Side Sim-Engineering Meeting of Minds (El and your company of NEs)

Posted Nov. 23, 2023, 6:47 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Odina Marshell (Chief Engineer) (Cassa D)

Posted by Ensign Elemirre Serinde (Engineering Officer) in Side Sim-Engineering Meeting of Minds (El and your company of NEs)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Odina Marshell (Chief Engineer) in Side Sim-Engineering Meeting of Minds (El and your company of NEs)

Posted by Ensign Elemirre Serinde (Engineering Officer) in Side Sim-Engineering Meeting of Minds (El and your company of NEs)
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Darlene Kohl, crewman, or crewgal, a tall, athletically built woman whose jagged cut hair currently had a blue tint to them about the edges raised her hand. It happened to be the hand without the coffee mug in it. “I have a question, Odina.” Her English was quite good and bearing a healthy European/Germanic accent and she looked to be in the roughly same age grouping as Odina.”Can you tell us a little about yourself? How you got here?” Her brows raised inquisitively. “Married? Got a beau? Where did you grow up?” Many eyes shifted from Darlene over to Odina .. it might be noted or remembered from Odina’s brief scan through the engineer records that Darlene is the only married engineer of the bunch.
- Darlene, Eng Seagal

“Well let me see, I was adopted, my older brother was adopt five years before me, and if anyone asks, no he is single and no I don’t mind introducing folks to him, you just have to promise not to call him Tommy which he absolutely hates.” she paused to allow for any reaction to that, and then continued lightly smiling, “I grew up in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee and I recently met my birth mother, she wasn’t ready for kids when I was born, so she did what she thought was best. Beyond that I got here like the rest of you after school and academy-military training and some hair raising shuttle rides.” she looked around, “Did any of you get the fly guys that liked doing loop de loops? I swear the guy flying us was trying to get us to hurl.”

Marshell, CEO

There were some small murmurs and nods there around ‘Tommy’, one of which was ‘Yeah, I get that’ but it wasn’t sure precisely from whom. Tyler perked up at her mention of Tennessee; by the look of things the engineering crew was a pretty international bunch so her mention of her origins was met with curious but general looks. When she got personal about her being adopted the crew focused in, evidently assessing her perhaps in a different light. El, perhaps of the few ladies there, showed a kind of wistful expression on her face at her story. Rick, however, looked down at the deck with a frown at the mention of ‘got here like everyone’. The pause was broken by Tyler. “Y’all went to A&M in Galveston then?” Tyler asked. He too had a Southern accent. “They had a habit of that to show off, a kind of initiation to the new troops.”

“Yes, Galveston,” she gave a wry grin, “Initiation is one word for it.” Odina did not need reminders of those first weeks. Though she had managed to not hurl during the flights. After disembarking the shuttle however was usually a dash for the closest lavatory, until she got used to it.

“Ma’am,” Sasha said. “What do you like to do on your time off shift?”
Someone in the group tossed a wadded up napkin at him. “Hoping for a dance partner Sash?” said one of them; many chuckled.

“Well I won’t say no to learning to dance if you’re willing to risk your toes?” Odina said with a smile, “I usually draw or tinker with this or that. I crochet as well. I like plants but I didn’t want to go over allotment. Beyond that I am always willing to try something I haven’t never know how well you do until you try right?” she added lightly.

Marshell, CEO
El et al …

OOC: Starfleet Academy didn’t start up until a few years after our current year .. we’re 2149 or 50 and the Academy starts up 2161 which is why I brought up military academies doing the trick until then .. Gene OOC: I meant academy as in school besides general schooling not the official fleet academy. There are lots of possible military academy and training centers. I took the opening you’d offered in character and ran with it lightly. ;) Cassa
“Sash is quite the dancer,” Fiona Cleare said with her Irish lilt. “The Lt here and he make quite the team in the lounge. Lt Green knows a lot of music and plays well.” There were some murmurs of assent to that and nodding of heads. Green both puffed up from that and hid a small frown at the informality given. Sasha just blushed and looked more awkward.
Darlene saved him. “What kind of plants do you like?” she asked Odina.
- Various …

“I’ll look forward to hearing some music.” she said softly, “Various trees, roses, my favorite is Sakura blossom trees large and the bonsai. If there’s a tree around you can be sure if I am not needed for work I’ll be in the tree.” she added with a rueful grin, her brother loved teasing her about her climbing and bringing in leaves, blossoms, pine needles, pine cones, etc.

Marshell, CEO

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Rick Walters, Petty Officer, who for all intents and purposes was lost in the crowd of engineers lifted his hand in what could be said to look awkward. “We have an arboretum here,” he said. “It’s not big but has some trees. Nothing to climb on and the sci guys are pretty possessive of the space but it’s nice.” What he didn’t say was his tip toeing about there whenever he brought Nessa there to do her business, trying to time it when there weren’t likely anyone there. Fortunately they kept to more of a daytime schedule and weren’t a 24/7 shifting like engineers, at least not all. He knew he should be bolder but it always felt as though he were invading their turf even if Nessa moved about totally at home there.

“I will make a point to check out the arboretum and I promise not to climb any trees ship side at least not without checking first.” she promised with a smile.

El was intrigued. Her mention of bonsai and Sakura blossoms brought back a memory of an early - and only - visit to Japan to see the blossoms when they were in season. They were dreamy. She smiled to herself as she remembered the pale orange robes mixing with the lovely pale pink of the blossoms. The sun had been out and the lines of the sun through the arching leaves and blossoms was magical. There were others there. Many others along this pathway but she was enamored by the gently falling blossoms. Catching one in mid air her fingertip brushed its velvet like petal.
“Master Ko, can I have robes like these pink blossoms?”
“Why do you wish that, little sparrow?”
“I like the color. It feels nice too.”
“Why do you think we dress as we do and not like all these others you see today?”
“Because we are the same?”
“Because we are of the same belief that we are of the earth and one with it and our clothes reflect that state of being. Do we not resemble the tree and the leaf? The fur and the flower, if not these here? Nature has many faces. This is one. You are another. All are unique, but all are one.”
“So even if I am not pink I am like them?”
“Yes, little sparrow.”

“Do you have a bonsai?” El asked. It was another that she had seen and had hoped to have one day. When young, El was had to settle down and her instructors had given her am area of hedge to care for. It forced her to settle and slow and take care of it. She imagined that the hedge was a bonsai and, over the years, took a pride in how she had it manicured. Manticore was not .. amenable to that given that it was on a boat.
- El, Eng

“I have two of them both are Sakura blossom versions but in different colors. They’re just starting to bud so in a few months if all goes well they’ll bloom in vivid colors soon enough.” Odina replied with a smile. “Anyone else got anything to add? If not feel free to stop by on your own when you feel ready. I am happy to get you know you on different terms if that makes it easier?”


There was a fair bit of heads glancing about to see if anyone else was going to chime in. For a moment there was no sound but for Darlene swishing her coffee mug about resulting in some faint sloshing. She looked back at the dispenser with all the intent of topping it up. When there was no further questions coming, NL Green took in one last look at the crew before straightening up and saying, “Looks like that’s it, Chief. Any specific orders before we’re dismissed?”
- NL Green and company

“Alright then, unless there’s a problem that hasn’t been brought up in the previous reports I think we’re on track for repairs and general up keep. So see you shift side or else where eventually. Take care everyone and dismissed.”


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