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With the crawler in motion damage seemed more or less non-existent within the crawl space that led down to deck 2, it would be a time consuming process to check all the duct work on the ship but so far it seems beyond some basic light scratching here and there on the walls as it skittered about.

GM CockRoach

Seeing little help she could provide, Noami moved to the science lab to examine the samples.

-Lt. Naomi D. Locke, Sci

“What have you got?” Green asked as he lumbered over from the tactical console where he had been overhearing the discussion. That didn’t sound good so he was hoping for good news on their end. He looked at Gagarin, lanky, rosy cheeked, and not looking like he was out of high school. Put a cowboy hat on him and he would look like one of those animated movies of old. What was his name? It had been a long time since he had been afflicted by that movie but for some reason it had stuck with him. All but the name apparently.
Sasha turned and stood in some order of attention. “Lt, the damage so far is centralized to this panel. The ducts are showing clear.”
“Just some scratching of the paint here and there,” Rick added, huddled over the remote controls and screen.
Green leaned over to look for himself. “Should we continue, sir?” Sasha inquired. His Russian accent was thick.
Tugging at his shovel of a beard he shook his head. “Set it on an automatic search for anomalies, log and record. It must have had a nest somewhere so we should search for that. In the meantime let’s get this panel fixed.” He glanced at it. “And toughen it up. That thing came through the vent like it was nothing. Let’s at least make it a challenge next time.”

Turning back to the others Green he saw Serinde and Jackson each taking an edge of the console top along with its membrane and carefully lift it off. Blackened leads and wiring met them along with a small trailing of smoke from one. With the sound of damaged frame being pulled out behind him and the examination in front of him Green felt .. good. The apparent danger was past. He was calming down. At least his hand was not shaking anymore but he did keep the spanner close at hand. Just in case. Serinde was cleaning and examining the leads; her fingers very sure and exacting. Green approved, for once, with her. Jackson was carefully unwrapping the new membrane. How successful that was applied would tell what they were going to be able to do. But better them working at that then he. Reggie’s fingers were not made for fine work. He could do it but others could do that better. His attention went to Serinde as she let out what sounded like a soft curse in what? Chinese? Well, she was that, so why not? “What is it?” he asked.
“Sir, the terminal node that sends commands direct to the armory is fried. We’ll have to trace the cabling back to see how far it is bad. We’ll have to send the information from here to the armory for them to target from there until we get this fixed. I think the rest we can salvage of the console command systems.” Serinde didn’t sound happy and Green frowned. It wasn’t even a battle that took this system out and he knew they didn’t have a lot of replacement parts aboard of that caliber. “Carry on and do what you can. When you’re through there trace out the cabling. We need to know what is broke before we can fix it. Jackson get a detail to fix up the other damages here.” He turned to Sasha and Rick. “The venting is damaged in the decontamination room as well. Get on that when you’re through here.”

There was still a stench about the bridge. He turned to Naomi. “Lt, do all aliens stink like that?”
- Green and others …

As some time passed with Green and everyone left on the bridge, over by one of the axillary consoles, NE Charles spoke, “…Um, sir?” He said looking up not sure who was the ranking officer left on the bridge at the moment. “..proximity sensors for at the edge of the system here just picked up a warp pulse, probably a ship dropping from warp. solar radiation is causing some interference, but....ah there. I’m picking up 3 Long-Haul class Earth cargo freighters coming within range and to orbit here in the next 20 minutes. UES Baker, Barker, and Boo are their comm IDs. Registered to a Captain Samuel Baker, Henry Barker and Susanne Boo according to last fleet record updates..” he reported.

GM CockRoach

Serinde was down machining a part and Jackson, Kohl and Fry were finishing up some of the touch ups. The Captain and others were down in Sickbay, presumably anyway, getting checked out from the alien goo. Gagarin and Walters were down in decon and the crawler was still doing whatever it was doing in the ducts mapping and looking about for the lair of that beast. For the moment it was quiet on the bridge; he was the ranking officer by virtue of the fact that he simply hadn’t left there yet but was doing calibration tests on the panel to check what elements failed and which were still available after the creature wreaked such havoc with its claws.

The announcement came up and Green looked about. He was almost never on the receiving end of anything like this. Checking to see who was ‘ranking’ he was all the more surprised to note that he was it. “Is this hauler expected?” he asked as a blanket question to those on the bridge. He stood and moved to a comms panel. [o] Bridge to Captain. There is an Earth Class Cargo Freighter that just dropped out of warp and is entering the system on course for this world. ETA is 20 minutes. [c]

He looked over at NE Charles. “Open a hail to them, Ensign.”
- NL Reggie Green

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