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=/\= No not at all. Just curious though how long till you all move on? A lot of my crew and those of my partners don’t jive too well with you Fleeter folks around, snatching up our best and brightest. We want to get around to some well earned R&R. =/\= He said again in that tone hoping they were about to leave literally right this second.

Seeing that everyone was busy at the moment Green moved to a comms and pressed the switch . =^= Captain to the Bridge =^=

“It’s a big world mate,” Reggie muttered. “Not like we’ll be rubbing shoulders anytime soon. Press gangs went out with Napoleon.” Something wasn’t quite right, though. Was he expecting company that they didn’t want to them to see that they wanted them gone yesterday? Shifting to science he quietly said to the ensign there. “Any activity around us on scans? Anything on the planet?”

  • Green, NL Eng

The NE turned to the scanner and peered in. “..Checking..” he said. “..Nothing from here to the system’s edge detected sir. Though we’re slightly blinded by the interference on the opposites side of the system’s solar body, but seems we’re alone beyond these three. As for the planet..” he adjusted some dials and flicked a switch, “..nothing stands out on the planet from earlier scans..” he reported.

GM CockRoach

=^=Well we only just completed our initial survey. Hopefully it won’t take that long to complete that analysis to see if we need to do any further exploration of those areas. We also identified a couple of other areas of potential interest that we were wanting to survey. So maybe, 3, 4 days? A week at the max.

=^=But it’s a pretty big planet, I’m sure you’d be able to enjoy your R&R without worrying about running into our survey teams.=^= Heather said giving him her biggest smile.

She had picked up on that they were trying to get rid of the Bonnie, and there were enough other red flags that they were going to have to dive into before they even thought of leaving this planet.

Cmdr. Grace - XO/CSO

There was a faint murmur barely picked up by the comm units, but they couldn’t make it out from someone probably talking to the cargo ship’s captain. After a pause the captain resumed talking (reminder this is audio only call!), =/\= I see, well that is a fair point it is a big planet. But the crews have found a few spots on the north western areas more to their liking then most places. Still we will I think hold off until you leave. =/\= He said tersely but trying and failing to sound patient. The call then closed. All three ships then moving to the planet into orbit, passing by the Sojourner to port and starboard and above their hull line. One might not think too deeply of it normally but given their previous tones the ‘flanking’ maneuver showed possibly indirect ‘threat’ or posturing. The three ships soon settled into a standard orbit to the rear of the ship, holding off by about 20km. Otherwise they for the moment weren’t doing anything’s but also not going anywhere else.

GM CockRoach

Having returned to the bridge, Marceau watched what was happening from his seat. Using the internal ship comm, =/\= Lieutenant Laursen to the bridge. =/\= She was their best pilot. If these ships tried anything, they should be prepared.

~ Capt Renault

Several minutes later, the sassy pilot walked onto the bridge and looked at the view screen and the position of the cargo ships. “Uh huh…alright then.” She set a hand on the other pilot’s shoulder and then slid into the seat. Her hands moved over the console, prepping the ship without actually starting the engines or thrusters. She glanced at the security console. It was still busted. Well that was going to be fun with targeting. Reminded her of flying with ECM. She grinned, she’d have to send him a letter and see how he was doing. She turned her head slightly to speak over her shoulder. “Captain?”

Laursen, pilot

Brazen posturing, Green thought and frowned behind his beard. In the olden days that sort of thing would be accompanied by cannons rolled out and all hands at stations. “Captain,” Reggie said. “Suggest using our .. friends .. in targeting drills and calibrating our sensors. If we cannot target directly from here our conducting torpedo drills would speed up response times for times when they are needed. I have Ensign Serinde down at the Armory trying to find a way to make this more efficient.” His assessment of Serinde’s chances of that came out in his tone that he didn’t have much faith in it.
- NL Green, Eng

Heather let out a deep breath as the call ended, not the best ending, but it was workable. She did have to stop herself from laughing as the cargo ships flew of like bully’s caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

“Stand down Lieutenant. There is a good chance that they will give you plenty of chance to calibrate the torpedoes later. For now, bring up those maps you were putting on the screen during the call again. And let’s get the Captain up to speed.”

Cmdr. Grace - XO/CSO

Aiden kept part of his attention on the happenings on the bridge, while at the same time tapping away at his console, trying to pick up any communications between the cargo ships.

Ens. Conlon, Linguist

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