Sickbay Check in

Posted July 5, 2020, 9:53 p.m. by Ensign Brianna (Engineer) (Tyra Schroll)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Jack A. Grey (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay Check in

Posted by Ensign Brianna (Engineer) in Sickbay Check in

Posted by Ensign Brianna (Engineer) in Sickbay Check in
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Brianna had finished meeting with the Chief Engineer and headed to Sickbay to get that out of the way. Walking into Sickbay she looked around and waited for someone to be free to be seen.


A short woman made her way to Brianna “Please have a seat on that bed there” she smiled “Doctor Grey is on duty and will be with you shortly.” She said indicating to a nearby biobed.

NE Shorty

Brianna nodded and sat down as directed. She looked around the bay and nodded to herself. Well equipped. She compared it to some of her past postings.



Only a few moments later a tall thin man with well kept blond hair walked towards her. He held a small PaDD in his hand which he put down when he arrived at the bed “Ensign Brianna?” He asked without waiting for an answer, he immediately grabbed his medical scanner, removed the wand and started the usual process of examining his patient “I’m Doctor Grey, I’ll be conducting your check-up. Are there any new medical developments that wouldn’t be on your medical record?” He asked, he had a small polite smile on his face but his tone was monotonous at best.

Dr. Grey - CMO


Brianna shook her head “No, nothing new.” She said as she stood still while being scanned.



OO:CREsults of scan

It would show that Brianna was approximately 125 years old, that she was El-Aurian and that she was healthy. The scans would show that she had suffered broken ribs at some point, but they had healed without complications. Other than that, there was nothing out of the ordinary in the scans.


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