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Once Tolly was on the pad too the transporter energized and he and Saren, Tolly, and NE Bigguns transportered over to the Vuzavue science station. As they materialized in the smaller four man pad receiver the station had they were met by a scientist looking man who looked like he had not slept in a good day or two by likely choice, hyped up likely on caffeine or other stimulants he approached smelling a little rank on sweat, coffee, and dirty clothes from hard work in the labs. “..Ah you three must be the security folks to help Lt Veglins realign our defense systems! Come on come on then!” he said with a bright smile and wave.

Then turning he paused and turned back, “..Ah pardon me I am Lead science chief Bixbye here on the station for leading research into.....well alot of things!” he said beaming with a bright smile, showing he was missing a tooth up front. Um....who are you folks again then besides being from the Memorial and here to help poor overworked Mr Veglins?” he said then still cheery but in many ways extinguishing the ‘empty minded scientist’ trope type.

Tolly smiled extending a hand, “EnsignJohn Tolly he tilted his head towards the NE This is ensign Bigunns and Mr excitement over here is
our chief tactical officer Lt. Sarren”giving the Lt a cheeky smile

Returning the shake the man nodded, “..Good to meet you Mr Tolly very good!” he said showing he had a weak grip for a man of his age, but also quite clammy and dirty from his work on some kind of chemicals till now.

As they talked he lead the three down a short hall, then 10 step landing to a small turbolift that almost had the four of them touching shoulder to shoulder in the enclosed space with their tool kits. It was here they could smell more of Bixbye’s several day old unwashed stink.

Tolly thought to himself ‘I’m so going to need a shower when i get back’ However he smiled nodding as Bixbye talked. “So what exactly is it you need from us?”

”..Oh well you’ll have to ask Mr Veglins that!” Bixbye said as the lift door opened just as his funk was getting even more funky.

Turning left out of the lift the group went down a short service hallway to enter an even smaller room. What might have been a say storage room or medium sized locker compartment on the Memorial for weapons was for this science outpost the stations ‘armory and weapons control suite’ all in one. The rectangular 15x10 foot room really on had room for about 3 operators, two of which were currently busy at a small table doing field strips and maintenance on the small collection of the station’s Type-2 hand phasers. “..Mr Veglins! We got visitors!” Bixbye said waving over to a almost skeletal thin Andorian man who was rolling out from under a control console that fed into the station’s Type-6 phaser banks and single pair of torpedo launchers.

Sitting on the on rolling board, the ungodly thin Andorian looked at the Memorial crew, “..You the ones sent over to help do maintenance to this bucket of bolts huh? Well grab a kit or whatever you need, one group of you can go help NE Smith and Biff field strip and inspect the Type-2s the other or both of you can help me realign these targeting scanners, and launching feed lines from here to the external tubes. Might even need one of you to suit up to an EVA pod to do work or inspection on the launching tubes..” he said. “..So what you folks want to buckle down on first?” he said.

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