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=^=” Understood commander the team should be beaming over now. and I will have a chat with the governor about everything else” =^= she said as the ship moved into position =^=”Zoarhi out.”=^= she added turning to Jade she saw the look on her first officers face “Alright Jade whats bugging you” she whispered keeping the conversation mostly between them

Jade looked at Tralla “I don’t know. It’s probably just a spot of Paranoia. It just seems odd that he’s more focused on a comet then the padd he was handed. After all he did say it was some sort of miracle drug for eternal youth. Tell me if you where the commander what would you be more interested in. A miracle drug or a comet. Maybe it’s just my Doctor mind kicking in, but i would think a miracle drug would be far more important. ” Jade said whispering.

A signal got sent showing the away team had gone over to the station as requested safely.

The NE at helm spoke as the ship came into a stable orbit, “..Stable orbit over the Vuza....err Vuzfuzzy....whatever colony’s name I can’t prounce ma’am, we’re uh in orbit above it now. Shall I hail them?” He asked.

“Come on Jade You know just as well as I do eternal youth drugs are an impossibility the commander knows that as well” she whispered teasingly “but dont ignore that spot of paranoia because we should be on the watch I get the feeling if there was one group of pirates there might be another.” she said “For now however commander once we get the Govoners permission to help their colony out however we can I want you to beam down and lead the teams” she said settling back into her chair again

Tralla was typing out a short Text message to the science base commander letting him know that the Offer about her Flying Angel shuttle design was not to go check out the comet but more just to show off her own Shuttle design and see if he might be interested in her putting word into Starfleet that the base was interested in getting a couple to break up the boredom of the area a bit as it was a Racing Shuttle after all

as she typed she answered her helm officer “Vuzavue Ensign and yes Hail the governor of the colony if you please” she said quite kindly looking up after she sent off the message and waited for the colonies reply

A return reply from the science outpost in orbit they had just talked too informed Tralla that for now the Commander wasnt interested in her offer.

Jozan monitored the ships systems, ensuring everything was normal.

T’Shura stood quietly on the bridge, running scans on the planet as she watched the events transpiring around her.

Scans T’Shura took were as they had been outlined before, the only new detail was more detail in local storm activity over the main colony site in this case a strong but non-lethal thunderstorm was currently raging over the colony’s center.

Tera used this time to pull up the service record of the Base Commander and anyone else on the station’s manifest. She didn’t know exactly what she was looking for but it was better to be prepared.

Record’s of the base commander showed he had graduated from Starfleet Academy just after the Dominion War with a major in command and enginerring. He had served a normal series of duty assignments on several starbases in both the Sol system and Alpha Centurai system until 2386 when he got assigned as the chief engineer to Starbase 112, where he had remained until 2388 and gotten promoted to Lt Commander as the XO of Starbase K-111 a y ear later in 2390 he got a promotion to Commander and has since been assigned as the Vuzavue Commanding officer of the science outpost. All in all a quite boring and unimpressive record really.

Turning in her seat NE Lisa spoke, “..Ma’am? Vuzavue colony is reporting the thunderstorm is causing problems with their local comm relay. They’ve managed a brief burst comm to inform us this, but say we can beam an away team down to communicate in person at the starport just outside the colony proper..” she said.

GM CockRoach

she sighed and said “Fine Ensign Signal that Commander Jones will be beaming down with an awayteam shortly” she turned to Jade “Take two from each department for your team Jade so that you guys can help out however is nessicary....You might can get away with only one from medical if your feeling like shaking off the rust from your medical skills” she teased playfully


Jade smiled “There hardly as rusty as you engineering skills” she said playfully. “I’ll pick my team straight away.” she added.

“Permisison to join the away team Captain?” Tera asked.

She did her best work while observing people and this would be a prime opportunity.

Tera, CNS

Jade nodded “I think that would be a good idea. I’ll take her with me” Jade said looking at Tera and then at Tralla. She then tapped her com-badge =^= Lieutenant commander Vaughn, Lieutenant T’Kev, Lieutenant Sutalo, Lieutenant T’Shura, Ensign Tolly, Ensign Solar, NE Sharpe, NE Bolt. Report to transporter room 1 at the double for an away team=^= she ordered. Jade then took her leave.

Cmdr Jones (XO)

Wendell was startled from the scans that he was running. He quickly tapped his comm badge to reply,
=^=This is Vaughn. Acknowledged.=^=

Then he scowled. He had just received a call from the XO, who was on the bridge. To where he was. On the bridge! And, since it distracted him as he was concentrating on his work, he naturally replied to it. Well, he thought silently to himself, maybe nobody else noticed. Or, since it was just a general ship wide announcement, really, maybe they’d just understand.

Lt Cmdr Wendell Vaughn

Jade looked at Vaughn “Apologies for the startle. That’s the trouble with ship wide announcements everyone gets it even if there right next to you. If you wish to stay and continue scanning. That’s fine I’ll pick someone else” Jade said warmly and kindly. she wanted the crew to do what they thought best.

Cmdr Jones (XO)

T’Shura tapped in a command on her console to call up a replacement and rose to follow the Commander off the bridge. She would stop by the Science Labs and grab a science kit in case it was needed.

Lt.jg T’Shura Sci

“Oh, I wouldn’t dream of missing out of being on the away team, Commander,” Wendell replied. He got up to follow her to the transporter room. “I actually rather enjoy seeing bad weather. Especially thunderstorms.”

Lt. Cmdr. Wendell Vaughn

Jozan stood up from his command station, nodding to the XO in acknowledgement to the order for the away team. He turned to follow the XO and CSO to the turbo lift.

“This should be fun, It’s been a while since I’ve been on an away team.” he said happily.


Tera fell in with the others. She had everything she needed to take copious, yet unobtrusive, notes.

Tera, CNS

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