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NC Willickers sighed, as was usual all the exciting things were happening elsewhere on the ship and due to being caught sleeping on the job while cleaning waste processing his department Chief had caught him mentally wandering about the newest holodeck game to hit the Federation network. As a result he had been regulated to a standing position in transporter room 2 for the coming mission. “..But, ah man Duty Calls To War 9 looks so amazing! Those reprocessed updated graphics for the holodecks are amazing! I mean they’re better then real life. What a jip, here I am stuck in my low polygon world and the holodeck game looks WAY better!!” He thought, smiling a dreamy smile as he leaned on the console in front of him. “..Ah man and those sweet lens flares! So many beautiful lens flares! They’re blinding in their beauty!” He thought going on. “..Life sucks..” he muttered then.

GM CockRoach

The doors woosh open and Ensign Snart walks in and see the the transport controller. “Hey Willickers seems to be I am the first one here, how have you been anyhow? Asked Anthony in a friendly manner.

-Ensign Anthony Snart, Security

Wendell eventually made his way to the transporter room. He had with him his standard away team equipment. That is to say, he took along his science tricorder and the sleek type one “cricket” hand phaser. He preferred the cricket as it was easily concealable. He nodded at the two already in the transporter room.

Lt Cmdr. Wendell Vaughn

Within a few moments the transporter room doors whooshed open again and T’Shura stepped through with a science team away kit over her shoulder, her science tricorder rested on her hip in its sleeve. She nodded to Vaughn and the others in the room as she took her way on the transporter pad.

T’Shura Sci

A few moments later the doors opened for Tera. She carried a tricorder, a concealed Type 1 phaser, and an old school notebook. People always gave her a strange look for that one but she found her own short hand very efficient.

Stepping onto the transporter pad she nodded to the others and eyed the transporter operator for a few seconds. Hadn’t she gotten a report about him earlier?

Tera, CNS

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