Side Sim: Practice Makes Perfect (Open to all)

Posted July 17, 2018, 2:53 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Tera Casey (Counselor) (Catt Bennett)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Kusinut “Ember” Sutalo (Chief Of Security) in Side Sim: Practice Makes Perfect (Open to all)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Tera Casey (Counselor) in Side Sim: Practice Makes Perfect (Open to all)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Kusinut “Ember” Sutalo (Chief Of Security) in Side Sim: Practice Makes Perfect (Open to all)
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Being cooped up in a small office for several hours a day, is no way to ensure to healthiness of a young body and mind, such as Ember’s. She found herself growing restless, when all she had to do was PaDDs upon PaDDs of work-related paperwork and whatnot. In effort to keep herself moving, she often resorted to bouncing one or both of her legs, even tapping the fingers of her free hand, silently against the table. These were signed of ADD, however it was hardly that. She merely grew restless after remaining in a single position for so long, and had to find a way to keep her body from falling asleep on her, thus, movement seemed the best idea.

Finally, she had a day where she didn’t have to work until the later hours. Taking advantage of her time off, the Secuirty Officer slipped on a black tanktop and yoga pants, sliding a bottle of water under her arm with a yoga mat, to head down towards the gym. Upon arrival, she allowed her gaze to study the room, watching the life as people moved about, chatting to others while they deadlifted or going solo, in any exercise they saw fit. The gym was her home, somewhere where she could exercise as much as she wanted, which always made her feel instantly better, after the release of toxins and endorphins.

Pulling her mat from beneath her arm, she set the bottle down, tugging at the edges of the rubber-based cushion, slipping it from its curled position. Adjusting the mat upon the floor, she removed her shoes and socks, stepping on to the mat, which was situated far from the remainder of the people, as not to disturb anyone. Hardly wishing to seem unapproachable, she kept her music off, as if saying anyone was welcome to talk to her. Stepping to the top of the pad, she began at mountain pose before going through sun salutation, the serene movements already beginning to relax her stiffened and tight muscles.


After having a light breakfast, Tera had taken her usual walk of the ship. She didn’t have any appointments till after lunch but, rarely, did she ever find herself in a gym. This was a habit she needed to change desperately.

She watched the various people in their activities, trying to figure out what might be best for her. Seeing Ember on a yoga mat, she stood a respectful distance away and watched with interest.

“I’ve always wanted to learn that.” she said attempting to make conversation.


“Do you have the time to try it out?” Ember regained proper balance in a standing position, turning her attention to the young Counselor. Offering to her, if she wished to learn. There was quite some time until Ember had to be on shift, so she did possess enough time to teach some things.

“It isn’t all too hard, once you get the hang of it. Plus, it is incredible for calming the mind.” She winked, as if referencing Tera’s job regarding helping people find peace within themselves and whatnot.


Tera thought about it for a few seconds.

“Sure, let me replicate some better gear and change.” she said walking away.

“I’ll be here,” Ember smiled, watching as the counselor walked away, assumably to retrieve gear and clothes.

She returned a few minutes later dressed in similar fashion to Ember with a yoga mat and water bottle.

Ember gave a welcoming not to her, rising back to her feet, where she had chosen to rest in child’s pose, for the few minutes.

“I haven’t actually had a chance to do a good climb in a while. Holodecks are amazing but I like truly open sky when I can find it. So where do we start?” she asked with a little smile.


“Perhaps, on our next shore leave, that should be something you look into,” She suggested, before switching gears. “Normally, this is done in a quiet environment, either outside or in a studio, but the gym works,” She shrugged her shoulders.

“After you have your mat laid out in front of you, you’ll want to stand at the front of it, your feet touching, arms dangling at your sides, chin up and back straight.” She demonstrated perhaps the easiest post, “This is called mountain, the starting point of majority of standing yoga. Sitting, generally begins in pre-child’s pose, but that can wait for another time.”


Tera laid out her mat, set her water bottle aside, and copied Ember’s pose.

“I can think of a few mountain tops int he south west, where I spent a lot of time on Earth, where this would probably be quite amazing.” she said picturing several peaks and mesas in her head.


“Are you from anywhere on Earth?” She asked, slowly bringing her arms up, to where her palms were pressed together, her chin tilted to the ceiling, as her back remained straight, her shoulders in tune with her hips and feet. It was another move, which would become like clockwork, hopefully, once Tera got it down.


Tera followed Ember’s movements taking it a bit slow to be certain she got it right.

“North America. Somewhere in the Southwest I think. At least we spent a lot of time in the Arizona/New Mexico area. That’s where I first learned to climb.” she said with a smile.


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