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Posted Sept. 12, 2023, 3:25 p.m. by Lieutenant Helena Laursen (Helm/Nagivation Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Rachel Grey (Chief Medical Officer) in side-sim: Post Goo Check-up

Posted by Lieutenant Helena Laursen (Helm/Nagivation Officer) in side-sim: Post Goo Check-up

Posted by Lieutenant Rachel Grey (Chief Medical Officer) in side-sim: Post Goo Check-up
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Rachel had opened her mouth to speak when Laursen came stumbling into her sickbay again, but every time she’d opened her mouth either the Captain or first officer had put in some acidic comment or something other unbecoming of Senior Staff. As they exchanged comments her hands slowly rose until she had two fully formed fists on her hips and an expression of pure annoyance “Laursen drop off some samples on the table there then get into decon and shower off, same goes for the rest. Spread the word, and I’ll have someone taking samples from each goo’ed crew” She looked Helena in the eye for a moment “You did well” He said with a slight smile, indicating support if just quietly “Then I want you back here for a checkup”

“Yes ma’am,” Helena walked over to the table and let one of the medical techs scoop goo off of her and then headed straight for the decon showers. She scrubbed until she was almost raw. Someone brought clean clothes for them all and after she’d dried off, she slipped them on and then very abruptly sat on one of the benches while the scanners and filters did their job. She was suddenly very tired. She wasn’t quite sure how long she sat there when one of the other officers tapped her on the shoulder. When she stood up, she knew something was wrong. She hurt and her muscles twinged. Grey was going to yell at her, but Helena honestly had no idea what she’d done. She’d been very careful, and now she was good and worried. She made her way back to sickbay, walked in, and laid down on an exam bed.

Laursen, pilot

Rachel had been working on one of the previous arrivals and almost missed Laursen’s arrival. She finished up, whispering words of encouragement to the recently deconned officer before moving on. She put on the mock stern expression which melted away when she approached, replaced with concern which was immediately replaced with professionalism. She didn’t search for her scanner, taking it out quickly and starting “You scrub down good Laursen?” She asked in her most usual voice.

Dr. Grey - CMO

“I scrubbed till my skin was raw and the hit water ran out.” It might have been funny if Helena wasn’t dead serious. She did not want to get sick or infected by anything from that monster. Helena was quiet a minute while Grey started the scan then decided she shouldn’t wait for Grey to ask. “I’m really tired, like physically, my muscles keep twitching, and it was really difficult to walk back up here.”

Laursen, pilot

Rachel suppressed a frown at the pilot’s description “There’s good scrubbing and bad scrubbing Helena” She spoke in a low voice, gentle not chiding, she did not dislike the woman “Any specific place it hurts or twitches?” She asked.

Dr .Grey - CMO

The corner of Helena’s mouth twitched. “My apologies doctor. I exaggerated. I didn’t scrub quite that hard.” Helena thought about it. “My R
Rectus abdominis and erector spinae muscles both hurt and are twitching. It’s hard to stand or sit and my quadriceps are spamming. They are sore but not as painful.”

Laursen, pilot

Rachel quirked an eyebrow “Didn’t take you for such a muscle fanatic” She said with a mildly amused tone “Most people just say back, stomach or thighs” She spoke as she refocused her scans on the afflicted areas.

Dr. Grey - CMO

“I’m not. When I started PT after I recovered, my therapist made me learn. He wanted me to be able to recognize exactly where I was having trouble or pain and be able to communicate that to him and my doctors,” Helena explained. “After this last bad episode I thought I better review it.”

Rachel smiled at that “Good enough for me, remind me to join you some time for your exercises, I’ve found that the Armory staff are the only ones worth joining but my schedule is a bit hectic. I could use you as an excuse”

Helena chuckled. “Any time, Doctor. I would welcome the company.” Helena was there to keep healthy, she had no desire to show off for anyone. She had a tendency to push herself, but not because of anyone’s opinion but her own.

The scans showed that her muscles seemed to have been put under extremes of contraction and retraction and the nerves couldn’t seem to decide which they should be ordering the muscles to do.

Laursen, pilot

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Rachel pocketed the scanner and went to a nearby cabinet and searched through the vials, deciding on one and returning, arming her hypo “I’m going to give you some muscle relaxant and pain relievers, just to give you some time to heal on your own” She put the hypo to the woman’s neck and injected. She then reached into the cabinet next to the bed and grabbed a pair of small cloth-like contraptions “I’m going to put these on the affected areas, it’ll warm and massage your muscles, You can use this to adjust the settings” She handed Helena a small device “When you feel a bit better you can start with stretches and walking but I’d like to keep you around for a while” It was a suggestion not a medical order, Rachel was aware that Laursen had an important job and her Pilot’s ego wouldn’t let a little pain stop her from flying.

She made a face at the feel of the hypo. They didn’t hurt but they just felt weird to her. She took the small device and nodded. “Thanks.” Helena heard the suggestion and decided to take it as an order. She was a hot shot pilot, but she really didn’t want to annoy the doctor. Besides the ship was in orbit for now and with the clean up going on on the bridge she would just be in the way. “I’m not going anywhere.” The pilot sighed, “I swear I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary today. The planet wasn’t that bad and we just walked. No climbing or anything.” She was concerned with this sudden second flare up. “I was hit with a lot of the goo. Could it be a reaction?”

“I’m thinking of getting you a little plaque, mark this as your own bed” She joked.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Helena laughed, “That would definitely give me a reputation wouldn’t it.”

Laursen, pilot

Rachel nodded in agreement before answering her previous question “It could be, I still don’t have the analysis on the goo but I’ll test it against some samples see if this might be an allergenic response.”

Dr. Grey - CMO

Helena blew out a breath. “Not sure which I would prefer. Another flair up so soon or an allergic reaction to some alien innards.” She fiddled with the controller turning the heat up and slowing the massage.

She knew people weren’t too happy that she killed the thing, nor that she was following orders. Honestly, it was almost put od the net. She watched it kill the NE and come d@mn near to killing Conlon. Helena would have shot it anyway. Not like she had access to a taser. Of course that could have made it worse. Maybe it would have fed off the energy. She wasn’t sorry though. But now she was… sick? Injured? Something. She was sure she would be told she deserved whatever she got. Helena knew that sometimes it was just that way. She had been out here enough to know that ideals didn’t last forever.

She hoped Renault was handling the conflict with Grace well. He didn’t need a bigger ulcer. Helena of course found amusement in imagining Grace experiencing Renault’s disappointed and angry Commanding Officer side. She almost felt bad for Grace - almost.

Laursen, pilot

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