Side Sim: Wandering the Corridors

Posted Nov. 23, 2023, 5:24 p.m. by Ensign Jack Fletcher (Medical Officer) (Steve Alliss)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Odina Marshell (Chief Engineer) in Side Sim: Wandering the Corridors

Posted by Ensign Jack Fletcher (Medical Officer) in Side Sim: Wandering the Corridors

Posted by Ensign Jack Fletcher (Medical Officer) in Side Sim: Wandering the Corridors
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Happily, Jack found himself with down time, which gave him the opportunity to do something that he had most been looking forward to - exploring the ship! He’d been dying to have a good look around since the moment he stepped aboard, and now he finally had the chance to do so.
Setting off from his quarters, he had no particular destination in mind, he had figured he’d just walk and see what he could find along the way.
After a short while, Jack found himself like a schoolchild, gazing in awe at almost everything, from the floor to ceiling, he was barely minding his own step, he just wanted to take it all in. It was almost a ‘pinch-me’ moment for him. Despite all the doubt that he been aimed at Jack in his life, here he was - on a Warp 5 Starship - he could hardly believe it.

Ensign Jack Fletcher - Medical

Odina was walking through the corridor humming softly, as Tionas rode on her shoulders his robotic head swaying side to side as if he was looking around in interest. She knew the engine room like the back of her hand, same for the lounge transporter control. Now that she had a bit of free time she was checking the rest of the ship and pausing to enjoy the view of the stars out the view ports, she turned around and bumped into someone else. “Oh I am so sorry.” she said completely embarrassed.

Marshell, CEO ( OOC: saw the discord message that okayed the tagging )

“Oh my…” Jack said, startled. “Please, forgive me. I wasn’t looking where I was going” He was fumbling his word as he spoke. His cheeks turned an embarrassed shade of red.

Ensign Jack Fletcher - Medical

Odina grinned softly, “I think am just as guilty for the I guess collision. Are you okay?” she asked even as her face was flushed with her own embarrassment for running into him. Tionas was just holding on to her shoulders making what could be mechanical laughter-like noises.

Marshell, CEO

“Yes, I’m fine thank you. Are you okay?” Jack asked as he brushed himself off.
“I have a little down time so I was just exploring the ship a little, I guess I got a little too engrossed.” He said, feeling like he ought to explain himself as to why he was randomly wandering the corridors.

Ensign Jack Fletcher - Medical

Odina nodded her head, “I’m fine thank you, just getting to know the ship a bit from outside of engineering repairs or other tinkering needing done myself. No harm done far as I can see.” she said lightly, “My name’s Odina Marshell, nice to meet you.” she added with a grin.

Marshell, CEO

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IC:’Thank goodness’ Jack thought to himself when the CEO said that there was no harm done. There was nothing more uncomfortable to him than getting off on the wrong foot with somebody.
“Nice to meet you” Fletcher returned the smile. “I’m Jack Fletcher. I’ve not been aboard very long, so I too was also taking so time out of Sickbay to have a good look around. Are you headed anywhere in particular, or are ya just roaming?”

Ensign Jack Fletcher - Medical

“So do I call you Doctor Fletcher or Jack?” Odina asked lightly, she was only slightly joking since some medical personnel actually preferred their job title over their name she got it, they’d spent some precious years earning that title. “Roaming was what brought me here,” she added with a smile.

Marshell, CEO

“I’m not on Duty, so Jack will be fine.” He smiled. Doctor Fletcher sounded a little to formal. “Where are ya headed next?” He asked cheerfully. “Mind if I tag along?”

Ensign Jack Fletcher - Medical

“I was going to check out the arboretum I’ve been hearing so much about. If you want to check something else out first I will be happy to lead the way unless you want to take the lead which case by all means.” Odina said with a smile, “So Jack, did you always want to be in medical?”


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“The arboretum sounds perfect, please lead the way” He smiled as he gestured for Odina to take the lead. “It’s best if you lead, because I’ll be honest with you… I have no idea where the arboretum is!” He chuckled.

Jack considered the question a moment before answering. “For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a Doctor. I can’t even remember how I got a hold of them now, but I read some books about the old earth explorers on sail ships, and the reading about the Doctors that went along had me captivated, so that’s how I knew I wanted to join Starfleet as a Doctor.” He explained proudly as they walked.

“How about you, how did you find yourself becoming an Engineer?” He asked.

Ensign Jack Fletcher - Medical

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