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Meanwhile blood droplets both from Green and the NE that had died rescuing him before gravity was shut off was floating about here and there, the dead NE’s body was also near the creature where he had fallen, there would defiantly be a bit of clean up to handle once this got under control, what else could happen after all to make things worse right?.....

GM CockRoach

Everything happened so fast. She had been waiting for the medical team before a monster jumped out of the vent and attacked a man. Her mind froze. With wide eyes, she witnessed the beast slaughter him. Splatters of wet blood hit her skin and uniform, staining it red. She stood there dumb founded by the sight. The rest blurred into a haze of events. When the gravity died, her body lifted into the air as she floated among the gore.

The shouts, death, and strained metal echoed in her head. Conflict was always a weakness of hers and blood made it worse due to her past. A subtle tremble quaked through her form. This wasn’t suppose to happen, she thought.

-Lt. Naomi D. Locke, Sci

This was where problems start thought Green as he watched the creature experiment on its situation. It was not a simple creature, he saw and not one without intelligence. A normal animal would flail about without much thought in such an environment and panic or just go limp. This creature was acting like some new recruits in zero G for the first time. Initial panic and then settle and get the feel of it. Cluttering up the ‘airspace’ was the blood and bodies and that was not good either. Moreover the Captain was just here. “Mind yourself Skipper,” he said to the Captain. “This thing is smart, quick and very nasty.” He kept up the spanner but had the sinking feeling that the creature would have it in mind to attack the unprepared and the one less able to defend - strike the weak in the herd.

Seeing Naomi float up without purchase he said in a calm, deliberate tone, “Lieutenant, listen to me, keep calm. If ye can find something to push off of or grab on to do it. If you push off aim for something you will grab onto. Mind ye now, not hard. Just a gentle push will carry you.”

“Mind you all,” he said in his clipped English baritone. “It may be able to launch soon. Eyes on it.” And where was security with something that would take it out?! All he knew was that if it got within spanner range he would give it a good smack, though, with its speed he would be looking to be prepared to duck too.

  • Green, NL Eng

As they were all talking the creature continued to get more agile in its new state. Reinforcing the idea it was at least partially intelligent on some level. As its tail end reached the first rungs of the tactical console lip it soon used that to ring itself in further soon perching on it fully. Now more stable in something familiar it looked about where its prey had been. Hissing another challenge of dominance. After a moment it set its gaze upon Green with a push it moved quite spry in his direction sharp teeth and six legged/armed razor sharp claws seeking to feed on him and rend....

GM CockRoach

“Charmed, I’m sure,” Green said between his teeth as he shifted position to keep a hand hold and keep front and center on the creature. It was making use of all its appendages. Admittedly he was breathing harder as the creature started to focus on him. Why him?! He’d been attacked by a dog or two in his life and it hadn’t been pretty, but all the same, he’d never been attacked by a dog sized creature in zero G. And why was it going for him? Don’t creatures go for the weakest looking person and not the one with the only viable weapon in hand? He saw the teeth and the claws and the intensity of its look and didn’t like the spry motions. It reminded him of his youth when he was - in his opinion - spry. Granted with his size that never translated to graceful. He was more at home on the rugby field than the dance floor.

When it launched Green’s adrenaline spiked. He could remember the dog lunging at him when he was 6 and the same emotion flooded his senses. The difference was that instead of a flailing crying child he was a stronger more coordinated man. In the back of his mind in the moment it lunged he hoped it would be enough as he swung the spanner in a sweeping arc to catch the creature, not seeing the XO arriving and tossing the net .. at the moment Reggie had pretty effective tunnel vision. At the same time a part of his mind wondered - should I have just ducked like his instincts screamed out to him to do. But that tail could still reach him. Another part of his mind wondered how much more damage that little critter could do to the consoles before it was dealt with ..

  • Green, NL Eng

Green’s spanner hit the creature on the side, sending it spinning wildly towards the nearby lift when....

The doors to the lift hissed open as Heather launched herself out of the lift towards the creature. Knowing that they had turned of the artificial gravity on the bridge had let her brace herself for the sudden change, and get a better push. In her hands was a sample net she had grabbed on her way up to the bridge, which she swung towards the creature in a hopes to grab it.

Cmdr Grace - XO/CSO

As the spinning creature came flying at Grace even faster now she barely got the containment net up in time to catch it. No sooner had she bagged it when the creature’s daze from the hit, and its one injured fifth leg now broken became evident to it. The creature was hissing and screeching something fierce in the netting. It showed surprising strength for its size, but the netting for now held. Though its clawed feet, and teeth and spiked tail even though cramped were working heavily to find a means of escape even now....

Just then over an open comm line, an NE from sickbay came through =/\= NE Tech here, bridge be on the alert for a very dangerous alien creature coming up there! It’s already killed one med tech in the decomm chamber, though some of the team should be on there way up soon! =/\=

And no sooner after that when the turbolift opened again after a moment or so two armory officers armed with phase pistols and mag boots came out behind the XO. “..Where’s the threat?” One asked, then the other pointed to the thrashing bag of the XO, “…oh…sorry had a problem getting the mag boots out of the lockers..” he said both aiming their pistols in the direction of the irate thrashing creature.

And finally a second after that NE Sally also in sickbay spoke, =/\= Its a predatory insect from the Kaferia system, beyond known space by Earth. The Vulcans found it in a system known as Tau Ceti some light years from here as their origins. Something called like Vek’lee or something. Its born out of a small egg, and then seeks out prey the more protein and organic residue that it consumes translates to a faster growth rate. From what the Vulcans say the more intelligent the prey it consumes the faster and stronger it gets. Eventually it seeks to lay eggs in a selected prey upon full maturation before it dies after 5-6 days by our time once it lays its eggs. Life expectancy until then can range from 2 weeks to 5 months. =/\= She added.

GM CockRoach

Helena pushed off, leaving Aiden in Renault’s capable hands. She hit the comm button, =O=Little late medical. We have another dead crewman up here and one critically unjured.=C=

Then she made her way slowly back towards Aiden and Renault. She wished they would get a cage or something. Then she looked at the floating dead body. “You don’t think it laid eggs in the body do you?”

Laursen, pilot

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