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Posted by Lieutenant Naomi Locke (Science Officer) in Main Sim - Science Lab 1

Posted by Lieutenant Naomi Locke (Science Officer) in Main Sim - Science Lab 1

Posted by Lieutenant Naomi Locke (Science Officer) in Main Sim - Science Lab 1
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Tapping into the ship sensors they did indeed pick up the signals, though with a little more focused detail then the probes had. They information they gained was mostly as it had been before. But one thing that stood out was they picked up a much lower band signal overlaid to the larger one. This one was far more easy to figure out though it showed high amounts of adjustments and tinkering. It was a high band comm traffic line used by most United Earth Cargo vessels! It seems this second signal was overlaid to match the harmonics of the alien signal it was adjusted in such a way as that likely it was controlling it in a fashion perhaps altering the alien comm signal in such a way to cause the interference and power losses they were finding. This second overlaid signal would be childs play if they so wished to use the Sojourner’s own comm systems to run interference, thereby allowing them to fully analyze the alien signal hopefully for its unknown intended purpose.

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“Most the information is nothing new,” Naomi stated as her eyes narrowed on the console’s screen.

“Hey, this is different. Just picked up this lower band signal that’s overlaid to the larger one. It’s got a high amount of adjustments and tinkering.” Her lips pursed more, her gaze scrutinizing it farther.

“Uh, looks like a band width similar to what the the United Earth Cargo vessels use. This might be what is controlling it and causing the problems.” After a moment of typing, Naomi’s head lowered and her hand curled under her chin.

“You know, it would be child’s play if we used the Sojourner’s comm system to run interference. We could fully analyze the signal and figure out its purpose. Maybe.” Her head turned to her superior, taking note of any feedback on her idea.

-Lt. Naomi D. Locke, Sci

Heather blinked. “What is that signal doing there? Go ahead and negate the UEC signal. I’m going to see if I can pinpoint where it is originating from.”

Turning back to her own console Heather tried to pinpoint where the UEC signal was coming from. Maybe it would also give them some clues as to what was going on.

Cmdr. Grace - XO/CSO

Naomi shrugged before typing up the command to stop the UEC’s signal. “No idea. It is a bit strange. If I was into conspiracies, I’d guess it’s to stop anyone from nosing around.”

-Lt. Naomi D. Locke, Sci

Heather let out a shot laugh. “If that’s what there goal was, they should have hidden it better. I probably have more questions now then I did before we found it.”

Cmdr. Grace - XO/CSO

Overall the signal was pretty well hidden, it just was that comm technology like what the Sojourner had was more refined then what most UEC ships had. Plus they had been refining their observation to more easily pick up oddities like this. Where as a general band scan would have not found it.

Naomi shrugged. “I mean, it’s only when we narrowed down our search did we actually notice it. Otherwise, I doubt we would’ve realized it was there.”

Heather looked over at the clock on the wall, and swore under her breath. “I’m due on the bridge. Keep looking into the signal and see what happens when it is blocked. Let me know what you find out.”

Closing down her work, Heather quickly headed for the lift and towards the bridge.

OOC: To note the events below happen just as the events on the bridge with the UEC ships talking is happening to tie this all together!

Once someone would decide to block the signal things got a bit interesting within the next five minutes. The signal that was causing interference to the alien signal was quickly canceled out. The heavy interference they had previously soon cleared up alot more, it was still there but no where near as bad.

Resolution soon cleared up and they now could see something they could not before on bio-signs. Several clusters of the hunter gathering native humanoids they had seen before underground were picked up in such places along the northern and central plains underground. Anywhere from 40,000 some thousand or more give or take at least. The other thing they picked up that the alien signal was still overlaid against was the dilthium deposits while truly basic in quality but acceptable enough for basic trade and refining should Starfleet begin mining. The signal still lacked a direct source but was defiantly deep underground not far from where they found the native camp beyond their subsurface scan range.

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OOC: Just clearing that up since I’m on the bridge in the other thread!

Cmdr. Grace - XO/CSO

“Uh, all right.” Naomi’s eyes watched her superior walk from the labs. The junior science offer’s form leaned back and waited until she couldn’t hear the footsteps. She sighed then returned to her work. She hated the silence so she flipped on some background music. Inserting the ear piece into her left ear, her head bobbed to the sound as she scanned over the data.

Her eyes widened and heart dropped into her stomach. She blinked before her hand clicked off her music. Immediately she brought up the comms to the bridge.

=/= Science to bridge we have something odd going on. Commander Grace, do you remember the alien signal we found? The one being controlled by an Earth cargo comm signal? =/=

Naomi took a deeper breath before continuing.

=/= After we mostly blocked it, we located the main habitats of the natives. They are in the northern and central areas of the main continent. There are also signs of someone mining the dilthium deposits near where we found that small camp of natives. =/=

-Lt. Naomi D. Locke, Sci

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=^= Good work Lieutenant. See what else you can find now that you’ve found a way through the jammers. =^=

Cmdr. Grace - XO/CSO

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