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BJ sat at the back of the crowd. As a department head he should be at the front. But today was not the type of day he wanted to be there. Today was the annual day of mourning. The list of names always seemed to get longer. Some he knew; some he didn’t. There was one name missing. Or at least to him it was missing. Someone in his past that meant something a little more than just the mention of a name.

He simply sat at the back waiting for ceremony to end. It was the typical ceremony. The playing of the last post; the remarks by the captain and counselors. All of it BJ disliked.


Aza, with a heavy heart, observed BJ sitting at the back of the somber crowd during the annual day of mourning. She could sense the weight of his emotions, even from a distance. It wasn’t difficult to understand that today held significance for him.

As the ceremony continued, Aza decided quietly to approach BJ. She walked up to him, choosing her words carefully. “BJ,” she began, “I couldn’t help but notice that you seem preoccupied today. Is there something specific on your mind, or someone you were hoping to see honored here?”

Aza, Security

He didn’t know who this was. But BJ barely knew many of the crew outside his own department. But he did appreciate that she approached him. “Just seems the list gets larger every year no matter what ship you’re on. It’s worse when you’re the leader. You know them all.”


Aza nodded solemnly, acknowledging the weight of BJ’s words. “It’s a heavy burden, remembering and leading,” she replied. “If you ever need someone to share that weight with, I’m here. We all carry it together in our own way.”


BJ nodded. He had someone. She was an excellent support. “I know. I have someone. She knows the whole story.”

Ciaran had heard there is something going on down in Cargo Bay 1. He had been sitting in his quarters after the last mission was over but needed to do some thing for the time being. It was too early to go to sleep and he had already eating. He got up from his couch and put his uniform back on. He then left his quarters and wondered down to Cargo Bay 1 to see what is going on. After a few minutes of walking and riding in the turbolift, he arrived at Cargo Bay 1. He noticed a large amount of activity here so he knew something was going on. He found a seat to sit down at and just watched.

Lt Cmdr Donoghuei

KT had heard about something going on in cargo bay 1 but she wasn’t sure entirely what it was. So she had decided to head down. When she had reached the cargo bay, she slipped in silently to the back of the room and observed the room. It reminded her of her own peoples day of sorrow, where they celebrated their victory but also mourned and remembered all those who had died, organic and synthetic alike, in their quest for freedom.

While she could process something similar to KT had never really managed to emulate true sorrow or mourning, but she knew that it was a key part of the organic healing process.

Lieut KT-QT (CMO)

Tralla as captain of course had to be in the front and had to address the crew “We were lucky this time we did not loose any of our own family” she said motioning to them “Because in a way that’s what we all are we are a family however no ship’s luck ever holds indefinitely space is vast and dangorus and we all know what we signed up for but that does not mean that it is not tragic when we loose members or our crew or other crews but the way we move forward is the important bit we have to remember them fondly pull ourselves up and continue on as we know that’s what they would want” she said making her speech short and simple before then moving to sit with her husband for the rest of the service knowing that this was even more painful for him she was holding his hand gently lovingly throughout the day trying to be supportive of him despite the fact she had not exactly been the best wife so far


The feel of her hand made him a little more relaxed. She understood why he was the way he was today. And she didn’t hold it against him. Just knowing that she supported him was enough for him. “Good speech.”he commented. “Thank you, my captain.”


Ciaran was always happy when the captain gave a speech. He was not sure he was happy about how short it was but he understood it could be important to keep it short and sweet. He was still not 100% sure what was going on but he knew he needed to be here.

Lt Cmdr Donoghuei

Tyr stood with his Wingman near the cluster of junior Security Officers near the rear, he could see the interaction between the Chief Science Officer and the crew. He’d heard that ships often had different types of rituals and traditions so this hadn’t surprised him but he did find the experience discomforting, he’d only been there a few weeks now so the feeling of being an outsider was still there, they were all welcoming but this event was proof if he needed it, he didn’t feel in his heart the sadness or somberness of this moment, he hadn’t known those lost and although any loss of life was tragic, tragedy was oftentimes lessened the further away from it you were.

Ensign Tyr - Sec

Tralla smiled and leaned in kissing him on the cheek “I know what this day means to you of course I am going to do what i can to get you through it.” she said softly


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