10-Forward - Rest and Relaxation (Open RP)

Posted Sept. 12, 2023, 2:34 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Ciaran Donoghuei (XO) (Clayton Strong)

Posted by Ensign Týr Bragason (Security Officer) in 10-Forward - Rest and Relaxation (Open RP)

Posted by Ensign Týr Bragason (Security Officer) in 10-Forward - Rest and Relaxation (Open RP)
Tyr sauntered into 10-forward just before lunch to get ahead of the first-shift crowd. He made his way past the bar to the replicator, he tapped the panel =^=Kadai Chicken with a side of Tawa Paratha, iced water=^= A moment later the food materialized on a tray, he grabbed it and turned around, the mess was only sparsely filled so he found an empty table and sat down preparing for his lunch.

Tyr Bragason

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Ciaran walked into 10-forward after a long shit. The mess with the away mission and what not had been beyond crazy. He hear Tyr order something which sounded interesting, which he had never had before. Ciaran walked over to the replicator and said, “I would like the same which was just ordered.” He was hoping the computer would spit out the same thing. He picked up the meal after it appeared. He then went over to Tyr and said, “I ordered the same thing you did. It sounded interesting. Can I sit down with you and we chat about this meal? I would love to hear about how long you have been eating it and how you came up with the idea (if it was yours).” He then waited for Tyr to respond.

Lt Cmdr Donoghuei

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