardassians had taken notes.

Hardcase nodded and opened the channel as requested, curious to see what this Cardassian had to say for himself.

Once the hail was connected she announced herself. “Cardassian ship, this is Captain Zoarhi of the USS Memorial. You are in violation of the Treaty of Bajor as well as invading Federation space. Lower your shields and turn around. Now!” the Andorian said her Antenna moving to show she was not happy and she was serious.


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A weathered Cardassian face appeared on the screen in front of them, his facial features hardened after years of combat.

=^= Captain Zoarhi is it? I have no intention of standing down, this station is conducting dangerous research which must be stopped! I do not recognise the so called treaty of Bajor and I will certainly not allow the federation to use it as a shield to conduct illegal weapons research! =^= he barked as his nostrils flared. His eyes were filled with passion and anger and he clearly believed he was in the right.

Farren listened with one ear for the chatter between ships, monitoring the situation while she took stock of the enemy fighters, taking a head count. …

Lt j.g. Farren, Adama

At tactical, Lt Beckett studied the threat board as well, unable to stop the churning in her gut. She wished she could clone herself to be on the ground and in the air. And while that might be possible, she knew she couldn’t really be everywhere at once. All she could do was trust her people had things in hand. Of course Adama was competent. The woman practically lived in her fighter, and had lead squadrons of her own. She’d be fine. Aza, who knew what would happen there if things went sideways.

The Keldon-class vessel, unless it had gotten serious design upgrades, would have been punching way above it’s weight class two decades ago. Three of them were almost a match for a Galaxy-class. Three might have been a decent fight for a Federation battlecruiser back then. Four was more likely a match or better. But now? The Memorial’s design was based on the Pendragon-class and fit to fight in every way. One Keldon, she was sure they would rip in half in moments.

Sparing a glance at weapons and shield status, she made sure they were primed and ready, should the order be given.

Lt Beckett, COS/CIO/CAG

Hardcase nodded and opened the channel as requested, curious to see what this Cardassian had to say for himself.

Scans would show that although old, the Gul’s ship had been heavily modified and upgraded and the fighters accompanying it were top of the range.

Mother Hen (GM)

“I can assure you there is no weapons research going on at this station and if you continue to approach I will have no other option than to defend this base! But if you have evidence to support your claims then provide it and we shall deal with it!” she said she got up from her chair and approached the screen basically setting up getting right into his face “Do not test me Cardassian it will not go well for you!” she said making it clear they were not going to back down



IC: Gul Torin leaned forward in his seat and broke into a sinister smile. =^= I’d like to see you try…=^= he replied in a menacing tone then cut the comm channel.

The Cardassian fighters suddenly broke into an attack formation and started heading for the ship. As the lead fighter came into weapons range, it suddenly disappeared from view and sensors, apparently Gul Torin had been trading on the black market and had bought himself a cloaking device.

Mother Hen (GM)

She watched on the viewscreen as the fighter cloaked, her antenna perking in shock and fear. “Oh no, no, no, no, no!” she growled, jumping up out of her seat. She moved about while giving orders. This, of course, was normal for her. She was just that active in tense situations. “Just bloody perfect. Commander Janzen, I need a way around that cloak, and I need it now.”

As the fighter vanished, she resisted the urge to curse. Immediately she initiated a tactical sensor sweep, while setting up target tracks and locks on the rest of the enemy fighters, as well as the mother ship.

=^=Bridge to Squadron, keep your heads on a swivel. Pair up and keep tight tabs on your wingman!=^= she ordered. Then turning to tactical she added, “I want our weapons locked onto that Keldon, but do not fire unless we are fired upon first!”

“Already on it,” she called out, fingers dancing over the LCARs display. It had been a while since she’d been in a shooting situation, but it looked like she was about to have to fight the ship. As a cadet, and even an ensign, she’d been eager for it. Now with over a decade of service under her belt, she was less eager.

Tralla was looking quite furious, as if she wanted to strangle someone. More than likely the Cardassian Gul, but of course, given this was devolving into full-on combat, it was likely this was going to turn bad. “Comms, send a message back to Command. Let them know the Cardassians have a cloaking device on at least one fighter, but I suspect that all the ships involved have them! Tell them I advise they send reinforcements just in case the worst should happen!”

Tralla’s heart was racing and Lilith filled her thoughts. This, of course, was exactly why she had sent Lilith to go live on Earth! And why having more kids while in command of the Memorial was a BAD idea. Fear gripped her. Fear that Lilith would be an orphan, that she would never see her daughter ever again, that this would only cause Lilith to have even more mental issues. Of course, that would only happen should the worst happen and Tralla was determined to make it out of this or to go down swinging.


Farren shook her head in the cockpit of her fighter. Those orders had already been given twice now. They were already doing the job. =^=As ordered, ma’am.=^= Not that there was much else to do. =^=You heard the lady. Heads on a swivel. Eyes out.=^= Not that the Mark I Eyeball, for most sentients, would have any chance of penetrating a cloak. Their limited scanning systems on their fighters probably wouldn’t have much luck either.

LTJG Farren

With her initial part done, Maria ran through the scenario again in her head. The problem with cloaks involved, unless they could break the cloak, they didn’t have any real way to account for actual enemy numbers. Could they fire while cloaked? Some ships could. How advanced were their cloaks? Was it just the one. A tactical genius would, with limited cloaks, do what they could to make the enemy second-guess. A fighter was an ideal demonstration for that. But why not put it on the Gul’s ship, sneak in, and just beam aboard the station quietly, or even cut through the hull and conduct a quick raid?

The whole thing felt fishy.

If he wanted to conduct an inspection… Several possibilities came to mind. He was kind of dumb, as there were better options. Cardassians, generally, weren’t dumb. So that left the possibility that he was angling for something else. Blustering and a show of force. Most Cardassian Guls were somewhere between wolf and weasel in their methods.

Of course, if he wanted to force an international incident, this was a good way to do it. A good way to possibly touch off a real shooting war. But could the Cardassians even afford to get into another big fight with the Federation? She doubted it. But maybe the Cardassians thought they could. Which meant a military build-up behind their borders again. She’d heard rumors things were stirring again. And the Saracen had been called to investigate an incident just on the edge of Federation space near the Cardassian neutral zone.

Something was going on. Make accusations. Right out of the military intelligence and counter intelligence handbook. Keep the enemy distracted. Look at this hand while I do something nasty with the other.

I wish we had enough ships for a Tholian web, but we don’t. The lieutenant scrubbed at her scalp for a moment. What are we not seeing?

Lt Beckett, COS/CIO/CAG

Tralla was pacing trying to think then a thought came to her “Beckett! Wasn’t there something about the Enterprise leading a fleet against a fleet of Romulans and using a net of Tacyons as a Cloak Detection grid?” she asked


Two more of the Cardassian fighters cloaked as the rest of their fleet positioned themselves between the Memorial and Kabrel II. Torin smiled as he watched the formation. He knew he was well outside his authority but if he was able to bring back proof of the illegal activity of this federation research station, he would be welcomed home as a hero. Torin was a man of war and conflict and he saw conspiracy everywhere. He couldn’t stand how soft and submissive his people had become and he truly believed that he could restore them to their former glory.

His finger hovered above his console, his heart beating out of his chest with excitement at the eve of battle. Eventually he tapped the console and gave the order he had missed so deeply these past years.

=^= All ships…engage the enemy…=^= he ordered with absolute glee. These federation lackeys wouldn’t know what had hit them.

He grinned as he watched his ships begin their attack on the pathetic federation craft.

Mother Hen (GM)

“Affirmative, Captain. There were earlier versions, but in 2368 Chief Engineer Geordi LaForge constructed an updated version. There have since been further updates during the Dominion War and around the Romulan Neutral Zone.” She frowned. “I’m not sure there–”

An alert on her threat display cut her off. “More fighters cloaking. Energy spikes detected, they’re charging weapons.” Thankfully the shields for the Memorial were already up automatically for a Red Alert.

On the heels of her report, the Keldon’s main spiral wave disruptor flared. Her eyes widened as the energy spike rose significantly above the specs the ships’ computer had stored. The orange-gold beam slammed into the shields, scattering across the nearly skin-tight barrier. The deck bucked and she rebounded off the console, but only enough to make her instinctively brace herself and planting one foot behind her in half a fighting stance that was so ingrained it was unconscious.

Alright, that’s how we’re gonna play it, she sneered silently. While the order hadn’t been given, the Rules of Engagement were set. No firing unless fired upon, and they had just done so. “Returning fire,” she intoned as her fingers danced over the few button presses she needed. One of the primary forward phaser banks rippled to life, the emitters sequencing along. Targeting the main disruptor on the Keldon, she set the phaser to pulse, a burst rather than one contiguous beam, giving the emitters a chance to charge more between each shot, maybe a quarter to half second apart. Let’s de-fang the snake. Break it’s teeth.

Lt Beckett, COS

As the rest of the fighters began to cloak, Farren cursed. Before she could give the team orders everything went to hell. The Keldon opened fire, and the Memorial was already returning. =All fighters. Stick with your wingman! Find those fighters, coordinate fire.=^= Without waiting she pressed the firing stud for her forward pulse phaser canons, sending out a burst of fire in a fan, cutting across the last known position of the cloaked fighters.

The fighters were moving quickly but as the volley of fire shimmered into the black space, a lucky shot clipped the wing of one of the cloaked fighters, sending a spark of orange to break up the darkness. The Cardassian fighter quickly moved position and fired back at Farren, narrowly missing her aft wing.

Farren muttered a curse under her breath as she rolled to avoid the shot. NE Green diverted angles and sent a ripple of phaser pulses just ahead of the Cardassian fighter, or where it was last seen along the same course, hoping he’d led his shots enough to follow up with torpedoes.

Tyr hadn’t truly been prepared for a fight, not really.No amount of pregame hype could prepare you for actual combat, or the start of it. So he was surprised to find that he was calm, well at least when the Leader spoke up, before his hands had been shaking and he could feel his brow growing sweaty. Before this, he’d just been conversing with NE Black his wingman. When those fighters launched he tensed and felt the stress piling up but as soon as Farren spoke he felt a wave of calm =^=On you Black=^= He said as he veered with his partner and opened fire, following the Wing commanders lead.

Next to her Green followed suit, working his ‘guns’ in a circle or spiral firing in a cone through the same area as they broke formation from the Memorial, breaking left. =^=Maple, Black, break right. Keep juking. Stay mobile. We’re gonna have to scissor them off if they get on us.=^=

=^=Maple copy=^= Was Tyr’s only reply as he and his wingman broke right.

Scissors was maneuver where if two fighters had bogeys on their tail, they would split up. Whichever fighter the bogey followed would lead them on a chase while the wingman would come around, drop into the Cone of Death behind the enemy fighter and shoot them off their wingmate. It worked similarly for two on two, though skilled pilots could come around head-to-head and shoot past each other to clear each other’s pursuers in tandem. It was risky in two on two, but so was trying to shoot a bandit off your buddy while you also had a bandit trying tying to stuff a missile up your tail too.

In the back of her mind, though, she wondered if the research station wasn’t the target for the fighters, rather than the Memorial.

Lt Farren, Flight Lead

Ensign Tyr - Sec

On the Bridge Tralla Got back in her seat “Attack Pattern Beta This Cardassian wants a fight lets show him what the Memorial Can do!” she said now she was angry he had crossed the line and was now trying to bring harm to her crew her extended family! she was not about to let that happen


BJ was relieved to see the captain finally sit down. She needed to remain calm in this situation. That was the only way they were going to get out of this. Which also meant he’d have to keep his own head in the game,


“Maizie What do you know about the Keldon class are there any weaknesses we can exploit?” Tralla asked curiously

The Gul’s ship was heavily armed and defensible but with the upgrades had come a lack of reaction time and speed.

Mother Hen (GM)

Maria queried the ship’s computer for a tactical analysis of the Cardassian ship. (Since we’ve fired at it. Would be nice to know the effects of those first shots, even if the answer is “nothing.”)

“All weapons fire at will! I want him completely disabled so we can take him into custody!” she ordered. She was furious and she wanted justice for this Gul threatening her extended family.


Tyr found calm behind the helm of his fighter during combat, it was an odd sensation, oh it was exhilarating no doubt about that but he wasn’t panicking as he thought he might, he found comfort in his wingman, the two executing trained movements in tangent as if they had been working together for months not minutes. He kept orginizing fire in the broadest possible pattern to help locate any of the cloaked fighters.

Ensign Tyr, Sec

BJ wanted to say something. But, he was violating the treaty that both sides had signed. “If we’re taking him in; we do do it legally Captain.”


“Of course Commander” she said a little annoyed now was not the time to be questioning their actions


As they were weapons-free status, and given the order to fire at will, Maria’s grim expression darkened further. Off with the gloves.

One of the big features of the Memorial class was it’s overwhelming firepower. It had the ability to punch out a Galaxy-class or even a Sovereign-class in moments. From lessons learned in recent wars, wars with the Borg, the Dominion, the Flea’tans. Still, she held back the full military might of the Memorial. Instead of letting go with everything, especially with orders to capture this Cardassian ship, she let loose with a series of precise phaser shots, hoping to get enough energy through to damage the shield emitters.

Right behind that came a quartet of quantum torpedoes, their blue-white glows streaking across the open space toward the Cardassian aggressor. “Torpedoes away,” she intoned. “I can’t let loose with everything, Captain, or there will be nothing bigger than a soda can left.”

Lt Beckett, COS/CIO

Farren came about settling on NE Green’s wing. =^=On your wing, Green.=^= Pressing the firing stud, she began working her cannons in a decent cone, firing into the dark like shining a flashlight about, looking for hits in the void. With her volley complete, she snapped. “Break left,” and immediately followed by snap-rolling to the right and peeling away in a wide loop. Sitting too long in one position would get them shot. As she came around she sprayed shots in a flat disc

Green immediately followed suit, snap-rolling to the left and climbing in a long banking loop, following suit with more shots.

Lt Farren, Flight Lead

=^=”Attention Pilots Emergency Combat landings are authorized if necessary!”=^= Tralla ordered Being a former fighter pilot herself she knew what those pilots were going through at the moment and knowing they could dash for home if they needed to and not have to worry about scratching the paint would help =”Also Dont be afraid to tuck into the Memorials shield bubble if you need a moment!”=^=


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