Side Sim: Practice Makes Perfect (Open to all)

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“I can think of a few mountain tops int he south west, where I spent a lot of time on Earth, where this would probably be quite amazing.” she said picturing several peaks and mesas in her head.


“Are you from anywhere on Earth?” She asked, slowly bringing her arms up, to where her palms were pressed together, her chin tilted to the ceiling, as her back remained straight, her shoulders in tune with her hips and feet. It was another move, which would become like clockwork, hopefully, once Tera got it down.

Sutalo CoS

Tera followed Ember’s movements taking it a bit slow to be certain she got it right.

“North America. Somewhere in the Southwest I think. At least we spent a lot of time in the Arizona/New Mexico area. That’s where I first learned to climb.” she said with a smile.


Once certain Tera had that covered, she slowly swung her arms downwards, stretching her back as she reached down towards her toes.

“Arizona is an incredibly beautiful place,” Sutalo smiled at her, “How long have you been climbing? Judging by your explanation, it seems to be quite some time.”

Sutalo CoS

Tera followed Sutalo’s movements which caused her lower back to mildly pop.

“Careful. Popping your back, some, is helpful in maintaining the gasses between the vertebrae, but too much can cause strain on the muscle and further, hardly necessary, pain.”

“My parents are geologists. They prefer to be down in the dirt rather than up in a surveillance shuttle. I guess they officially started teaching me when I was about six.” she explained.


“Six? You have quite some time under that belt of yours, then.” Slowly, as to show Tera what to do, she placed her hands, palm down, to the ground. Walking her feet back, she used her toes to keep her upright, straightening her back and placing her arms just beneath her shoulders. It was a casual table plank, “What is your favourite part about climbing?”

Sutalo CoS

Tera studied Sutalo’s movement and followed suit. She wasn’t worried about her back, it had never really given her problems.

“I think it’s the change of perspective. At the bottom of the cliff, mountain, whatever, you see the landscape from one perspective. At the end of the climb you look out on the landscape and your perspective has changed. You see things you might have missed, view distances differently, etcetera. I think we could all use a little bit of that in our lives now and then. So how long have you been doing Yoga?” Tera asked.


“You’re absolutely right. After all, reality is nothing but the change of perspective, from one person to the next. What you see can be significantly different than what I see, resulting in vastly different realities for each person. Or even, simply minorly.”

Shifting into a downward dog, she had to raise her voice, as to be heard. After all, her body had now become an auditory inhibitor. “Middle school,” She informed. “So.. sixteen years? It was a mandatory lesson for the weight training class, for some odd reason. I guess you could say I liked using my own body weight as a form of strength rather than dumbbells and deadlifts.”

Sutalo CoS

Tera studied the position for a minute before attempting to imitate it. Laughing, she attempted a reasonable facsimile.

“What an interesting prerequisite. I bet it’s set you up for life hasn’t it?”


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GM CockRoach

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Her attempts at producing an exact copy of the movements offered some amusement to Thebes young native. Not because of the fact that tera could or couldn’t do it, but because it reminded her of when she was younger, attempting to replicate the sleek actions of her instructor.

“I suppose you could say that,” She rose one of her legs into the air, bending her body forwards until her chest was hovering just above the ground, her left leg keeping balance as her right was raised high above her head. “It certainly made for suffering from less rheumatism. What about you? Did rock climbing ever offer much for you, in the long run?”


Tera watched Sutalo. As she attempted the movements it became obvious that Tera was going to make a mess of them.

Rolling onto her back she simply started laughing.

“Ok, so, I’ll get there someday. Rock climbing has offered me a lot actually. Physically it’s offered me endurance and strength in practically every part of my body. Mentally it’s offered me critical problem solving skills because you have to find your way up the path as you go. It doesn’t matter what satellite or sensors show you, the only way out is up or through.” she said reaching for her water.

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