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From their own databanks their was no info on said comet, but if they switched to long range scan they picked up the large comet almost 2km long by 1.2km wide. Scans showed it made up of iron, nickel, with minor signs of diamond and other crystalline deposits. More detailed scans would need to be done later or up close.

Finally finishing his reading of the PADD the Commander handed it back to the NE who left then. =/\= Sorry about that Captain, the science boys wanted my sign off for some experiment they’re running in the labs right now trying to synthesize some local plant chemical for purposes of a new drug or something they claim will ‘restore youth’. Bunch of hog wash if you ask me but I never was much of a science boy myself..=/\= He said with a chuckle.

=/\= As for your offer of a shuttle ride, again you’ll have to ask the Governor his science boys will be the one to handle the examination of the comet..=/\= He said. =/\= We’re also standing by then for your tactical chief and assistants to beam over to help us with our tactical and shield system realignments..=/\= He added

Jade watched the crew and looked between Tralla and Vaughn. She knew Tralla didn’t like being interrupted. However he knew that Vaughn probably didn’t mean to annoy the Captain.

Jade felt like something was wrong. After all why would a base commander not be interested in a potentially life changing experiment. Also she couldn’t help but feel like something else was off.

Jade could maybe also consider maybe the ‘life changing drug’ he didn’t truly believe it would work as fabulously described so possibly he was simply curbing his enthusiasm until results proved otherwise. Four years also in the back end of no where on the border of the Federation with nothing really to attract your attention the man also could just be bored out of his mind.

Wendell noticed that the view screen was still on. He blushed a bit. Well, at least this time. he didn’t reveal some highly classified bit of top secret Starfleet intelligence reports. Still, he did tend to get absorbed in his work. Sometimes to the point of being aloof.

Tera had been watching the events as they unfolded and doing her best to observe body language.

Glancing at the XO, she raised and eyebrow slightly and shook her head. Some thing was off or, at least, awkward.

OCC remind me again we are also supposed to beam the supplies to the station first right then the station will send them where they need to go on the planet?

OOC: Colony gets the supplies the base just needs the realignment.

=^=” Understood commander the team should be beaming over now. and I will have a chat with the governor about everything else” =^= she said as the ship moved into position =^=”Zoarhi out.”=^= she added turning to Jade she saw the look on her first officers face “Alright Jade whats bugging you” she whispered keeping the conversation mostly between them

Jade looked at Tralla “I don’t know. It’s probably just a spot of Paranoia. It just seems odd that he’s more focused on a comet then the padd he was handed. After all he did say it was some sort of miracle drug for eternal youth. Tell me if you where the commander what would you be more interested in. A miracle drug or a comet. Maybe it’s just my Doctor mind kicking in, but i would think a miracle drug would be far more important. ” Jade said whispering.

A signal got sent showing the away team had gone over to the station as requested safely.

The NE at helm spoke as the ship came into a stable orbit, “..Stable orbit over the Vuza....err Vuzfuzzy....whatever colony’s name I can’t prounce ma’am, we’re uh in orbit above it now. Shall I hail them?” He asked.

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“Come on Jade You know just as well as I do eternal youth drugs are an impossibility the commander knows that as well” she whispered teasingly “but dont ignore that spot of paranoia because we should be on the watch I get the feeling if there was one group of pirates there might be another.” she said “For now however commander once we get the Govoners permission to help their colony out however we can I want you to beam down and lead the teams” she said settling back into her chair again

GM CockRoach

Tralla was typing out a short Text message to the science base commander letting him know that the Offer about her Flying Angel shuttle design was not to go check out the comet but more just to show off her own Shuttle design and see if he might be interested in her putting word into Starfleet that the base was interested in getting a couple to break up the boredom of the area a bit as it was a Racing Shuttle afterall

as she typed she answered her helm officer “Vuzavue Ensign and yes Hail the governor of the colony if you please” she said quite kindly looking up after she sent off the message and waited for the colonies reply


Jozan monitored the ships systems, ensuring everything was normal.


T’Shura stood quietly on the bridge, running scans on the planet as she watched the events transpiring around her.

T’Shura Sci

Tera used this time to pull up the service record of the Base Commander and anyone else on the station’s manifest. She didn’t know exactly what she was looking for but it was better to be prepared.

Tera, CNS

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