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Tricorder scans of the area seemed normal enough, their wasnt say anything artifical she was picking up within range of her scans that might be the cause say, without more information on the local weather patterns though it was hard to say what was ‘normal’ and what was ‘odd’ for this storm on this planet. Maybe asking more scientific questions to their escort or someone else later might reveal more.

Moving about trying to give everyone enough space in the cramped turbolift he kept an eye on the gentleman who had introduced himself as Mudd. Although he had said he wasn’t related to the infamous Harry Mudd there was something Anthony couldn’t place about him, a sort of unease in the back of his mind. Perhaps it could of been from the stories he had heard of in the academy about Harry Mudd, Anthony would never be sure. However, one thing he was sure about was the fact that he was the security officer assigned to this away team and therefore he decided to keep an eye on this man.

Charles Mudd seemed a nice enough fellow, as the lift stopped several levels up the group would file out near a smaller lobby area. An Andorian female of maybe about 30 or so odd years looked up inquisitively from her work station. “..Ah hello Mr Shuffer and Mudd, Govenor Buzz is waiting for you inside his office. Let me just call ahead double check that he is still ready to see the away team..” She said. Meanwhile Shuffer and Mudd stood slightly off to the right and left of the group patiently. While outside the storm raged on around them, in bits and pieces even a few small pebble sized bits of hail were now seeing pinging off the weather deflector forcefield for the colony.

=/\= Govenor Buzz? The away team from the USS Memorial is here to meet with you, shall I send them in? =/\= She asked.

After a pause of several seconds, a grumpy ornery sounding male voice spoke, =/\= Urgh, fine fine, tell whoever is in charge of the party they and their aide or whatever can come in, the rest have Shuffer or Mudd or whoever go give a tour or something until I decide if they can help or whatever../\= He said.

Smiling thinly the Andorian looked up, “..Well then you heard the Governor, your party leader and one other cane come in for the meeting while Mr Shuffer and Mudd here can show the rest of you around. There are quite a lot of exciting things going on down in the labs right now I hear!” She said with a genuinely bright smile.

“I would like to study this storm and the planet weather patterns, if I could.”T’Shura said to the Commander.

“Very well T’shura. If you find anything update me immediately” Jade said simply. “Counselor You’ll come with me. The rest of you go with Mr Mudd and Mr Shuffer” she ordered. Jade wanted the counselor with her as she might be able to pick something up if anything was off. Also the others would be far more useful getting to the bottom of the storm then stuck in an office with a grumpy Governor.

“Yes sir.” Jozan replied, He turned to Mr. Mudd.

“So where first?” he asked diplomatically.

Tera nodded and quickly ran a hand through her hair just in case there were any lingering rain drops. She decided to leave her notebook stowed for the moment. This particular Governor might not appreciate her being obvious with her observations.

Once everyone else had departed, the XO and CNS were lead into the Governor’s office. For the counselor the first impression she got of this Govenor Buzz was that he really had a problem with material possessions. Over the top gaudy personal items, ranging from reproduction or faked ‘priceless’ history pieces of all kinds, to 2nd hand knock off brands of seemingly ‘high quality’ rugs, clothes, and furniture etc were all over. The room even had a gaudy wispy perfume or musk like scent coming from a pair of large candles off to their right. The odor was sweet and cloying showing someone who had no real clue on moderation or taste of quality items and was buying or using them for an illusion of wealth and status.

Buzz himself was sitting behind a 5 inch raised desk on a small step up work area in the rear left corner of the 80x100 foot long rectangular office. The corner here was flowing out onto a small covered patio enclosed from the weather by large aluminum glass. Buzz himself was an aged man as they expected in his late 60s, and as he stood rose to a rough height of 5‘8 or so. Wearing a dark blue robe and a similar color toned dark blue leather boots, which as he came out from around the desk to greet them they saw they had given him a raised height of about an inch or so (OOC: Which the dm forgets the name of for ‘male high heels’ atm!) so his seeming height of 5‘8 was probably naturally around 5‘6! His hair was short but simple cropped, and was a sandy red in color, with his eyes being dark blue and his skin tone being an off olive tan color.

Looking both over, he simply nodded then, “..So you all are from the Memorial huh? Well welcome to our little slice of scientific frontiers in the arse end of no where!” He said extending a hand, showing that despite his gruff, over the top ownership of possessions and snappy grumpy voice in tone, he least had some manners!

GM CockRoach

Jade was not a fan of the Decor. She figured a person who has a decor like this was probably full of themselves. However Jade hid her feelings. She figured it was probably best not to annoy the governor. “I’m Commander Jade Jones the XO of the memorial. This is Lieutenant Tera Casey our ships counselor.” Jade said in a friendly manner accepting the handshake “Hopefully we can help you with this storm” she added.

Cmdr Jones (XO)

Tera had observed the decor and came to the conclusion that this governor must be overcompensating for something somewhere. The raised work area and heeled boots only solidified her thoughts in that direction. Perhaps she would share her thoughts with the XO at a later date.

She stood calmly and smiled as he introduced himself.

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